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Our game @stoneflygame@twitter.com came out a year ago. To celebrate the anniversary we put all the art and worldbuilding we've done into an art book. We need your help to make the book a reality! Back us on Kickstarter bit.ly/3N8wLaL

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Le compositeur grec de "Blade Runner" et des "Chariots de feu", Vangelis Papathanassiou, surnommé , est décédé à 79 ans, a annoncé soir le Premier ministre grec Kyriakos Mitsotakis

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hey y’all your girl made it!! 🎉💕😭🙏☺️
i am honored to finally announce that “Everything is going to be OK” was accepted into the permanent collection at MoMA!!
the exhibit will be this September. more info in reply…

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I've just backed the project Baladins 📯 on Kickstarter, and maybe you should do the same 👀 kickstarter.com/projects/seedb

For the moment I'll be mainly crossposting from my main twitter account, because I'm new here and shy


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