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CRONIQUES DETH SÈGLE XXIau: 2013 En 2013 se passèc çò qu’es umans auem tostemp ena nòsta imaginacion: un meteòr queiguec sus era planeta e provoquèc milèrs de herits (que podien tanben auer estat mòrti). Ei çò que dempús siguec coneishut com er incident de Chelyabinsk, en es Orals russi. Per astre, eth meteòr espetèc en aire d’aperaquí 23 quilomètres sus era superfícia d’aquera region e sonque i aueren herits e bastides (hièstres) trincades.

...and, it's done! - Went up, belly hooped, hovered, went down and exploded...
I hope that all the telemetry obtained will be useful for the project!

Credits to: SpaceX -

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T-05.00 - It's coming... Sorry, It's going guys!

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Hoje, que o pais fechou para confinamento parcial... aproveito para ouvir e lembrar temas de outra hora, embora as considere actuais!


Feelin’ good, now just chilling and listening to:
Trigg and Gusset / Adagio for the Blue



I was browsing . and I found this ... WOW, what a memory ... and a very interesting solar system concept!

Thank you @djsadhu!



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