Kashmir - An Artisan soap as complicated and layered as . - vidyut.info/shop/soaps/kashmir

The design of this soap will keep changing as you use it and new layers are revealed - do see the photos of the making in the link.

I poured heart and soul into this soap. It is expensive, but whether you buy or not, do check out the page. Read description, see photos of the inside. Would mean a lot to me that it reached you.

Let us not forget Kashmir.

Ever since erected MegaDams on , have become more frequent & intense in downriver countries like . This threat is set to deepen as China builds more giant dams on the Mekong. greatgameindia.com/how-chinese

I wonder if the people joining Mastodon from India also have an appetite for ditching more of the capitalist internet, because there are replacements for many more things than just twitter.

For example, no need to use google maps when you can add detail of even things like footpaths in your town to OpenStreetMap :


The Switching Software website contains an ever-growing list of ethical alternatives for many things:



One by one all all our insitutions are being hollowed out.

As I've said before, I don't think these guys are capable of building a "Hindu Rashtra" - they haven't shown the capability to build anything, and I don't think that they even know what a Hindu Rashtra is.

What I'm scared about is that they'll kill the country in pursuit of their Utopia. They seem well on their way.

What is with people calling JNU students "freeloaders"? A lot of them come from the really struggling strata of society. Why are we as a nation so anti-education in our thoughts?

The ward of a paani puri seller has no right to education because they're poor? Never mind the fact that a 5 trillion economy by 2024 is possible only in a parallel universe, but say it was possible in this - how did we expect to get there without an educated population? Modi apne pichwade se nikalega 5 trill?

"Baba Ramdev-led Patanjali open to collaboration with 'videshi' MNCs as long as it doesn't clash with its 'desi' values: Report"

LMAO! So much for the Swadeshi BS. Looks like even Bhakts aren't buying that argument anymore. XD

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Now that the BJP has said it cannot form government in Maharashtra, we have two choices. Take your pick.

RT @hi_paresh@twitter.com
Modiji is sending adulatory messages to IAS for taking on powerful politicians in is his role of Election Commisioner

Modiji is also sending IT notices to IAS Ashok Lavasa & family for taking on Modiji during 2019 elections, in his role of Election Commisioner 😭😂😭

FYI Unlike birdsite if you like a toot, that toot will not appear in your followers timeline. It just a recognition that you liked the toot. If you want any toot that you like to be seen by your followers you need to boost it.

If you torture the data enough it will agree to anything you want.

Instead of talking about what the fascists and bigots are saying on the #Birdsite , can we talk about ourselves ? The way forward ? The build up of effective resistance ? The changes we want to bring ??

Believe me, it's not as difficult as it's made out. Maharashtra is an example. One man , changed the picture. Faddu is done and dusted.

So, let's talk about the way forward 🙏

"The residents of Kargil are unhappy with the way the BJP government at the centre sanctioned various facilities to Leh, and ignored them. They are getting ready for a long struggle to make their voices heard": Asgar Ali Karbalai

Praveen Donthi interviews Karbalai, a prominent political leader in Kargil: bit.ly/2osxOvW

Just because the BJP bowled underarm in Goa, isn't suddenly a license for other parties to play by those rules. Case in point -- the Maharashtra elections. Personally, I'm happy to see BJP receive a taste of their own medicine, and how. But on a larger scale, aren't these parties slowly legitimizing the ignoring of the mandate? Doesn't the vote of the people count? If the BJP applies similar tactics in the next election, what then?


bruh, my volvo can do all of the same shit autopilot can do and it even has a pedestrian airbag for when it runs over somebody
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