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Piraten Codex: piratenpartij.nl/piraten-codex

EU Commission announces plans for "European digital identity", which we should "use for everything", from online shopping to tax returns. The German Federal Constitutional Court has banned lifetime personal identification numbers because they encourage screening. Using multiple profiles and pseudonyms is of existential importance for many people and groups! What we really need is decentralized identity servers of your own choice that are interoperable.

Stellenangebot: Die Delegation der Piratenpartei sucht nach einem/r deutschsprachigen PR-Experte/in zur Unterstützung der Kommunikationstätigkeiten im @Europarl_EN@twitter.com. Wir freuen uns auf Bewerbungen: patrick-breyer.de/?p=592591

Job offer: The Pirate Party Delegation is looking for a German speaking PR Expert in Brussels to work in the @Europarl_EN@twitter.com. We're looking forward to receiving your applications: patrick-breyer.de/?p=592609&la

As rapporteur I am proud to present the most ambitious #DigitalServicesAct opinion yet feat.
✅ right to anonymity and #notracking
✅ ban on new mandatory #uploadfilters
✅ making messenger services interoperable
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Cens-Ursula strikes again and tries to attack our security and privacy on the net with the @EU_Commission@twitter.com behind her. Thereby she ignores the mass protests against upload filter censorship machines. Yesterday the draft regulation was published: patrick-breyer.de/?p=593061&la

Good news from Dublin: Facebook‘s data transfers to the USA are about to end. We urgently need a no-spy agreement so that the data outflows are stopped for good. No more resorting to standard contract clauses! Read more on @POLITICOEurope@twitter.com: politi.co/35plPT0

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Wonen en Ruimtelijke ordening & Duurzaamheid en mobiliteit

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The EU responds to Russian propaganda with counter-propaganda instead of financing independent fact-checkers. Most of my critical questions about @EUvsDisinfo@twitter.com are not answered at all and only vaguely: patrick-breyer.de/?p=593009&la #disinformation

The trial against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange continues today in London. Once again we demand the release of Julian Assange and a better whistleblower protection! #FreeAssange #PiratesForAssange

Grote media- en entertainmentbedrijven kunnen al niet eens verhinderen dat automatische copyright-filters hun eigen content verwijderen.

Hoeveel slechter moet het dan wel niet zijn voor kleine creatievelingen?

Members of the European Parliament are apalled by and strongly condemn the murderous attack on the life of Alexei Navalny and call on the @EUCouncil@twitter.com to act and initiate necessary investigations. More in this open letter which I signed as well: bit.ly/2F1VrDI

I asked about whether the Commission will propose a ban of face surveillance for the purpose of mass surveillance of public spaces. Answer: "consultation this year ... all options are on the table". We need to increase pressure to act!

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EU Legal Affairs Committee wants Digital Services Act to end surveillance capitalism and AI censorship patrick-breyer.de/?p=592660&la

As #COVID19 lockdowns have shown, we need to improve our education system, so that it is what it needs to be in the 21st century: accessible, inclusive, and digital. What can we expect from the German Presidency in that respect? facebook.com/PiratKolaja/video

Free, educated, informed, and digitally connected society is what I strive for as a #Pirate. Edward Snowden acted in the public interest, not for his personal gain. His prosecution must be ceased. As a consequence, all of us will live in a more free and fair society. twitter.com/PiratKolaja/status

The use of #AI by police and judicial authorities has to be considered high risk. Software should be released as #OpenSource and training data should be #OpenData to ensure trust and non-discrimination. This scene from RoboCop should be avoided ;-) IMCO vote on Wednesday. twitter.com/PiratKolaja/status

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