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"When a user gives Facebook a phone number ... that phone number became targetable by an advertiser within a couple of weeks":
Good thing Tutanota never asks for your phone number:

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Found a FOSS alternative to Google Authenticator for 2-factor authentication. It's an F-Droid app called andOTP.

G. Authenticator, Okta Verify, andOTP etc. all implement the same algorithm called TOTP.

cc @switchingsocial

#2FA #FDroid #TOTP #infosec #FOSS #degoogle

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Anyone have a good #FOSS recommendation towards a privacy-centric messaging app for Android?

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Now that the #Linux app is launched, I'm looking to build native apps for #macOS and #Windows next.

I already started on the macOS app (written in #Swift), but I need help polishing the UI and packaging it up. For the Windows app, I'm not sure where to start. So I'm looking for #developers that can help with either!

If you're interested, feel free to send me a message. Otherwise please pass it along to anyone you know!

Also, these are paid #FOSS projects. All code will be #GPL-licensed.

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Jamendo is a great place to find new music and for independent artists to share their work. I created some playlists and uploaded some of my own old tunes Hope you find something you like 🤟

#byebyeSpotify #deleteSpotify #jamendo #foss #opensource #indie #fightThePower

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We'd like to thank those of you who've helped this project along by boosting these toots and spreading the word.

Little things can make a big difference.

Thanks a lot.

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Necuno Solutions / Necuno: privacy Linux smartphone 100% open firmware.

A company focusing on information security and privacy. Their main goal is to work towards more open, transparent and secure mobile ecosystem. No more black code and binary blobs in the hardware and software.

Securing the freedom of mobile, part 2 --->
#Linux #mobile #Necuno #NecunoSolutions #NecunOS #opensource #openfirmware #openhardware #privacy #security

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I'm starting to really like PeerTube. No blockchain or cryptocurrencies involved, which I'm not so fond of. However it's based on WebTorrent and uses the same federation system as Mastodon - both of which I use and consider fantastic technologies. It's as open as it gets, and seems very careful to not go astray of it's path.

I'd love to get my videos mirrored there. If anyone would want to help me with that - let me know :)

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I've created a pull request adding support for UnRAR v5 decompression to libarchive.

I'd really appreciate help with testing/code review of this code!

#opensource #libarchive #unrar

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We just dropped #GoogleAnalytics for the #OpenSource #Matomo on ! If you're self hosting with a powerful tool like @cloudron (like we are) consider becoming a supporter:

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Interested in open-source software produced photography projects?

Check out the fantastic project by @patdavid


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I just bounced into #commonsclause ( via redis (

What the actual f**k?!

"...this new license is non-open source by definition. However, in practice..."

Talk about trying to look good and then just abusing the name of #opensource.

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We have come to the point where the term "Open Source" is even being used by #nsa #surveillance partners.
Not just "open source intelligence".
These initiatives/projects aren't even #freesw but #openwashing
They're all just devaluing the brand, making it obsolete, @OpenSource
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New to Mastodon.

This is @amescon PiLOT. It makes far more powerful by giving users the ability to incorporate several plugin modules e.g:

8 Digital Inputs
8 Digital Outputs
8 Analog Inputs
GSM (SMS, GRPS data)
9-Axis Sensor (gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer)
Sharp Memory LCD


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