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I'm Patashu, a mechanical dragon! I'm into big animalistic mechas, awesome fights, flashy and pretty adventurer/combat robot appearances and soft cuddling with friends. Roxxy is my significant other!

Gaming wise, my primary interests are rhythm games (e.g. DDR), roguelikes (e.g. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup) and shmups (e.g. Dodonpachi) with minors in action roguelikes, puzzle games and tower defense games. My youtube is here:


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I compose music in Famitracker and Ableton Live:

I'm working on a game called Rabbiteria (formerly Cinnamon's Cooking Quest) in a team of three, about kitchen management and cooking meals!

I'm a bit all over the internet in nerdy/gaming spaces. If you see another Patashu, it is me - feel free to say hi!

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My soundcloud! I make mostly 8-bit music in Famitracker, but I've also made some faux acoustic swing/jazz. Check it out:

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pso2, new wings for me! 

Most recent scratch had the Atolm wings that I've been waiting for!

Now all I need to really finish up my look is the purple blaze body paint... and maybe elysion for my wand.

good morning. I'm still thinking about Lady Edgeworth from the all-lady Ace Attorney stage musical

"there should be state-support housing for people" and "the way to solve homelessness is by providing housing" are like the most milquetoast left-wing opinions imaginable. incredible to watch people have meltdowns about it

@kat i am now imagining the warrior of light laying in a bathtub yelling because she needs to get up and do something else but she wants to fight a primal real bad so she's gonna yell about it

while all of the scions are there like "..come on. ccccome on. we're not fighting any primals, come on"

@Patashu I lacked the context to understand this, but a remark on IRC where someone shared the What If on "Lethal Neutrinos" helped me grasp why this is absurd (usually)…

In case others are curious (and curiosity is generally a good thing):

V: So I've got questions.
Σ: Ask away.
V: Where are we, how did we get here without the ship, and why am I an ostrich?
Σ: We're in a world of fantasy, you brought us here, and you're not an ostrich. This is one of a set of linked worlds, most of which have birds like you - they ride them like horses.
V: How'd I bring us here?
Σ: You have that power now. Your mind has wandered on its own so often now that your body will follow along. Lillian and I worked hard to give you as versatile and powerful a shapeshifting ability as we could manage.
V: Wait - what?
Σ: You can now travel between worlds at will, without a ship. And you will always take a form appropriate to the place.
V: That's a lot to take in.
Σ: It's only scratching the surface. I'll tell you more as we go.

A hard day's worth of minesweeping and I've reached 24001 points. Finding places on the border where I don't have to guess only gets harder and harder. (I DO have 15 spare lives to guess with, but I want it to be a last resort.) question marks show places where I made progress since last screenshot.

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I had a weird dream about a terminal roguelike in 3D space, with a kind of split orthographic view thing going on

infinitesweeper ( ) progress, 22916 points. 'question mark bay' is where I was last making progress but seems to have dried up

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