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Alrighty! Time! = D

Name's Erik (Proph, if that's your thing). I'm a cartoonist & creator of the webcomic 'Biff the Vampire'. I dig silly vamps, cute monsters & furry things.

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Hope you dig my stuff as much as I do making it!

That's kinda' what I have going on currently, too. First thing I did once I maxed the thing out was trash that crap exhaust fan & replaced it w/ a new blue one. That's all the glow it really needs.

It's that time of year again. The time when all the tech folks I follow start doing new system builds and my mind floats back to (carefully) gutting my old Mac G3 Blue & White so it can be resurrected as a newer machine.

At this point, it's probably not going to be a Hackintosh. I want this Bad Apple for my daily driver so I'm keeping it simple. I also don't want it to be an RGB mess as it'll live under my desk. No reason for that much glow. Just a subtle blue would do. = )

I feel fantastic!* = D


*I'm still not feeling that great but I Am feeling better than a few hours ago. Now to get back to drawing.

I feel fantastic!* = D


*I do not, in fact, feel fantastic but it makes for a shorter & more positive toot than how I actually feel.

Oops! I'm actually at 1307 on TWC.

Yeah... I still haven't updated that place in ages. I could probably boost things w/ a vote incentive of some kind but I'm pretty sure I'll forget again 'till I notice something's changed. = )

Still maxing out at a little under 1300 over on Top Web Comics so there's always that shiny dose of reality. = P

I know this probably means nothin' to no one besides myself but I glanced over at my little comic ranking tracker dealies from the places I'm listed and I noticed that I'm currently No.16 over at The Web Comic List.

This is quite possibly the highest my site's ever ranked anywhere w/ more than 20 comics listed alongside it. = )

Alrighty! Just checked my inbox & the comic's newsletter - The Nightly Vampire - should be in other subscriber's inboxes right about now.

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A bit of whiplash but I've gone from that old Cyberpunk doc to watching the old 'Silent Möbius' films.

I basically went from the inherent magic & mystery of the Information Superhighway and the techno future it may bring to a story about a techno future filled w/ a mysterious magic. Oddly enough, both things happen to have similar sources of inspiration if I remember right. = P

They also seem to have a thing for using All of the Effects on the talking head parts. Hackers are either covered w/ random early 3D animations (a nice change from the basic heavy pixels or filming them in shadow) or they'll do stuff to the background so you kinda' focus on them.

It got old quick but it's hard to not look up from my work to watch the show play out. = )

It also seems to only have had access to Akira. Every clip of a "cyberpunk future" is from Akira. No clips from Bladerunner so far but there's still some runtime left.

Watching this old doc on Cyberpunk & it's so damn 80's it hurts. o.O

Checking back & yeah... End of 2017 was the last Wolfie pic. He was my on my Christmas Gift Tag for that year.

I kinda' want to draw a Wolfie pic tonight. Haven't drawn him & Red in a while.

I should Really do something w/ those two beyond just one-shots & them being a part of my werewolf instructional booklet, "So You've Become a Werewolf".

One more finished strip in the can. One more week of time banked which I will hopefully squander on Drawlloween pics this October. = )

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Alrighty! Let's see how choppy this gets. o.O

Hey Folks! Gonna' spark a comic art broadcast! = )
Swing by and Kill Some Time! = )

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New Strip's up! Biff the Vampire - Sky Hi:

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"Hey Proph, how do you interact w/ folks online yet always seem so quiet?"

I like/fave/heart/whatever their posts 'cause I rarely know what to say to others beyond "Cool!", "Neat!", "Awesome!" or some variation on those despite having been online since before the 1st PlayStation dropped its X like a number lovin' chump.

Eyup! I think I'm right on this one. Picked up a Goya vers of Kola Champagne ("Kola" spelt w/ a "C" instead of a "K" like other brands I've had) & it's a pretty even match.

This also jives pretty well w/ Mtn Dew flavors like Baja Blast & Sangrita Blast being "Inspired" by latin flavors. Can't get any more latin than Kola Champange while keeping it light enough for most folks.

Just pray they never make a Malta Dew flavor. >.<

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