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I'm Patashu, a mechanical dragon! I'm into big animalistic mechas, awesome fights, flashy and pretty adventurer/combat robot appearances and soft cuddling with friends. Roxxy is my significant other!

Gaming wise, my primary interests are rhythm games (e.g. DDR), roguelikes (e.g. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup) and shmups (e.g. Dodonpachi) with minors in action roguelikes, puzzle games and tower defense games. My youtube is here:


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I compose music in Famitracker and Ableton Live:

I'm working on a game called Rabbiteria (formerly Cinnamon's Cooking Quest) in a team of three, about kitchen management and cooking meals!

I'm a bit all over the internet in nerdy/gaming spaces. If you see another Patashu, it is me - feel free to say hi!

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My soundcloud! I make mostly 8-bit music in Famitracker, but I've also made some faux acoustic swing/jazz. Check it out:

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[⊶] Astra insisted on coming when she found out what was going on and how little we knew about what we were getting into.
[🧬] I won't say no to more allies, but what is she even wearing?
[⊶] She's an adventurer. They're like that.
[🧬] I still remember the layout of this place well, at least. I can guide us to the bottom level, and then we'll just see if we can go further down.
[✧] Stay alert, you two. Keep your eyes peeled and sensors active. This is not my first dungeon dive.
[🧬] *eyeroll*

extremely old, nigh-immortal remnants/survivors of a precursor civilization

their ancient precursor tech is still around & often functional, they just haven't turned it on in two thousand years and don't feel like digging through their garage to find the instruction manual

their precursor tech toaster and coffee machine, otoh, are well maintained and still used daily

Entropy-fighter game where you simulate being Mission Control trying to patch a deep space probe's software to route around cosmic-ray-damaged memory cells so it can still do some useful work despite ever-dwindling power supplies and ever-smaller bandwidths.

Robot kobold pirates 

Are they are here to take your ship

art; grovyle 


(art by

lugia isn't good at waiting to land before showing ho-oh his affection

Two more Gulfie arts I received in artfight that I really like and haven't shared yet :3 left is by churroach and right is by neverskipeggday, they both give me Big Seratonin

adopted art; noivern 

now without watermarks!

and with the name Pastila. Pastila the Noivern.


(art by

I wish there was a big book of "So you liked this old game: You might also like X"

Like, say I was a big Civilization 3 & 4 fan, but don't like where the series has gone? Is there some indie spiritual successor out there?

Like, if I liked Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander I can try Zero-K or one of the other Spring engine games.

Or if I liked Advance Wars, there is Wargroove (though honestly, I don't' think it is as good) or Battle for Wesnoth (better).

realizing why java and c/c++ carry on and people keep writing code with them even though they're pretty clunky...

they're stable. boring. you write a program with them against a stable api and it just stays working for a very long time.

you don't have to keep up with library churn and a million bad ideas happening around you. you can actually be done and finished with a project.

saw a vibeo online like "raytracing in real time on the snes!" but the raytracing was being done on custom hardware in the cartridge which is cheating

The Brave Little Toaster was a psyop designed to instill a permanent sense of melancholy in millennial children

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