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The trouble with the "hardened Android" variants is that they only work on Google Pixel phones, so Google get money, the phones are really expensive and not widely available outside the US! I'm tempted by the /e/ Fairphone 3 as an alternative though to some extent: just a shame the interface is so bad/Apple-ified...
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For consideration by the privacy conscious folks out there, tired off being raped wholesale by the Google silos...

Before I begin this little phone rant, haber you read the great news about #Vivaldi categorically rejecting Google's latest insidious advertising scheme? I wonder if #Firefox will need able to resist? They get a lot of their dev money from Google y'know 🤘😎🤘

Okay then... What are some kewl choices that help protect your privacy where phones are concerned?

There's it's got physical switches to turn off the cellular radio and can even be completely removed and replaced (for a different IMSI - not to be confused with #IMEI which is tied to the SIM).

The battery is removable as well - w00t !! So not even the NSA can turn your phone on remotely lolz, and it will accept a whopper 2TB Micro-SD.

Do you ever lie awake in bed at night wondering why you can't get a phone with a removable battery?

I don't either anymore!

There are other physical kill switches that can turn off GPS, Wifi radio, and the mic/camera.

Imagine that though... Changing out your #IMSI in less than a minute without changing your OS or three configs for your installed applications! That's the one thing you can NEVER change on any other phone - meaning, there's no such thing as a #burner_phone (meaning, swapping out SIM cards is pointless) and anyone who thinks so.... OkayI'll be nice (I'm practicing being family friendly.... at least part of the time). But now there is a true burner phone, you quite literally can swap that puppy out Easy Peasy!

There's also the Pine Phone:

The #Pine_Phone is privacy respecting in the sense that it isn't actually an Android by any measure at all, but rather, a handheld Linux computer (pick your distro, I prefer #Slackware or #Debian). It can also function as a phone secondarily. I use a small #Bluetooth keyboard that can switch between three devices, and that would be a really handy setup for this er... phone, right? ;) Or you can use a full sized wireless combo keyboard/mouse and monitor for a #Linux box that fits in your pocket when you walk away from your desk.

Do you need it to do something really special? Tell me, what can't you do with a real Linux machine? Okay, you can't chop 🪓 🪵 wood or do laundry.

Really though, how kewl is that???

Neither are the best of any world though, but they are best in breed IMNSHO.

Let's look at pure #Android solutions now, k?

For #ROMs I prefer #CalixOS:

A de-googled #Pixel 3 XL with 128GBytes of storage is a pretty good and inexpensive platform for this which your can pick up all over #eBay for really cheap

It uses the #Aurora repo/store for closed source proprietary software (so you're de-googled) and of course you use F-Droid to install #FOSS or get the #APKs directly from the devs at their #Git repos (best way for some software, like #Fair_Email, for example).

There's also #GrapheneOS (, and it has a lot of supporters, but I don't find it as performant as CalixOS. Both are, however, fantastic.

Here's a tidbit about the so-called #MiFi pucks that you're entitled to when you're a member of the #Calix Institute... You're listed as Calyx Institute to the broadband provider - only you and the #Calyx_Institute know your identity because it's on their bill lolz, and that's kept secret and has never been compromised, because they maintain an active warrant canary. 🐦 So if you use one of those and a #Librem_5 with the cellular radio turned off or removed, and using your own #Asterisk server for #VoIP, you're truly just an IP addy surfing the internet while you're talking on the phone.

Of course... You'll need to do all this without your Candy 🍬 Crush. But... There's always APKPure in conjunction with #NetGuard from F-Droid 😉

I hope that helps! Please feel free to share this around with a #boost to raise awareness that, well... All is not lost, and #damn_the_torpedos!

And remember, you can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔

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Does anyone know about a #foss stack that I could install on my own hardware to get a similar setup as digital ocean and the likes? Some kind of web admin that let's me boot up "droplets" or VMs etc that would run on my #selfhosted server.

