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So much anime I remember hearing about when I was a teen and it was just not. available. Except as piraty, which I could not do, because (urf) my hdd was never big enough for very many episodes!

Bubblegum Crisis looks cooooool as all. get. out. How is it I already know it won't be available except as a $237 box set on Amazon............ :///

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As of right this very moment I'm available for hire and looking for work! C++, Rust, Scala, Python. Tools and services dev. Would appreciate any boosts as well. :D

At my coworking space, love having a little spot to go to and focus :) Er...

I'm enjoying Yo-Kai Watch (the first one) incredibly so much. For me this is a perfect game.

I had to return my communism book to the library because someone else had it reserved.

This is sort of ironic, but also ironic is that I kept it like 4 extra days because I have a good job and don't care about paying the late fees.

Idk this whole situation is just a bit funny :) BTW it was a very good book, called HOUSE OF GOVERNMENT. I wrote down what page I made it to and I think I'll try to get it back.

Played quite a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles X (the Wii U one) lately.

Also I wonder if I can become a crystal that people can consult, somehow.

Also: I realized I don't need a raspberry pi for a git server, I just need to root an old phone and put Linux on it.

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While I'm inventing conspiracy theory origins for recent technologies, here's another one:

Bitcoin was invented by an unknown person pseudonamed "Satoshi Nakamoto". Before people used their spare computing time to mine bitcoins, one of the big things they did with spare compute was to run the SETI@Home client, helping to search for extraterrestrials. Who might have a vested interest in redirecting resources away from the search for extraterrestrials? Is "Satoshi Nakamoto" really a /person/?

Cats are cute babies and don't nobody tell me notherwise!!

Also been really into yaeji lately, check her music out if you didn't know about it already:

The weird thing about seeing a movie in Thai was being able to make out parts of the dialogue, at least with the help of the subtitles. Thai is the only language other than English that I ever learned to speak for the purpose of communication.

I'm not even slightly competant but it has a special feeling for that reason. I badly want to learn more languages.

Tonight I saw a movie, BY THE TIME IT GETS DARK. Some info is here:

If you get a chance to see this in a theatre I can recommend it, it's a mesmerizing and incredibly interesting, thought provoking, perplexing and at times absurd film, while also being quite serious and poetic.

Not really like anything I've seen before, I feel lucky to have been able to see it.

I am really liking this book about the Bolsheviks and I want to make a zine about Yakov Sverdlov

"Religion is a mirror in which human societies admire themselves." -Yuri Slezkine

If you didn't talk to everybody in town, it'd be possible actually to get through this game relatively quickly, I think. But that's not how JRPGs work, ha-ha! :)

Also: bless

I'm about 80 hrs into Trails of Cold Steel Part 1 and I *think* I'm nearing the end? I also own Part 2 but... gonna play Tokyo Xanadu in between.

This game has so, so much dialogue. It's the ultimate "talk to everybody in town" game. :)

Update: it was good! It wasn't really sci-fi, it was 1960s Hong Kong, which was somehow even better.

I'm about to see Wong Kar-Wai's 2049 or 2046. Seeing movies like this in theatre is so incredible. This is a sci fi romantic drama set in Hong Kong.

This. Book. Is. Pure. Gold. And holy god, could people in 1904 EVER WRITE.