Working on this story for awhile: Max Hardshoe and the Case Of The Woman Who Hired Him -

I feel I should focus much more closely on my own immediate physical reality. People I see in person, places I go, things I enjoy doing/seeing.

Going on the internet frames my life in terms of the entire world. I'm not sure I'm cut out for that. This isn't pessimism or defeatism-- I hope :?

Well, these are my midnight thoughts as the snow falls outside and I slowly wake myself up from a two-hour-long evening wasted on autothinking. I'm going to engage with activities I really enjoy, now.

Increasingly I feel like information flows control us and homogenize us; in person I hear people parrot the same facts over and over again.

I think I want to escape from how information flows frame my entire life. It's difficult.

I'm here on mastodon because I've just spent some time on twitter. Twitter is eerily like channel-surfing. Something to occupy and distract, to "drive" my mind so I don't have to drive it myself. I can't think of a worse way to waste the incredible gift of my life.

We are having a snowstorm, it's a little bit lovely to be quite honest.

Lately I have been thinking deeply about the effect of constant streams of information. Is it possible to consume social media and news and not be controlled by it?

If we always answer our curiousity with facts, for instance gleaned from a wikipedia search, have we forgotten how to really /think/ about things?

For better or worse, I've started to divorce myself from media streams and leave questions un-answered.

Did they ADD this ravine, somehow? Or was it always there. Can we build ravines, or only fill them in with cement?

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I found a new ravine today; I took my bike in a direction I haven't in probably a year or two and noticed a pathway I hadn't seen before, and when I went... POOF! A new ravine. Delight!

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"Illium" was another name for the city of Troy

"-ad" is a suffix that can be used to mean "the story of"

Therefore "The Illiad" is properly translated as; drumroll please...

Troy Story

I got to do the HG101 podcast tonite, I like HG101 quite a bit as they will deep dive into the history of a game which I greatly enjoy as it gives context to the creative process behind them.

Movies are still an incredible medium. The best ones I've learned not to think of as "audio-visual" but as:

Take a stage drama, something experienced abstractly and internally, and now find the most expert actors who can fill this, and now set it all /in the real world/ while giving you the impression of something personally remembered. This is it's own kind of magic.

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So I would say, if you have a local cinemaphile organization you should maybe check out what they bring in, I'm no expert on film but just going to these, it's always worthwhile and interesting.

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Tonight I saw The Lacemaker (1977) with Isabelle Huppert. Few thoughts:

1. Isabelle Huppert is fairly indescribable in this, this is a movie that is externally simple but then she is like a black hole that everything orbits.

2. There is something so miraculous to me about movies, and especially now when a movie from almost 50 years ago can feel so immediate.

3. I've made a ritual of going to the cinema; I think it can give you space to appreciate a movie the way that watching at home can't.

this is a Pretty Dang Small Screen but it's mine and it fits my apartment and I'm so happy :)

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I got the cable thingie that i needed to hook up my new tiny sony PVM (crt). Here is mario, framed nicely by the bezel!!!

Has anyone ever done a technical writeup on Pole Position for the ATARI?

@kcsaff wishing you a happy B-day (sorry I know a bit late) and hope things go great in SF! Thinking of you lots and sending good vibes.

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