#cloud #vm #opensource #programming #opensource #docker #linux

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after getting a bit frustrated using Freecad I switched to my (not actually mine but its free software so its possibly more true than with most other cad programs) beloved openscad. Here is a screenshot of what i did so far.

More to come later. Maybe next weekend. For now I am done and I don’t know if a find time before Friday.
#freecad, #openscad, #CAD,

PS: My openscad models are always fully parameterized because that what they are when your description complies with basic source code rules known from software development.

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Hello #fediverse do you use any commercial or #opensource #password manager? Which one? If not listed, reply with #foss name.

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You're very welcome!

And K9 mail is great stuff too.

One thing I would urge you to pay attention to, without going into a whole dissertation, is that with Fair Email, there are basically three versions.

1.) Google Play store - some features may not be present due to Google's rules, plus the whole signing issue I've ranted on over the last couple of days where they can alter your code and redistribute it (ATM, only *new* apps, but later, everyone's)

2.) F-Droid - The dev considers the F-Droid version current if it is the current version at his GitHub repo. There's a couple of particulars to this.

a.) They sign the compiles with their key so some parts are excluded (Google parts for autoconfig, etc., coz Google only allows one key, that of the dev's, to be used in a version that includes their stuff)

b.) Many devs create an F-Droid compatible repo so you can enable that repo and use the dev's compiled version via your F-Droid client for updates, etc. to use those versions, you must first uninstall whichever version you have installed and then install the Dev's F-Droid compatible repo, and pull down from the top of the screen for refreshes, etc., like with any other app.

3.) Most FOSS projects have a Git repo where you can get the APKs directly and install them from their official releases signed with their keys. But Fair Email is different, in that most projects you have to manually install newer versions (Why most devs use an F-Droid repo of their own) - Fair Email's apk checks the dev's GitHub repo for updates and the app can actually update regularly whenever there is a new release directly from the GitHub repo - that's pretty kewl.

Also, remember that the Google features which are crippled/absent/disabled in many of the official F-Droid apps? This version is signed with the dev's creds so all of the Google features are enabled (Like autoconfig of gmail aliases, etc.).... But there's more.

Aspects of the client that aren't permitted to be included in the Google Play Store version can also be included in the GitHub version because not only is it signed with his creds, but also, it's not being distributed from the Google Play Store so like, with other apps where say, OAUTH stuff is taken out, or whatev, such is not the case with this one - i.e., it has everyting, is the most current, automatically checks for updates and installs them if you wish, etc., etc., etc.

So I recommend, at least with this application, installing directly from:

The latest version, "FairEmail-v1.1554-github-release.apk" a/o the time I'm posting this, was released just 10 hours ago - that coffee's still fresh and hot lolz.

The dev states that the only thing enabled in his version that isn't included in the Play Store version is Android Auto integration....

I dunno about reading email while driving though, that doesn't sound to safe lol.

And I was also under the understanding that the OAuth support for gmail was missing because it wasn't signed with the dev's keys, but perhaps I'm mistaken there?

There is a couple of major things to note, however:

First, uid/pwd access is going away in gmail soon (for GSuite/Google Apps for Business/whatev you wanna call it) - so one must use OAuth to authenticate with their gmail accounts (Like I said, I could swear the F-Droid version *couldn't* have this because they sign with their keys, not the dev's himself)

Second, I strongly recommend that people, in almost all use cases, DO NOT enable Google's "Advanced Protection Program":

If you do, not only can you not run third party email apps (this is not just a gmail thing, mind you), there are many applications you won't be able to install and run - it is far reaching with sweeping ramifications.

Anyway, I run the GitHub version and yes, it's an absolute dream!

