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Alrighty! Time! = D

Name's Erik (Proph, if that's your thing). I'm a cartoonist & creator of the webcomic 'Biff the Vampire'. I dig silly vamps, cute monsters & furry things.

Where I'm At:
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Hope you dig my stuff as much as I do making it!

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After far too long...

Hey Folks! New Strip's up! Biff the Vampire - A Brush with Death:

Or get strips sent right to your Inbox! ->

OR! Check out the latest strip and More over at the Patreon!! ->

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Seriously... I post vids to YT just enough for folks to think I'm not dead. Even w/ the template I built, it's a pain to get things out 'cause "I should film this" rarely ever goes through my mind before I've finished a pic. Sure, I can burn through things faster w/ it but that speed is useless if I have nothing to show.

At that point, I'd be a weird art podcast & who wants video of that. o.O

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Woo! Two art process vids down & dusted. Just gotta' load them up to YT despite knowing full well folks pay no mind to my uploads & the Mighty Algorithm probably hasn't shown my stuff to the two or three folks subbed to my channel 'cause I upload whenever I remember thats a thing I can do. = D

Work Stuff... 

Recording audio for a couple of process vids tonight.

I kinda' want to hope back in on the project they're from instead of hitting up the comic again but damn... I gotta' finish this story bit. If anything, I want it done so I can draw one of the characters smiling again.

It's a stupid thing but yeah... I've been though some shit before. I'd rather not have the folks I've made up deal w/ said shit but it's helping me work through some stuff. -.-

Now I'm in that lovely position where, what I expected to take longer didn't, I now have the ability to work on anything else.

Kinda' want to work on face masks but I also want to do some Seraph Tower runs in Destiny 2.

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Finally got the lineart finished on that 'Saltwater Girlfriend' piece. It sucks that I'm missing a chunk of the local recording from the streams but it looks like I won't have to download the Twitch recordings for the Diver Girl's inks.

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Alrighty! I got Winamp up w/ more podcasts to work to. Twitch should be up & running by now.

The stage is set! Can I finish this pic before things go wrong? Tune In to Find Out! = D


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Going to attempt a stream & see if I can't get the lineart for the 'Saltwater Girlfriend' pic done. Going to work on the diver girl.

Drop by & kill some time! = )


If I were to make a 'Saltwater Girlfriend' soundtrack, it would be Absolutely Lousy w/ old 80's & 90's dance music I used to hear as a kid. Stuff like Debbie Deb, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Exposé, Lil' Suzy... bunch of old latin jams that would break brains & make folks question what the hell I was into when I was little. = P

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Not too shabby. Spent my night giving May, my monster mermaid in this recent project, back her big ol' fish mitts while nailing down her body markings. Still need to figure out her colors, though.

I also dug into the folder of music I looted off of my cousin's DJ'ing backup drive years ago & dipped into the Freestyle section. Haven't heard some of these songs in years. Makes me want to make a fake soundtrack for this fake movie. = )

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Next up... the "Surprise" Gift.

My very close friend & ex has been having a time w/ the human malware situation. She's got health issues so she's really stuck inside & going a bit stir crazy. I offered to draw a pic as a birthday gift. An old raccoon character named Sin who she was the base for & is the "owner" of. = )

This is where I tried the digital sketch/traditional lines/digital inks process.

IG Linkage:

#MastoArt #Digital #FurryArt #WiP

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First up... the #Mermay project!

The plan: To speed up the process, I'm doing the most basic of basics digitally, printing those out to finish the sketch on paper & finishing it Back on the computer again.

I fixed the anatomy that was bugging me before w/ digital models. Arms & legs & limbs in perspective will be the death of me. o.@

IG Linkage:

#MastoArt #Digital #WiP #FurryArt

Me, forcing myself to focus & work: "I can do this."
My YouTube feed: "Or! You could watch Gourmet Makes Tater Tots."
Me, watching Claire make her own Tots while my pencil rolls off my desk alone & unused: "I can do this."

This won't last. I know I have work to avoi-- er, "finish"... & family to deal with but right now? Right now it's me, coffee & a rare moment to not just exist after sunset. = )

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Kinda' want to bust out my regular sketchbook & draw but it's a bit too breezy for that.

This is definitely "Coffee on the porch while sitting in warm sunny spot" weather. = )

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Hot Damn! It's finally nice enough out when I'm actually up to enjoy that "Sunlight" stuff people keep going on about. = )

On the Plus Side...
One distraction that keeps coming up is finishing that fake movie poster I started last year for Mermay. I have the tools & the sketch is mostly complete. With my current workflow, I can print what needs printing & finish it on paper then do the ink & paint digitally to speed up the process.

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Trying to take this strip one panel at a time & my stressed out brain is all like "Hey! You should get another Guard Frame kit & paint it up in your colors!".

A fine idea, Brain. A fine idea... that doesn't get the comic done. -.-

Me last night: "I like the way this pic looks. It still needs fixing but it's okay for now."
Me today: "That anatomy is wonky even for me. Let's do something else & never speak of this again."

Random Art Stuff 

Popping this behind a CW 'cause, well... It's a sketch of a gift for a very close friend. One who I'm sure probably doesn't have any Mastodon accounts but better safe than sorry, right?

Here's the "Sketch". It's really just my physical pencils over the digital sketch I started that was taking too long to get right. It's of an old relatively unused character named Sin. One who my friend digs so she's her gift this year. = )

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