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Flawless, small footprint, and works as described. Without a doubt the very best voice recorder I've ever used, with simple (that's a pundit), no frills controls that you need and none that you don't which you would never use anyway.

Get it @fdroidorg -Droid

Simple Voice Recorder - Record any audio easily (An easy way of recording any discussion or sounds without ads or internet access) -

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We do not want to end up on the #shitoberfest hit list!

If you have a #FOSS #OpenSource #FreeSoftware project that NEEDS @GitHub pull requests for updates, contact us on here for our #hacktoberfest & we'll work on it!

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@lopeztel @profoundlynerdy @OpenSource @fsfe @fsf Yeah, GNUHealth is awesome. However, it's audience is more targeted at health professionals. I can't see any good reason why a personalized health monitoring solution isn't already available. There are proprietary systems for this but not FOSS :(

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I have had these questions floating in my head for awhile and they still remain unanswered. Could you possibly help?

- Why are there so few FOSS based solutions for health empowerment?
- Why in 2020 do we (users/citizens) still have to manually collect and aggregate our own biomarkers? Why is there no freely available tool for this? Is it a technical issue?
- Is it all a money issue?

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@nestorovics @fsfe @OpenSource @distrotube @intel I don't think anyone reverse engineered the blobs (for the WiFi in this case), hence the need to extract the blob as it is and put it back in order to have the Intel WiFi card working .

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@ClaudioBrt @fsfe @OpenSource @distrotube @intel

has anyone found backdoors in those blobs, any research done on that topic ?

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Corebooted X220 update:
The wifi card was still the intel one which requires the blob to work. I just upgraded the Intel WiFi card with the FOSS Atheros ATH-AR5B95.
Next step, I think I will replace Arch with Parabola , but is it worth it? I don't really have any non FOSS software installed on Arch.
#opensource #foss #thinkpad #x220 #coreboot #freeasinfreedom #linux #gnulinux #archlinux #parabola @fsfe @OpenSource
@intel :)

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Fuck Facebook. 

I don't wanna argue with random YouTube commenters about why Facebook owning and meddling with Oculus is bad, and why being an original Kickstarter backer is relevant to that argument. :blobcatsad:

The fact of the matter is, even if they didn't sell any consumer builds of the hardware before the Facebook takeover, I personally, and literally hundreds of other early VR videogame developers, sunk a significant investment of development costs into the original two dev kits and their hardware drivers,

only to have the rug pulled out from under us as a walled garden suddenly appeared at the last moment and we were forced to upgrade our drivers and sell in their market or get out, basically?

No? myaa, come on. I'm on Linux, I paid hundreds of dollars for VR hardware, and I can't even use it because of commercial interests and spyware.

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Finally got myself a nice new old laptop. X220 which I upgraded to 16GB of RAM, USB C charging, brand new battery and most importantly I externally flashed the BIOS chip with coreboot. The ME has been cleaned (as much as possible ) with the ME_Cleaner Python script and it's now, proudly running Seabios and Archlinux. 🤘 @distrotube @ArchLinux_Community @OpenSource #coreboot #x220 #linux #freeasinfreedom #thinkpad #opensource

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New BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.200328 released!

There have been over 30 fixes, stability improvements, and new features. Highlights include new import features for simplify and merge IFC models, brand new IFC to/from CSV data export and import, basic support for BCF-XML 2.1, and simple construction documentation sheet management.

Full release notes:

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@zleap in my organisation, we've avoided almost all proprietary software for years (recently we replaced Zoom, the last proprietary holdout) - our stack: - and I'm also making #FOSS resources available here in NZ right now:

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Just finished liberating a phone (Blackview A20) by installing LineageOS. It was quite easy after discovering "adb" and "fastboot" linux tools. (Note: I have no idea about programming, and even so was super easy).

It is so sad thinking so many people are working for free for Google by sharing their data. Most of devices come with a non-free Android version managed by Google, and by using them you are actually making Google richer with your time without getting anything.

Also it is pretty scary the mass surveillance done by Google. Not even Orwell could have predicted such thing would happen!

I could continue but you can find plenty of information of why you should liberate your phone here:
and here:


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My #photography of this Sunday. Monument Valley, #usa #navajo April 2019 - CC-BY-SA-4.0 #stayhappy

My pictures are #fediverse only content - #FOSS. Let me know if you need the original (usually up to 4K as RAW - some only JPG)

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Looking for #FOSS / #FLOSS alternatives to popular proprietary solutions? Look no further.

Much better than IMO.

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@claudiom thanks Claudio, thanks to you now I know one more thing after GitLab & Gitea, it is OneDev, the new GitLab, simplified. It looks very promising to me.


#gogs #gitlab #gitea #onedev #freesw #foss #alternative #github

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