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Erik Amill

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Alrighty! Time! = D

Name's Erik (Proph, if that's your thing). I'm a cartoonist & creator of the webcomic 'Biff the Vampire'. I dig silly vamps, cute monsters & furry things.

Where I'm At:
- BtV (Comic):
- Patreon:
- Art Tumblr:
- Grandaddy of All Contact Lists:

Hope you dig my stuff as much as I do making it!

Watch me work/keep me honest & away from the Faction Rally. Artt Stream is GO!! >.<

Slightly Better yet still Funky Medical Stuff Show more

Funky Medical Stuff Show more

One of the things I love to run for background noise is people doing stuff. Blacksmithing, woodworking, cooking, building PCs/little tech things, refurbishing old items/tools, building houses... people working helps me work for some reason.

Aside from putting on movies or shows I've seen enough times that I can easily ignore them, I rarely pop on new things when I need to get stuff done.

Anyone else pop on Maker-type stuff and/or How-to's when they work?

Man... I put Way too much thought into these things. o.O

Kinda' thinking about using that icon here, too. On my personal account, that is. Still debating using my logo for my Art account.
It makes sense to a point to keep them different so folks can distinguish which is which. Then again... keeping them the same is pretty mych old school brand recognition. They see that pic, see similar content & have a few good indicators that that's me.

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Hey Folks! Did a new set of pics for a Twitch overlay & a a new icon for there (and the Birdsite). Posted the whole shebang to my Patreon. Figured the #MastoArt crew might dig it, too. = )

Patreon Article Linkage ->

#digital #color #artwork #furry - Doin' some art stuff. Drop by and... well, see if this works again? Yeah. Let's go with that. = )

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With Valentine's Day being tomorrow and all (and me not preparing new ones this year), I figured it's a good time to pop these up again...

Biff the Vampire Valentine's Day Cards!

Simply print 'em, cut 'em out and give 'em to all your favorite people. = )

#MastoArt #SillyVamp #Color #Tradigital #Valentines

I like when the things I do to fix my terrible WiFi situation work out in the end. = )

Not too shabby. My 'Net connection seems to have stabiliazed enough to where I can do broadcasts again. = )

Okay! It's late but I need to get this done so... Yet Another Art Broadcast is GO!! ->

Alrighty! Let's see if this works...

I'm going to attempt a broadcast. Time to finish up this strip! ->

Also: Turns out my newer TV swapped out the S-Vid & Component inputs I rarely used on my old tube for VGA & HDMI ports.

It's funny how I never really cared too terribly about them 'till they're gone.

There's a life lesson in there somewhere... o.O

Nothin' says lovin' like remembering you've used up damn near all of your spare S-Vid to RCA cables hooking up other folks' gear only to finally need them after like... +5yrs(?) of not having to use any. -.-

Alrighty! I got some new parts installed, my 'Net Connection... exists(?) and I'm trying to get this OBS setup dialed in. I Think I have the mic pulling from the right source. Now I need to see if it works (and is too quiet/loud).

Sparkin' an art broadcast. Drop By & Kill Some Time! -

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Couldn't get a new Superb Owl drawn before the game so enjoy a parliament of old pics! = D

I'll try to get one done after the game & I finish up the next strip. = )

#MastoArt #Traditional #Pencil #SuperbOwl