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I'm Patashu, a mechanical dragon! I'm into big animalistic mechas, awesome fights, flashy and pretty adventurer/combat robot appearances and soft cuddling with friends. Roxxy is my significant other!

Gaming wise, my primary interests are rhythm games (e.g. DDR), roguelikes (e.g. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup) and shmups (e.g. Dodonpachi) with minors in action roguelikes, puzzle games and tower defense games. My youtube is here:


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I compose music in Famitracker and Ableton Live:

I'm working on a game called Rabbiteria (formerly Cinnamon's Cooking Quest) in a team of three, about kitchen management and cooking meals!

I'm a bit all over the internet in nerdy/gaming spaces. If you see another Patashu, it is me - feel free to say hi!

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My soundcloud! I make mostly 8-bit music in Famitracker, but I've also made some faux acoustic swing/jazz. Check it out:

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We didn't even make An Extremely Goofy Movie. It just showed up in our offices one day, finished and ready to distribute.

The Uncreated faces up to his actions, brought in front of the Cosmos Corps' own Astra, a half-human half-dragon administrator who was one of the Corps' founders from way back in the day. The sword is more ceremonial than anything, at least these days.

Changing Vidrio into that shape was a total accident - even though Vid admits he had been thinking about how snakes move at the time it happened - but it's still transformation without permission, and that's against the law in Elseways. Since he's a first-time offender, the Uncreated will get off easy here, but every action has consequences, and while Vidrio goes to get put back in proper shape, the Uncreated has to spend the rest of the day under observation. The Corps doesn't want anyone dangerous going loose.

i remember in the chaotix tie-in cartoon there was an episode where they were trying to smuggle a passcode and a phone number through the secret world to prove that it existed to people who couldn't access it

with the difficulty being that they didn't have much time and you can't bring notes with you, so they had to memorize it quickly and it was easy to make mistakes

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is it weird that in any piece of media where something supernatural happens to only certain people and no one else can perceive it, my first instinct is working out how i'd prove its existence to anyone outside of that group if i had to

like in persona(??) i think(???) certain people get an extra hour in the day to fight monsters in(?????? i haven't played any of them) but i bet you could devise some proof-of-work scheme to show that you were doing calculations for longer than the amount of time available to everyone else

gender shitpost 

Broke: Gender is a Spectrum.
Woke: Gender is a set of 3-dimensional cuboid graphs with various factors represented.

consider: a particularly industrious kobold kitting out a ruined lair as a room escape

just felt like making an ampharos icon! feel free to use (please credit me tho)

sleep problems 

Well I guess I'm awake at 2 am AGAIN. I won't be surprised if I have to call out of work all week at this rate. I'm mentally exhausted, my stomach feels bloated and heavy and I'm hot and can't fall asleep and can't think straight and can't get anything done -w- Please let it be over soon this is abominable

Commission for @chr !!!

Sometimes I wish I could detach my lower half and do direct maintenance on it too tbh

#furry #scifi #robot #mastoart #queerartist #transartist

Nothing in this picture is happening on purpose except for Clio being there (she wanted to catch up to the Uncreated to tell him he left his backpack at the gym). He's starting to wake up to his draconic nature, though, and that's means anything could happen. In this case, Vidrio just happened to be walking past a picturesque waterwheel in the Near Wild when a silver-skinned dragon kid with glowing green breath came swooping out of nowhere - the Uncreated has never flown before and has no idea how to control the powers awakening within. What happens to them will have to wait for tomorrow.

Humans! Have you considered getting a rubber dragon tail? It's squishy, thick, and luxuriously shiny. It's an excellent travel companion and gives you balance and comfort when you need it most. Inquire at your friendly furry artist today!

cute commission ideas for @monorail :

holly m. glaceon is taking a walk when suddenly it starts raining! oh no! she's not particularly bothered, but what's this? an outdoor wedding being ruined by the rain! the two beautiful lesbian brides are going to get absolutely drenched!

well! not on holly m. glaceon's watch, as she whips off her windbreaker and holds it over the small wedding party until they have finished saying their vows!

I think I'll reveal what the theme is behind the Uncreated's story, but if you're still interested in figuring it out for yourself, I'll leave it under a CW. Also CW for length, because this got long. 

The Uncreated is The Fool - the 0 card in the Tarot deck - and everyone he's met so far matches one of the cards in sequence. I'm going with my own very loose versions of the meanings here, because that's how Tarot is supposed to work anyway - the symbols need to be ones you believe in, whether that belief comes from a book or from your own syncretic understanding.

0 - The Fool. The Uncreated himself (still an "itself" at this point). The blank slate kicked out into the world before it can be filled in with anything, making its own way.
β…  - The Magician. Fendrian is everything the Uncreated could be (even down to the "humanoid dragon" part). He's not just a literal mage, but skilled and a little showy.
β…‘ - The High Priestess. Lillian is even seated between a pair of black and white pillars like the card, and she's definitely a keeper of secrets - not just her own, but in general. The Corps archives could probably shortcut the Uncreated to his eventual final form, but that would defeat the whole purpose of the trip.
β…’ - The Empress. Carmina is an emotion-driven artist, caring for the Uncreating by giving something she feels he could use and helping to put his own identity together better in an understanding and compassionate way. From this point on, the Uncreated is a "him", not an "it".
β…£ - The Emperor. Geo (aka Jaq Lopez, the name he goes by in Elseways) is fatherly in a dusty practical way. He doesn't go in for fanciness, he just gives the kid a helpful boost.
β…€ - The Hierophant. Who better than a Bitkin to understand logic and rules? Blit is a very positive take on this archetype, though - he doesn't insist everyone follow his rules, he's just always busy making sure his crew does so everything's just right and in place for guests.
β…₯ - The Lovers. Iris and Qida aren't just in love with each other, but are a neatly matched pair that fills in each other's gaps.
β…¦ - The Chariot. This was a bit of a stretch, but Cheq is driving forward towards success through uniting opposing forces (with the help of a machine, although his is less a vehicle and more of a musical instrument).
β…§ - Strength. Vesta is not just physically strong, but confident and self-assured.
And then β…¨ - The Hermit. D'oc is definitely one, and he's got an eccentric (if a little twisted and paranoid) view of the world. What kind of limited view is that lantern of his giving him?

...and if you know what the next card is, you might be able to guess what's about to happen. Or not. It's not really up to the Uncreated, now, is it?

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