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Please CW your opinions if they're good. I only want to see the terrible takes.

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i may have sent hundreds of bitmoji to the fedisnap group but trust me, they're all ironic

food, kinda gross 

this is it. it's the worst bitmoji

@garfiald it's cool that they made an algorithm specifically to roast every spotify user on the planet

commenting without faving is a flagrant act of aggression and each time it happens i imagine a council of lab coat'd nerds moving the Doomsday Clock's hand one minute closer to midnight.

new game where you are shown an image and have to figure out if it's jungle/techno album art or a math textbook cover

haters can meet me in the octagon, i say, before going oof as i take five minutes to stand up off the couch

i'm one of those "~i was born in the wrong generation~" chicks but for being a slightly older millennial

She had only just found out and was just utterly shocked by the information

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My mum phoned me up last night to see if I knew cat's penises were spiky

i'm here on the timeline of mastodon dot social, a federated, decentralized social media platform

He had a sore arm after the vax, and now it's recovered. He's very excited

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My husband runs into the room swinging his arm in a circle, "look what I can do!"

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