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@Gargron i should definitely thank @dopatwo for his artistry, a fitting replacement.

@Gargron After initially complaining 12 months ago about the image, Today I declare Victory 🏆 and as a bonus its a GIF.

@Gargron Did you make Twitter because you seem to have a lot of ideas that don't make money. :thinkhappy:

When your looking for a job and the job centre gets you a position helping other people apply for jobs, and the worst thing is its unpaid volunteering. fuckers are out sourcing to their customers like some pyramid scheme.

@Gargron @Ahriman trying to play today sucked, we should try some custom games tomorrow. Plus you should try ReShade it really helps.

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Damn... Made in Abyss got super dark real quick.

@Gargron Just to clarify this is all in jest, but my argument is that to me, the fail whale is Twiter strugling under a load "the whale" but if you apply that to the mastodon image it doesnt fit, something like a mastodon trying to push or pull a server or just something more unique might be more fitting.

settle an argument me and @Gargron are having about the error image.

I'm disappointed to announce that the U.K. has yet to be swallowed by the sea.

Have trouble with insomnia? Tune into BBC One for hours upon hours of election fluff. It will have you dozing in seconds, Guaranteed.

Individual experience may vary.