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Σταματήστε ό,τι κάνετε και δείτε την εξαιρετική ταινία μικρού μήκους που έφτιαξε ο Άκης Αποστολίδης από το κανάλι The Skeptic Theory ! Εξαιρετικά τα μηνύματα που περνάει!

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#Pixelorama v0.10.3 is out today! It comes with important UI and UX improvements, as well as various bug fixes. For more information, you can read our blog post: oramainteractive.com/blog/pixe

#GodotEngine #PixelArt #GameDev

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Early Access release day of Fech the Ferret is today!

We're doing a dev stream to celebrate, come on in and watch us play!


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I wish more game devs (and devs in general) supported Linux natively. Not because it makes sense from the business PoV (it doesn't, sadly), but a free alternative that can compete with MS & Apple is beneficial for everyone.

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I just saw someone say “as you get older, it’s harder to make friends”

And I just want to make sure it’s clear that the problem is capitalism taking all our time and energy and not just due to being older like it’s natural causes

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Here we go! 🎉 Beta 1 is out and ready for testing!

3 years of work from 1000 contributors, finally feature complete and ready for a focus on bugfixing and optimization. 🤖

The feature highlights are HUGE, give it a read!


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Remember to support independent software developers and/or open source software to stop this from happening. twitter.com/Adobe/status/15703

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the monarchy is purely symbolic, they just own real land & get given real public money & have exemptions from real laws & you get arrested if you question their legitimacy. purely symbolic though

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Almost forgot about it. This is a game I'm working on in using . all my art is done with (I'm not an artist, so bear with me).

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Every time you think about attacking FOSS devs for being "lazy" or "not caring about your issue" - please remember that behind the other screen there's someone often donating work on their freetime or juggling a million different things. Be kind, please.

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What a parasitic asshole.

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"The servant must clear my desk for me. I can't be expected to move things."

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Please stop telling people how to behave/feel about the queen. We're all free to give our empathy where we like. Some of us don't empathise with an old woman who protects a pedophile and could end world hunger all by herself. Some of us bow to no one.

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God, I love that Scottish woman.

She was vilified for what she said. But, with time, people realized she was dead right about Thatcher.

I hope that people will feel the same about the British monarchy. Certainly and do. twitter.com/insanewomenfan/sta

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Today we mourn the countless freedom fighters from Ireland, India, Kenya, and other former colonies who lost their lives struggling for independence from the British government and monarchy. In their honor, we are sharing some threads summarizing the crimes of this empire 🧵

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Kings and Queens are an insult to humanity. We are all humans. We are all important in our own way. We should work together and see each other as one species. Social classes, queens, bosses, rich people, doctors, celebrities....are all imagination. Human imagination. Some posses some skills (true), and we should focus on that (such as doctors), but it is mostly a sick game of labels in a messed-up society.

Wake up, reality is calling! #tromlive

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For those of you saying show some respect.

How about respect for the MILLIONS of people who have been killed under her command whether that be Ireland, India or Afghanistan.

How about respect for the victim of her sons sexual abuse instead of paying them off with our money.

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Stop looking for fonts!
This new bundle will solve all your problems:


20 public domain pixel fonts for ! Download and bookmark it, and also add it to your @itch@twitter.com collection.

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