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I'm Patashu, a mechanical dragon! I'm into big animalistic mechas, awesome fights, flashy and pretty adventurer/combat robot appearances and soft cuddling with friends. Roxxy is my significant other!

Gaming wise, my primary interests are rhythm games (e.g. DDR), roguelikes (e.g. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup) and shmups (e.g. Dodonpachi) with minors in action roguelikes, puzzle games and tower defense games. My youtube is here:


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I compose music in Famitracker and Ableton Live:

I'm working on a game called Rabbiteria (formerly Cinnamon's Cooking Quest) in a team of three, about kitchen management and cooking meals!

I'm a bit all over the internet in nerdy/gaming spaces. If you see another Patashu, it is me - feel free to say hi!

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My soundcloud! I make mostly 8-bit music in Famitracker, but I've also made some faux acoustic swing/jazz. Check it out:

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In a literary context, a villain more than anyone else should get along with multiple instances, similar derivatives, analogues or what-have-you of themself.

Sure, any healthy and well-adjusted person should in real-life, or at least be able to cooperate with trust and kindness. But if the Hero and the Hero from the Future bicker and annoy each other in a story it's not so bad.

But if one of the qualities that makes a villain enjoyable is that they have been blessed with a rich and hearty superabundance of the gift of self-admiration, then the Villain and the Villain-from-a-very-similar-parallel-universe should be cordial. They should compliment each other. They should correct, debate, but ultimately praise each other's methods of thought. They should be the best of buds and when it comes to tying the hero to an ultraviolet grill or whatever, each should go, "Oh, no, after you!" and offer the other the honor of going first.

Instead of continuing the Uncreated's story, I thought I'd take a break and do a sort of reference sheet now that his form is more settled. He is a dragon, but humanoid enough to stand upright and wear clothes, including that two-peaked knit cap that looks a little like a jester's.

I feel deeply for the girl in the unskippable ads for the mobile zombie game who sees the approaching undead hordes and just exasperatedly says "oh no."

I like Pokémon battles I think they're neat

TIL that Chrome has a hidden “reader mode” feature, similar to Firefox, Safari, etc.

I just thought: “Why is that feature hidden? It’s very useful.” And then I realized: “It hides the ads, that’s why.”


you wanna pet my beak? you think i let just anyone pet my beak?

i do actually, please pet my beak

That night, still feeling lost, the Uncreated takes a walk through Glenrock and ends up at Walker Park, named after one of the original Corps members who's now memorialized there in statue form. There, he runs into Neena, and the two of them get to talking. You want "easily abused power", she asks. How about the ability to create new life forms?
It's something she used to do, and for a while in her early life she went all-in on being a crazy amoral mad scientist. She did things she now regrets, and it was only by finding some kind of cause to follow - some reason to use her talents - that she started to feel good about herself. She went on to build the city's water and sewer system, and they work great.
Some kind of guiding distant light might be what he needs too.

An Ace crest, because not every tribe is defined by blood. The Latin translates "I'd rather have cake". #AceWeek
Symbolism explained 👇

(dude about to invent conformal geometry) I'm tired of numbers that square to -1. What if we go back to numbers that square to 1

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Fantasy nerds please syop talking about realism when you mean internal consistency, these are different things

mechmaker! you must help me, with your artisan's advice. dearly do i desire a mecha; one which suits me perfectly, one which is built not just for my form, but for my spirit; one which reaches its apotheosis as an extension of all i am into the limbs of all i should be. i fear i have no money to speak of, nor aught yet my own fierce heart, untamed wit, and vibrant voice; aught, indeed, but my spirit which strives. mechmaker! please tell me what i should do!

Unicode is a failure because there is still not an emoji that accurately conveys the little confused head-tilt your partner would occasionally give you in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

A real writing take 

What im saying is that sometimes a family can be an adventuring party turned into a polycule, other times, family can be a group of grass pokemon that grow out of the ground and are adopted by various members of the community as they grow up

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A real writing take 

Normalizing non nuclear family structures without needing some sort of tragic backstory to justify them is awesome if you ask me

The Uncreated heads out to the city waterfront, where he sees Astra, the same Corps agent who he met the previous day. She's made an arrest - the notorious world-traveler and thief, Clinna Venetali. A sword poised to strike either of her necks isn't a situation her unusual luck could help with, and Astra's even charged it with some magical lightning to make sure it's known she means business. It's a sudden reversal of fortune, and the Uncreated is just happy it wasn't him. Clinna is the kind of person who abuses all the power she has, and here it only leads to disaster. But the power to make others' ideas real ... how do you not abuse that?

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