People have asked us in the past: why can I trust ProtonVPN? This is a significant question as trust is the most important factor for picking a service. Here’s why we think ProtonVPN is worthy of your trust:

The world’s largest live music program is about to begin. Will you be watching? Connect to one of our Plus plan servers and . ! Read more:

To keep up with surging demand, we have added a Basic plan server and three Plus plan servers in the Netherlands. 🇳🇱 All four of these servers support file sharing. To see all our servers, click here:

ProtonVPN for Windows will automatically warn you if you are connected to a potentially insecure public WiFi network. Learn more about why public WiFi can be unsafe:

We now have servers in Bulgaria! 🇧🇬 Basic and Plus users in the Balkans can now get even faster speeds.

We're installing servers in the country that's home to the team seen in the .gif below. The team's name means "Central Sports Club of the Army," and they have won a record 31 national titles. Can you guess the country?

To celebrate , we are offering discounts through Run by the European Journalism Centre (EJC), it is full of resources. Sign up for free at to receive 25% off ProtonVPN Plus plans! Learn more:

Según informes, las redes sociales están parcialmente bloqueadas en . Apoyamos el derecho al acceso ilimitado a la información, sobretodo en momentos como el actual. ProtonVPN puede ayudarte a evadir el bloqueo. Suscríbete gratis aquí:

As part of our mission to be the most secure , all of our servers will soon be fully encrypted to prevent server compromise. Learn more:

Our users have been asking for a widget—and now it is here! With our widget, you can connect to one of our servers in no time, either from the widgets screen or using 3D Touch on the app icon. Upgrade to v1.2.0 and if you like the feature be sure to rate the app:

Building a secure service requires correctly applying cryptography. This article explains why we use HMAC SHA-384 for message authentication. This article is the first in a series on VPN cryptography and how to do it properly:

We are happy to announce that we have added eight new servers for paid users in Sweden — all supporting ! 🇸🇪 You can check all our servers here:

A new version of our Windows app has been released for early access users. To see all the latest developments in v1.8.0, enable the Early Access toggle button in Windows app settings. Learn more about our early access program:

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Switzerland and the State of Geneva have played an important role in supporting the growth of ProtonMail and @protonvpn. We are happy to share our story with members of the Directorate General for Economic Development and the Swiss startup community.

Most sites now use HTTPS encryption, but HTTPS alone is not enough to keep your data safe on public WiFi. To protect yourself against DNS spoofing and other attacks, you should use a .

Eight of our servers in Switzerland now support file sharing! 🇨🇭 It is now easier than ever to securely share files with your friends. To see the details for all our servers, click here:

Some doubters think our VPN is run by some dude in a dolphin onesie. Rest assured, there’s a whole team of us. (Turn 🔉 ON)

The European Parliament just passed a copyright directive containing , or the "meme ban." We are concerned about the amount of power this directive could give monopolistic tech giants, but our can always be used to access blocked content. has a helpful guide on how to set up a free account with ProtonVPN. We created a service that has no ads, no data limits, and no logs so that everyone can keep their online activity private and access the uncensored Internet.

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