If the people in movies would have listened to me they would still be alive

Me and my dad are sharing the dining room table working from home today.
He's an aerospace engineer on a conference call ordering fuselage prototypes and I'm drawing a duck

Twitter account suspended..
Back to Mastodon for 7 days I guess😊

I hate when those guys on the streets shake their cups with money at u, yes I know u have more money than me

Rajneet Singh, son of ex-BJP MLA Sardar Tara Singh is arrested in PMC bank case..
So Modi was silent on this coz he knew who was guilty?

So I'm asking you to check out my website full of awesome things that I've written ( Lynthornealder.com) and then, if you've got a little scratch to spare, tip or join my Patreon and leave me a prompt.

Because the other thing I need to do a month of writing stories to prompts - over 25,000 is the goal, since it's - is Prompts!

And an audience.

Folks, I LIVE on comments. So check out the tootfic and (again) my blog, Kofi, & Patreon and please do leave a comment.

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Today is all about my !

This is is, as you may have guessed, my project this month.

I am to the of all of my Patrons and anyone who tips me on paypal or — the theme(s) for the prompt call are the last year of Patreon themes.

Interested? You can find a list of all posted stories here — lynthornealder.com/2019/11/12/

you can find the call here on Patreon patreon.com/posts/great-nanowr

and on Kofi ko-fi.com/post/The-Great-NanoW.


I'm doing a redeux of my today, because it turns out 13 summaries and 26 tootfics in 13 hours is a little much!!

I am a self-funded independent author, and there are two things I really want for 2020:

I want a one-day author retreat, just a day to chill and write & then write more with no other obligations.

And I want to self-publish an ebook.

Both of these things take money & I am also the sole support for our family. Money is not in abundance.

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