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I'm Patashu, a mechanical dragon! I'm into big animalistic mechas, awesome fights, flashy and pretty adventurer/combat robot appearances and soft cuddling with friends. Roxxy is my significant other!

Gaming wise, my primary interests are rhythm games (e.g. DDR), roguelikes (e.g. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup) and shmups (e.g. Dodonpachi) with minors in action roguelikes, puzzle games and tower defense games. My youtube is here:


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I compose music in Famitracker and Ableton Live:

I'm working on a game called Rabbiteria (formerly Cinnamon's Cooking Quest) in a team of three, about kitchen management and cooking meals!

I'm a bit all over the internet in nerdy/gaming spaces. If you see another Patashu, it is me - feel free to say hi!

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My soundcloud! I make mostly 8-bit music in Famitracker, but I've also made some faux acoustic swing/jazz. Check it out:

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I cannot put into words how much my workflow has been improved by using a notification daemon where I can just hit a hotkey and recall the last notification if I missed it.

And just go all the way back through my notification history. I wired everything to use notifications and basically use it as a sort of log.

mine craft 

bro i look away for a month and people invent reliable wireless redstone that isn't even based on a wacky hitbox bug and allows for any number of independent wireless channels what is happening

american incapability of thinking systematically or holistically is reflected in our weird dieting trend culture. could it be you feel like shit because you are forced to work a job you hate 50 hours a week and will never retire and your air is polluted by our hellish and stressful personal transit system? no it must be that, i dunno, fucking tomatoes or bread are secretly poison and you have to eat like fred flintstone to unlock your secret caveman health powers or whatever

Blizzard just confirmed a long standing fan theory that major lore character Chromie is trans, via a delightful little story, transphobes stay mad

I haven’t been on here much because my roommates made a minecraft server

honestly dealing with people through the structure of “allow me to remove the obstacles in your way so you can create things” gels *way* better with me than anything else right now

@terrana I like Isaac Asimov's observation that 'Eureka!' is in fact much less exciting than '…that's funny…'

gender is just a theory man, you can't prove that shit, now put on the maid costume

get you a girl who, if you falter in the deep places below the earth, will grab you by the throat and whisper that you needn't fear the dark, because you are with her, and she is what the dark is afraid of

Luen Mazarîn (spelling varies) is an old character of mine, and here he is posing with his maginaria companion, Clorin.
Luen trained as a summoner, one who communicates with spirits. In person when they manifest in the physical world and during a meditative trance when he sends his own mind across to theirs. He was brought up in a strict religious family but rejected their ways as soon as he was away; he doesn't fear gods any more than any other spirit he's talked with.

I was really annoyed at all of the Arduino-based DDR pad firmware out there so I ended up writing my own using modern C++ and what feels like reasonable software engineering practices. As a bonus it actually feels really precise. Check it out if you're at all interested.

@Patashu @CurusKeel

thinking about vr classrooms :dragn_think:

thinking about the potential of going to class as a dragon :dragnthinkhappy:

and just, generally interacting with the average individual as a dragon :dragnyell:

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