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> The report suggested that interoperability between competing services could help stem the benefits of this data advantage. This, for example, could include the requirement that one company’s messaging app be able to message another company’s.

Is congress going to force social networks to federate? Probably not, but it is being considered.

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Rather than collect 1000s of supervillain bios, train a neural net on them, and style-transfer them all to be about AI, I just had GPT-3 generate the resulting blog post.

I collected my favorite AI supervillains and illustrated them.

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Someone parsed 2000 books from various genres and did a gender analysis on how people were described in them: This is what they found:

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A new version of Keen Dreams, "Commander Keen in Keen Dreams: Definitive Edition" was released for Nintendo Swtich yesterday, and as usual I'd like to remind you not to buy it since part of the profits benefit the current owner of the ip Javier Chavez who is a nazi.

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nazi masto instance is mastodon instance and has more than 40 users, most of them are overtly nazi

attached is a pic of some of their nazi users


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Holy cow.

A cruise ship line just donated SEVEN SHIPPING CONTAINERS of food to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

That should let them feed *everyone* who needs it for several *months* and it is *fancy* food as well.

They are sending the extra to other food backs around BC

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this is not a place of ass whipping. what happened here sucks ass to us

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=== en ===
BandCamp has decided to extend their BandCamp Friday events to the end of this year! Meaning BandCamp waives its reveue share for one day each month! So don't miss the opportunity to buy stuff from artists you love while knowing all your money goes to the artists directly.

Bandcamp Fridays 2020 Calendar:

August 7, 2020
September 4, 2020
October 2, 2020
November 6, 2020
December 4, 2020

You know what to do

=== fr ===
BandCamp renouvelle l'évènement "BandCamp friday" jusqu'à la fin de l'année ! En clair, ils ne prélèvent pas leur comission sur les ventes, un jour chaque mois ! Ne manquez pas l'occasion d'acheter des trucs de vos artistes préférés en sachant que tout votre argent leur reviendra.

Calendrier :

7 août 2020
4 septembre 2020
2 octobre 2020
6 novembre 2020
4 décembre 2020

Vous savez ce qu'il vou reste à faire.
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Seriously, I hope people stop referring to the things they create as "content". You're not just making generic stuff to fill up space on a website owned by people who don't care about it. Your work deserves more respect than that. You deserve more respect than that.

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OliverUv boosted is doing another bundle - this time for black trans lives, with all proceeds supporting The Okra Project. Check it out!

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#NobodyArtistClub Hello! I'm Jessica and I've been a concept artist for 7+ years, worked on a bunch of stuff here and there, incl Bo4, MW2R and MW2019. I like trying new things!

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