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a - jak se to rýmuje? Snad po akceptaci našich připomínek hodně:-)

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[1/4] Ok this is really funny, check this out.
I was in the process of booking a flight via @OneTravel@twitter.com. Trying to make me book ASAP, they claimed: "38 people are looking at this flight".
Whoa, 38 is a lot, I have to hurry up. But first I have to check how they came up with 38 >>

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Aha, takže sice tady máme §31 odst. 1, písm. a) autorského zákona, ale když jste Nova a něco se vám nezdá, prostě video z YouTube smažete.
Zajímavá sonda do toho, jak fungují autorská práva v praxi.

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Původní verzi Brexit videa smazala jedna nejmenovaná televize. Tak tady je zNova upravená verze 🇬🇧😁

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Dnes jsem si vyzkoušel sluchátka Bose vestavěná do nožiček slunečních brýlí. Hrají velmi dobře, přitom vůbec neblokují uši. Na poslech podcastů při jízdě na kole nebo chůzi ideální. Jen ta cena 🙂


Wir serverem geen (gratis) kraanwater! And I thought this happens only in Czech restaurants. 🙄

On the MAT WG , there's a talk on QoE. It's been running for a few minutes now and I still don't know what does QoE stands for.

Interesting contradiction in the Microsoft talk: „We have many old IPv4-only APIs, which are still being used in new software.“ vs. „We are not going to implement CLAT, we want software vendors to rewrite all the apps instead.“

Microsoft is not going to incorporate CLAT into Windows – „All apps should be fixed to support instead.“

This is not going to work with Windows.

„The state of Washington have announced that by the end of 2024 all their services and everything they run will be v6 only.“

„What is the problem with dual stack? It hides bugs. And I can assure you that until you really run v6 only network you will not see them and you will think your v6 is working, when it actually isn't“ – another motivation for making NAT64 the default meeting network

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Just a Retweet back from June regarding support in the Spotify Desktop App.
If you an account and a minute to spare, I would appreciate if you could vote to.

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„After we send this announcement at the end of August, there was an explosion in applications. So on 28th August we had more than 100 LIR applications in one day.“ – Felipe Victolla Silveira

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«There is a number of problems with BGP Security. I.E. it has none.» Geoff Huston @

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