The home page on the web with lots of kewl screenies and links to many of the resources is here:

So my post turned out to be a virtual dissertation anyway. Oh well ;)

@OpenSource #FairEmail #FOSS #OpenSource #tallship #Vger

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Oh, you're a #Python #developer with indepth knowledge of Linux (Debian) in a server environment and bash scripting experience? Also, you're into #dataprotection / #privacy AND looking for a job? What a coincidence! :) We want to get to know you! @OpenSource @opensourcediversity @opensourcedesign

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@OpenSource it would be a hat for 16bits data acquisition. 4 thermocouples, 2 RTD, 2 current inputs, 6 voltage inputs. LAN connected with a simple web interface like the 34972 software (former free version, not the recent)

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I'd like to see a (real) Linux computer the same form factor as a cellphone, and without any of the vulnerable cellphone hardware gimmicks like gps, bluetooth, ir, nfc, phone, etc. (but with wifi capability intact). Removable battery, removable storage that acts like a standard block device, standard partitions and filesystems.

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Nor should you have that need my friend. It'll get patched, and it's a limited #vul anyway.

Screen is real #GNU, but it's had several maintainers and some claim it's a bit of spaghetti code after all these decades.

I originally began my migration to #tmux soon after its release by the #OpenBSD folks and in there beginning used to even remap the keybinding to ^a to mimic #screen, but now, on machines that I use #Byobi on, I map that to ^b to mimic tmux, which is what it's actually built over.

Now, here's something I do that you might be interested in...

I've been a package maintainer for #TWIN for almost twenty years, and while it pretty much just languished in relative obscurity at #Sourceforge until just a few years ago it has enjoyed a considerable surge in popularity since being rehomed at #GitHub.

I like to use it in its own, regular, virtual Linux console, away from X-Windows, or I'll attach via X-forwarding remotely. That way, I'll just <Ctrl>+<Alt>+Fn# to get out of my local X Server Session, ssh into that box, and attach. I'll tile several TWinTerms inside of which I run my tmux or screen sessions.

You might want to make sure you're running #gpm for your mouse support ;)

You should give it a go. It's fucking fun shit. And do please tell me what you think okay? It's a bit different, and you guys remember coz it was originally written for #DOS in the #386 days, but if you've ever networked DOS to #UNIX machines using #Quarterdeck's #DESQview/X you should be right at home 🚀

Nowadays, development is once again quite active and you can visit the project at GitHub:

I hope that helps! :)


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New, open source, job boards site intends to cater to everyone without discrimination (including against employers/employees who choose not to pursue 'health passports').

Telegram group:



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After six very long months for many that have been waiting and hoping, a #Framasoft sponsored project has finally been released in the form of the latest version of #Fedilab (v2.38.1) on F-Droid!

Fedilab, is an #Android client to access the distributed #Fediverse, consisting of social networking platforms including photo sharing and video hosting, blogging aggregation and sharing services.

A couple of really kewl new features become available in this latest stable version, both are really kewl, but only one is actually listed in the release notes, so let's start with that:

* #New_post_notifications are available as a new feature you can elect to implement on a case by case basis, for the accounts you follow. Yet another feature present in most social networks and forum software that has been around for ages and still not implemented on most #Fediverse platforms (it does already exist on #Friendica instances).

*The other major upgrade, although not really a new feature is seamless and triangle #translation_services that facilitate making and maintaining friendships with others worldwide, regardless if there's a common language between parties. This feature was introduced a long time ago and supported exclusively by Fedilab, using the Yandex engines' free services...

Until those free services wetter terminated, and the translation feature languished for much of the last year with an interesting future.

Well, Fedilab has just rebased their language translation services integrating with #Libretranslate, and I must say it's is noted lightning fast and flawless, as much as translations can be anyway 😉

Don't forget to pickup the latest version of Fedilab at F-Droid :)

As an added bonus, you can even stay abreast of the bleeding edge of Fedilab development by enabling their own F-Droid repo where you can obtain the very latest, including beta versions of of Fedilab, and you can do this in just a couple of quick clicks at:

I hope that helps! :)


#tallship #Vger #F_Droid #Open_Source #FOSS
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New, open source, job boards site intends to cater to everyone without discrimination (including against employers/employees who choose not to pursue 'health passports').

Telegram group:



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Thanks for that. I have a Peertube instance up and running. I'm very interested in Mobilizon too but it needs a bit of work on my setup.

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