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Please CW your opinions if they're good. I only want to see the terrible takes.

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On masto no one can hear that you're a right cockney geezer

This is absolutely the wrong outfit for these but I just wanted to show off my new boots I got 💙 :cowskel:

i think i’m chiller than i probably should be but it’s all chill because i’m chillin

I've just remembered legendary local dj, "CJ the DJ" who uses to dj all our shitty discos

trying to make a post about the cardi b lyric “I just swallow the nut” and somehow make it about how the mouse wife in the secret secret of nimh got smart from her mouse husbands super intelligent mouse nut

My husband is playing fortnite and one of the other players has the name "Topshagger212"

You're just jealous because i've been listening to metal all afternoon

Larry Davis arrested on charges of public gaming: 5 fast facts you need to know

@PublicChaffinch The world is on fire, let us toast our destruction in mummy juice, let us feast upon the goddamn psychoactive hypersexual zombie cicadas

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