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@falkTX being the madman that he is, has started a project to turn VCV Rack into a proper plug-in.

He's one of the most important software developers of the open-source audio community, developing things like JACK, Carla, Cadence, KXStudio, DISTRHO, DPF. He's ported and packaged countless plug-ins bringing them to the freedom-loving noisemakers like us.

Please go and support his work on Patreon or Liberapay:

Nnngggghhhhhh rouxls kaard from deltarune.,........

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Siedziałem wczoraj w ławce z gościem, który był mocno przybity.
Miał spuszczony wzrok, nic nie robił i nie odpowiadał jak go o co zapytałem.
Pani spytała go, o rozwiązanie któregoś zadania, w pracy domowej.
Chłopak dalej siedział w bezruchu nie odpowiadając. No to pani powtórzyła pytanie głośniej.
Potem niecierpliwiąc się podeszła do ławki i warkneła "czy ty masz w ogóle te prace domową??,".
Chłop już widać, że siląc się na spokój odpowiedział, że nie ma, na co ona ironicznie dodała, że "to wolisz dostać jedynkę, niż zgłosić n-kę? :)".
On już z totalnej bezsilności odpowiedział, że "chyba tak", na co ona znowu wkurzona.
I wiecie, nie zapytała się go nawet jak się czuje, czy wszystko w porządku, nie została z nim po lekcji.

Jakby tak stawiać dbanie o siebie nawzajem, ponad jebane prace domowe, czy nawet generalnie "obowiązki szkolne", to szkoła byłaby lepszym i bardziej przyjaznym miejscem.


Also no I wasn't dead, but I was locked out of my account and it sucked hard

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Fuck how do I become interested in my own hobbies again

Job update - boss tried to play the "i'm gonna fire you" card and i fired myself instead :)
Gonna look elsewhere

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30 years ago, a Finnish student announced his hobby operating system (won't be big and professional like GNU) to the Minix community.

Just realized i'm getting paid 3$ per hour of work, even less since i often stay for longer hours doing unpaid extra
And boss requires me to work at least 8 hours a day because "we're not like a big corporation" and "you're new and should be giving your 300%" and "we all work a lot' despite me having signed a b2b (with a fraction of my actual work mentioned as my work goal)

Idk i'm starting to think I'm being exploited

I can't take it anymore this [REDACTED] game is one of the few things that makes me positively excited for near future

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Looking for a way to retrieve Android data from internal memory of a Galaxy J6, USB Debugging is off and screen is broken (black, unresponsive), but phone works fine and is connected to the wifi

Tried some tools but no good so far...

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it's interesting so many people are like, traumatized from school, it's really a sign that that shit is designed super good

Of course I am aware that my perspective isn't the only one that's right and worth mentioning
From his perspective, he's got a person who doesn't self organise and misses cues, even tasks. And that's awful.
But from my perspective I get bombarded with talks where I can barely tell task from suggestion and can't guess what's a priority and what's not unless specified. Luckily I've been added to their dashboard app so I can finally track tasks as God intended, but this was a travesty so far

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Job update: boss complains about me not to me directly but to a friend of mine who he also hires. Hadn't he told me what the boss said, I would not know that he was dissatisfied with my work and that he wants to end hiring me next month. Bruh I'm awfully sorry that your expectations weren't met but every single issue could be solved if we talked, because it isn't my skills that are lacking, just organisation. Why stress this poor friend of mine out instead of directly confronting me :tiredcat:

If it's not said as "do this for this date" or "this is very important to do now" and instead said as "yeah this needs to be done" i just can't fucking compute
Worst part it's nobody's fault and I can't and shouldn't demand them to give me special treatment just because I'm "mentally different"

Pain, suffering even

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Got scolded for not having done a minor task for today because I completely missed that it was supposed to be for today
I feel like absolute shit because I'm a workaholic type of person and I just get blasted with a lot of miniscule tasks all over the place that i keep forgetting about or not even registering it's needed

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