I had red lentil patties (contained carrots, zucchini, etc.), brown rice, pico de gallo and avocado for lunch. Topped with Tapatio hot sauce.

We also landed on Mars.

Both important but only one was a major life changing event... Those were some good patties.

There are so many things I love about but the processes at institutions to get necessary things done (ie, renew my residency) is not one of them.

My company is #hiring again. We do #GreenhouseGas assessments and #environemntal / #ecological #map data.

We need an experienced Python developer, mostly working with Django. GIS or sustainability experience a big plus.

We can hire remotely in Canada and the UK, preferably around EST/UTC-05:00. Salary would be fairly average for a Montreal software job, which is where I am. Ask me and I'll tell you how much I make.

The official #job ad isn't up yet. This is just me putting out feelers.

Surprised? Anyone?

WIRED Security: News, Advice, and More: WhatsApp Has Shared Your Data With Facebook for Years, Actually

@tedu I could just "hg email" the patch to your email addy? Or if you have a preferred way let me know.

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@tedu I've got a honk patch ready that fixes importing outbox.json from mastodon exports. How do I submit that to you?

Also, it seems that boosts are not supported in the import at all? Not sure if that's part of the apparent json format change or not but figured I'd ask (not sure if they're supported in honk)

Happy birthday to my youngest daughter. Today she's 18 years old. I'm now freeeeeeee (legally anyways)

Boosts welcome.

Anyone interested in hiring a software engineer who is comfortable with low level programming, including embedded work? Now that 2021 is here, it's high time I start considering re-entering the work force.

I'm comfortable working in assembly language for several different processors, C, Python, Ruby, and C++ (in order of most recent to least recent experience).

My professional resume isn't terribly impressive in this area (who does low-level work anymore?), but I like to think that my Kestrel-3 and Kestrel-2 work shows my skills.

Let me know if you think I might be a good fit for your organization. Thank you.

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