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Alrighty! Time! = D

Name's Erik (Proph, if that's your thing). I'm a cartoonist & creator of the webcomic 'Biff the Vampire'. I dig silly vamps, cute monsters & furry things.

Where I'm At:
- BtV (Comic):
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Hope you dig my stuff as much as I do making it!

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And one last terrible Turkey Day joke... = ) 

One last throwback thing before I finally dig up the only recent pic I've finished that's currently shareable (the comic I finished is posting soon enough).

My favorite Hand Turkeys drawing from a few years ago.

Wait... no. I mean "Turkey Hands" drawing. It's my fave Turkey Hands drawing. = )

#MastoArt #TurkeyDay #Traditional #Pencil

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Also, have the two-parter that shows just how odd one can be with leftovers. = )

BtV No.498: 11.14.18 - Strange Tastes

BtV No.499: 11.25.18 - Sandwich O'Clock

#MastoArt #SillyVamp #Webcomics

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Took the day off from being online for the most part). Figured I'd post some Classic Biff strips from Turkey Day's Past. = )

BtV No.197: 11.23.11 - Turkey Day Blues

#MastoArt #SillyVamp #Webcomics

I also love that the kid has a Wolfman mug.

That they went w/ a Universal Monster that wasn't Franky or Drac makes me happy. = )

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For the Curious... No. I never saw the 'Frankenweenie' animated film. It didn't really interest me. Trust when I say that the short is more than good enough for the story.

It's a quickie dealie that's Really better off a short subject than a feature length job. o.O

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One of the things I love about my ancient VHS copy of 'The Nightmare before Christmas' is it has both the original live-action 'Frankenweenie' short & 'Vincent' - the stop motion short poem about a kid who wants to be Vincent Price... as read by Vincent Price.

Yeah, it also has the letterbox vers of Nightmare & the "Making of" but those shorts are more than worth it for me. = )

Remember when doing one's job wasn't a constant struggle?

Neither do I but I know I was better at it than this. -.-

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In an effort to (once again) kick myself back into production mode, I'm going to try & get this next strip done by Wednesday.

I've done this in the past. I can do it again. It's not hard. It's just work. >.<

I'd post the pics I dropped on that hellish Birdsite but... yeah. No. -.-

See, the place where all the tapes & DVDs are stored collects large objects. This means that they're rarely ever dusted & they haven't even been reorganized in almost a decade! It's a shame that I'd rather not have over here.

I'd rather post better pics here. Preferably of the collection finally cleaned up & filed in their proper places. = )

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Did some dumb photo stuff earlier tonight - a bad photo shoot of my family's terribly large (and horribly dusty) VHS collection - and I found something that's been missing for Years. While going through some loose tapes, I found my missing VHS copy of 'The Nightmare before Christmas'. It's been missing since my nephews were little.

Now, it's finally back where it belongs. = )

Dumb (Good) Stuff... 

Nothin' says lovin' like, for the 1st time in years, being able to play Santa for a season 'cause I have the money to pull it off.

The last of the Covid Cash is going toward some small gifts for more than just my nieces & nephews. I'm actually be able to hook my bro, sisters & my folks up w/ stuff. We all need a bit of happy this year.

I know I normally hide my gamer stuff 'cause.. well, I can... but this was a bit of a bummer.

Collector Pricing is & always has been nuts. It's one of the only things that makes me long for the days of small Mom & Pop game shops where it's likely you're not going to pay some wack ass prices for a 12yr old used game.

Biggest bummer is I know PkMn Gold is available for a digital download. It is not HeartGold, though. HG had a few good improvements over the original as I am the perfect sucker who not only bought Crystal bundled w/ my first GBC but also scooped SoulSilver (w/ the PokeWalker) when That dropped.

Both are fun games. Beat 'em both, too. Love to hook him up but those prices are Painful. -.-

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Wow... I ran a quick search on some old games to see what I can get my nephew. He's a Pokemon fan (Why, yes... I Did corrupt another generation) so I looked for HeartGold & Platinum - two titles he wants & has the equipment to run.

Collector's Market sent those prices from up to $500 for Pre-owned. Lowest I've found 'em is between $60 & $70. -.-

Not too shabby. My back isn't quite feelin' it right now but I got the next strip (read: The strip after the next new one that will hopefully post in December) set up to sketch later. I am going to stop & stretch to make sure I'm not destroying myself any more for a bit.

[Insert pic of the dude & the butterfly reading "Is this Progress?"]

So glad I was happy about the progress 'cause Ho Boy! Were my dreams all about how I need to be working right now forever.

I missed not having my comic up on a regular basis. I don't miss the occasional mid-project hard sleep. -.-

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After far too long, I've finished both the physical & digital parts of this strip's lineart.

Tomorrow, I can slap this thing together & have my 1st proper comic done since July. o.o

For the Curious:
It's AudioStation - the multimedia program I once used on my Packard Bell back in the 90's. I guess someone has kept it up (or made their own vers?) & I'm totally going to give it a shot later.

It's a program I've been hunting down for years afte that old system died but I just could not remember the name for the life of me. Thanks to an LGR vid, I caught the name, ran a search & now here we are. = )

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Nothin' says lovin' like running basic computer maintenance before possibly downloading an ancient audio program you onces used way back in the Win95 days 'cause some wacky programer also thought it was neat & somehow kept it up-to-date (apparently).

Is this me setting up my possible procrastination being blamed on the RIAA 'cause they're passing out DMCA takedowns to streamers like candy off a parade float?

Yes. Yes , it is. It's why I wrote this. o.O

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