Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is way better than you might expect.

About to hit a nice milestone with paradise never, which is (sort of) a vertical slice. Since rebooting the design to be more straightforward things have gone much better, though slowly...

I might blog about this.

@kcsaff Hey!! Thank you, I got your text :) We definitely gotta chat. Now that I'm a dad I have so many questions like, Where Can I Buy A Telescope, and Is Anime Harmful To My Child

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Orion's Belt is totally an overrated asterism. It's a complete waist of space.

This was an installation at the Musee des Beaux Arts in Montreal this summer. And of course I love how much they resemble a rendering! Just going thru pictures from a summer trip...

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WILLOW for NES is fairly decent, expect to grind killing skulls a lot but the game shows a lot of attention to balance and rewards a thoughtful approach.

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The kind of cool thing about buying old games like this, I can just turn around and sell them if I don't want to keep them. That's a really neat way to experience the economy.

4- Solar Jetman. Ditto, I've always wanted to play this ever since reading about it in Nintendo Power.
5- Willow. Another one I have been curious about for a long time. I'd also love to see the movie.
6- Air Fortress. I have a feeling this one is a little gem, I know it's a multi-modal game which alternates shmup with adventure scenes, like The Guardian Legend but lighter I think.

They were all 10 or 15 each, I think only LotW and Kung Fu Heroes were 15. A fun way to spend $50!

The games I bought, and I want to (and will) play them all:

1- Legacy of the Wizard. One of my favorite NES games, absolutely bonkers epic side scrolling dungeon game with music by Yuzo Koshiro; so happy to own it now!
2- Kung Fu Heroes. Fun 2 player game.
3- Startropics. Never played this, except just a bit in emulator, I know I'll enjoy it!

I went and bought some NES games, I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and decided this is the way that would give me the most fun.

Still... my guiding principles for buying anything is: 1) only buy stuff you'll actually enjoy, no collecting for collecting's sake 2) try to pass on stuff you don't enjoy anymore, don't hoard 3) don't buy more than one of anything, if you've already got it you don't need it again.

Maybe also 4) try to give something up any time you acquire something.

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Enjoying Ghengis Khan on NES. Anybody play this, ever? It's my first KOEI game.

I picked up Genghis Khan for NES, it's the first KOEI game I've played (I think) but I've long been fascinated. So far it does NOT disappoint-- the possibilities feel so organic and it really does feel like I'm playing a story that could go so many different ways.

I went to a spin class! The bike said when I was pedaling really hard it was 430 watts and that's the average of lance armstrong but he needed DROOOGS to do it and I did not but I could manage only for 3 second not 3 hour so there's that........

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