The are 3 outs away from another world series... let's go blue!

When using the "comma, ok" idiom within a statement (ie, if, etc.) then the values are only present within the statement where it's used. Ie:

if x, ok = val["key"]: ok { fmt.Println(x) ... }

This isn't very well documented and it had me scratching my head for a bit. Still learning but really enjoying so far.

Dodgers / Braves is a good game. Also watching Galaxy vs. Vancouver. Good night for an LA sports fan.

Just a reminder:

Time is expensive.

As a father, free time is a scarce resource.

The OpenBSD developers and contributors are donating their free time to the project.

If you can't contribute with your time and knowledge (my case) but can contribute financially, please, do so. Every donation counts, no matter how small.

There is no corporate behind this wonderful project and I think that's the reason #OpenBSD is the way it is.

Let's help keep it that way.

Thank you!

It annoys me when movies are placed in countries outside of the United States, who's language isn't English, and all the actors are Americans and the entire movie is in English with terrible stereotypical forced accents.

I've spent about 10-15 hours reading or watching videos to learn in the last week or so. But more has "stuck" in my head from just trying to write a fairly complex program in the last 2 hours then in the previous time learning.

Hands on is always the best teacher.

Dig through your closet sometimes. Never know what you're gonna find.

In last two month of protest in #Belarus 14 000+ people were detained. 400+ criminal cases (amount of people charged still unknown but might be above 1000). Around 100 people are in prison awaiting for trial. This is the biggest wave of repressions in last 50 years.

After being trapped in Nicaragua for 8+ months due to COVID, I'm finding it hard to be productive now that I'm back in LA. This week has been a bit of a wash.

If I try to clone a repo on github now, it says I should `gh repo clone` NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo

I have tried oop and looked at the arguments in its favour. I found it a mess.

I tried functional programming and looked at the arguments in its favour. I found it a mess.

I tried procedural programming and looked at the arguments in its favour. I found it a mess.

Basically it’s all shit.

@thegibson repeat after me:
* free drinks are not a benefit
* offering a 401k with no match is not a benefit
* beanbags are not a benefit
* 'flex schedule' is not a benefit
* 'unlimited vacation' doesn't exist and is therefore not a benefit
* 'hackathons' are not a benefit
... and so on.


From 07 Oct: Facebook to ban political ads from election night until further notice - Facebook has been chipping away at that hard line, including an about-face last month when the comp...

Can someone recommend a good mastodon Android client? Gracias.

I'm pretty proud of myself for not touching my computer all weekend.

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