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Bryan Mitchell

Did you know the instance at "" doesn't federeate at all, with any other instance? So rude!

Forgot to type in the content warning text-box so I apologize in advance if I unnecessarily inundated your timeline with excess politics.

(2/2) ...but on the local politics front is an entirely different matter. Wished that I could hyperlink the City GOP's page into the post to get a more general idea of what they stood for--supposedly transparency with regards to a recent utility scandal* and utilizing fiscal efficiencies in order to preserve city services--but their HTTPS certificate expired shortly after the election. So sadly, no dice there.

*Last time I checked The Day, it was being dealt with.

So I blogged a couple things with this one being the more thorough checkup:

Nothing special to report as far as most things are concerned... (1/2)

Just heard about Mastodon this morning and decided to jump in.
I can see this being my new social network of choice alongside Ello and Goodreads.

Also the fact that Gargon has a Patreon specifically for this is something I would like to see more often from other social networks--a way to contribute to maintain said service without becoming the product.

Well, here goes!