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The @OpenSource election results are in, congratulations to the winners! Here we show each candidate's final vote count under the single transferable vote (STV) system. Read the full results at

#opensource #FOSS #OSI

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More @OpenSource updates —

Well, I still have not seen any replies from one candidate (JB). He claims he posted them days ago & they just haven't passed moderation yet. I think whoever's moderating the queue took this weekend off. Worst possible choice there

I also posted some redirects to another candidate's overly-vague-bordering-on-evasive answers. Those also have not been cleared.

Pretty hard to have a public debate this way; invisible unaccountable mods stopping everything. < 24hrs left

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A brief update on my attempt to get questions answered by the folks running for the @OpenSource board of directors this week.

Of the 8 "individual seat" candidates posed Qs, there have been 5 replies. I was pessimistically expecting 2–3.

Unfortunately, out of the 3 candidates I had the most serious candidacy-concerns for, 2 of them have still not mustered any answers. The polls close on Monday.

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I posted a bunch of questions to the OSI "Individual Director" seat candidates.

Only one other person asked any (out-of-band, Twitter); one reply.

I didn't know it'd go into a site-moderation queue by @OpenSource ... so I don't even know if they'll ever go public.

Also it's pretty late in the process, so may not make a lick o' difference. But, if you voted for someone who is revealed by their responses to be a clown or a crook, you'll have a nice page to link back to in '23.

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Voting has opened in the @OpenSource Board Election. Check out this visual guide to the candidates and the seats they are competing for. Read more from the OSI at

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Why gets left behind? Because it doesn't work for isheep?

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🔥 New release of #diva - the #blockchain and its explorer have been updated on the git repo #codeberg - it's all #AGPLv3 licensed. ❤️

The explorer release is here:

Repo of the chain:

Energy-efficient, completely private ("Privacy-By-Design" - all over #I2P), a wide range of use cases and truly #opensource (@OpenSource @FOSSlife).

Welcome to the fully distributed data ledger for everybody and all sorts of digital values. @social

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Surprising not to see Session on this list... Or here on Mastodon.

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Does anyone here have recommendations for a (command line) time tracking tool for projects/work? I've used timewarrior before but it kind of sucks. #foss

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Hello. I search a software like Info-beamer but as a FOSS.

Do you have any to suggest ?


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@openrisk In most cases, people prone to doing #FOSS dev are too truthful, too. There's a story of a UK local gov't office software tender that MSFT responded to (4 million quid) & a #FOSS shop offered a functionally equivalent (probably better) option based on LibreOffice & (I think) Alfresco for 60,000 quid. The MSFT bid won.

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Hi #fediverse looking for #Dropbox alternative?

#Filegator is free #opensource file/folder manager that allows for multiple storage adapters (Local, FTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox, DO Spaces, Azure, etc)

You can download the latest version of this
#foss project at:

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What if there was a #FOSS self-hosted disposable email service that anyone can host? You’d still need to purchase the domain names to spin your own up, of course, but imagine a fleet of disposable email websites that use the same server software that anyone can pick and choose which instance to go to. This may even be possible to host an instance on a .onion website on Tor. And the decentralized nature of this means that if one goes down, there are others that people can switch to immediately.

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Pubblicata una nuova versione di #LibreOffice: con miglioramenti nell'interoperabilità con i formati di Ms Office e altre modifiche che migliorano le prestazioni della suite #opensource @softwarelibero @OpenSource

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File Converter è un #softwarelibero (licenza GNU GPL 3 ) per Windows che permette di convertire dei file multimediali cliccando direttamente sul file col tasto destro del mouse: Qui una scheda di presentazione in francese realizzata con #Canoprof: Nell'immagine i file che si possono convertire con il software @softwarelibero @maupao @OpenSource @scuola

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The trouble with the "hardened Android" variants is that they only work on Google Pixel phones, so Google get money, the phones are really expensive and not widely available outside the US! I'm tempted by the /e/ Fairphone 3 as an alternative though to some extent: just a shame the interface is so bad/Apple-ified...
@eric @OpenSource

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For consideration by the privacy conscious folks out there, tired off being raped wholesale by the Google silos...

Before I begin this little phone rant, haber you read the great news about #Vivaldi categorically rejecting Google's latest insidious advertising scheme? I wonder if #Firefox will need able to resist? They get a lot of their dev money from Google y'know 🤘😎🤘

Okay then... What are some kewl choices that help protect your privacy where phones are concerned?

There's it's got physical switches to turn off the cellular radio and can even be completely removed and replaced (for a different IMSI - not to be confused with #IMEI which is tied to the SIM).

The battery is removable as well - w00t !! So not even the NSA can turn your phone on remotely lolz, and it will accept a whopper 2TB Micro-SD.

Do you ever lie awake in bed at night wondering why you can't get a phone with a removable battery?

I don't either anymore!

There are other physical kill switches that can turn off GPS, Wifi radio, and the mic/camera.

Imagine that though... Changing out your #IMSI in less than a minute without changing your OS or three configs for your installed applications! That's the one thing you can NEVER change on any other phone - meaning, there's no such thing as a #burner_phone (meaning, swapping out SIM cards is pointless) and anyone who thinks so.... OkayI'll be nice (I'm practicing being family friendly.... at least part of the time). But now there is a true burner phone, you quite literally can swap that puppy out Easy Peasy!

There's also the Pine Phone:

The #Pine_Phone is privacy respecting in the sense that it isn't actually an Android by any measure at all, but rather, a handheld Linux computer (pick your distro, I prefer #Slackware or #Debian). It can also function as a phone secondarily. I use a small #Bluetooth keyboard that can switch between three devices, and that would be a really handy setup for this er... phone, right? ;) Or you can use a full sized wireless combo keyboard/mouse and monitor for a #Linux box that fits in your pocket when you walk away from your desk.

Do you need it to do something really special? Tell me, what can't you do with a real Linux machine? Okay, you can't chop 🪓 🪵 wood or do laundry.

Really though, how kewl is that???

Neither are the best of any world though, but they are best in breed IMNSHO.

Let's look at pure #Android solutions now, k?

For #ROMs I prefer #CalixOS:

A de-googled #Pixel 3 XL with 128GBytes of storage is a pretty good and inexpensive platform for this which your can pick up all over #eBay for really cheap

It uses the #Aurora repo/store for closed source proprietary software (so you're de-googled) and of course you use F-Droid to install #FOSS or get the #APKs directly from the devs at their #Git repos (best way for some software, like #Fair_Email, for example).

There's also #GrapheneOS (, and it has a lot of supporters, but I don't find it as performant as CalixOS. Both are, however, fantastic.

Here's a tidbit about the so-called #MiFi pucks that you're entitled to when you're a member of the #Calix Institute... You're listed as Calyx Institute to the broadband provider - only you and the #Calyx_Institute know your identity because it's on their bill lolz, and that's kept secret and has never been compromised, because they maintain an active warrant canary. 🐦 So if you use one of those and a #Librem_5 with the cellular radio turned off or removed, and using your own #Asterisk server for #VoIP, you're truly just an IP addy surfing the internet while you're talking on the phone.

Of course... You'll need to do all this without your Candy 🍬 Crush. But... There's always APKPure in conjunction with #NetGuard from F-Droid 😉

I hope that helps! Please feel free to share this around with a #boost to raise awareness that, well... All is not lost, and #damn_the_torpedos!

And remember, you can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔

#tallship #Vger #OpenSource @OpenSource @eric

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