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@theoutrider i love ambitious games too, even when they are weirdly broken! two sides to the same coin in a way

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rendered in Mandelbulb3D. Called this one 'Alice'. :D I like macro photography and mushroomy things, and like trying to reproduce both of those likes via fractal art. ^.^

I would love to know the story of how a show like Nagi Asu got made; I wonder/hope if this show originated with Mari Okada.

Although it's a school drama, conceptually it's a little Out There. Yet here it is, 26 glorious high-budget episodes.

As I said, everything is incredibly well conceived, so what seems weird at the start will eventually make perfect sense for what it supported. The show is also dripping with hidden symbolism, especially visual symbolism, that is never explained.

I write this because I've not heard anyone talk about Mari Okada, but so many of the shows she has written are amazing. I'd recommend in particular:

- Anohana
- Hanasaku Iroha
- Blast of Tempest

The motivational subtext of her characters tends to be extremely well thought out, and multi-layered. She creates incredibly powerful moments where a character reveals their motivations and it's astonishing how complex it can be.

Nagi Asu is amazing for this reasons; it's also visually beautiful.

So today I finished watching this anime, Nagi no Asukara, "A Lull in the Sea". It's written by Mari Okada, who I've developed a keen interest in, watching a number of shows she has written.

Mari Okada is a towering genius, and I think Nagi Asu is a masterpiece.

I started watching this a long time ago but didn't stick with it. The premise, about a village under the water, is very bold and can seem a bit strange. But like everything else about this incredible show it's that way for a reason.

Whew! Had a great week overall, I hope you did too masto. :)

it's funny that certain technologies developed after the cloud (in a general sense) was the norm.

What I mean is, compare and contrast spellcheck (where it feels completely normal that your word processor has it built in) vs translation (where it seems crazy to imagine your computer would do the translation itself, rather than use a web service)

It's a shame really how computers have become so pervaded by the internet. I don't like to complain but our devices have partly been disempowered.

kind of realizing that if I keep drawing, I should improve, and it's a good feeling.

i love looking at art so much that I sort of forgot how hard it is to draw well :) sort of a weird feeling but, there you have it!

also realized, for me right now, I shouldn't share what I'm drawing because that would change the orientation of why I'm doing it.

that's opposite of how I'm approaching games which is that I'm starting to share more and more (where I always wanted to)

really looking forward to whent he entire internet is shattered into pieces and you can just crawl around in the few you care to

@bowlercaptain Thank you for the encouragement! It's really something I struggle with in a huge way.

Paradoxically if I do no marketing, the only framing of my work will be the commercial one. What website is uploaded to, what's it cost, etc.

If I create this kind of alternate universe surrounding it, then I'm creating the environment the game exists in, as an amorphous thing, and if it happen to be downloaded on itch or whatever, well that's just the download site

See my thinking? Not sure if good or bad, but i'm going to run w it.

After Whales of Aelia I'm going to re-release Venture the Void, which is a huge, huge huge huge game I made a veyr long time ago which I've updated over the past couple years. I just want it out there.

But both these games will have a kind of alternate universe built around them of screenshots, trailers, and other posts sending out.

I'm trying to see it as, making the extra stuff for it's own sake, to add to the main thing. Not for $$ but more like... framing.

So my plan is to more or less just build a big PR machine for my stuff, and treat that as it's own fun endeavour. So that's... that!

Right now it's just a spreadsheet and I'm scheduling when I'll put things out. But like, I have some unreleased things and I'm going to do little trailers, not for any commercial purpose per se, but as their own type of art, and manage releases of those games in an organized way.

The first one will be Whales of Aelia which is a free game I did for LD and updated

One prob with games is you can go a long time between finished things. Artists have the nice advantage to have a natural cycle to show their work but with games. Well I think for me it's like:

- I want ppl to know what I'm doing. even if this is mostly due to insecurity, it's still real.

- i want more feedback.

- I want to try and show some things in a bit different format

- I am going to make a "company" (and game) twitter to separate my silly home tweets form organized tweets

@korruptor Yeah I did not like the star treks either ugh. Super 8 I enjoyed though but still...

Bon Appatoot masto!

Excited becos:

- Get to show Paradise Never at Calgary Comics Expo. I'm like... ridiculously excited to see people play this in an expo environment. It's been a full year!

- Various other life changes which are exciting if a bit scary. I feel like damn, I have been working so hard for the last 4 years but also sorta drifted into irrelevancy. Not sure that should bother me too much I think what I mean is, I gotta release more.