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Please CW your opinions if they're good. I only want to see the terrible takes.

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On masto no one can hear that you're a right cockney geezer

cum bog millionaire. that's what they will call me when i win the lottery and spend it on creating the worlds most disgusting tourist attraction (which will double as my home)

Love to hear from the local news every 6 months about what access we give apps. The venn diagram of everyone who a) needs to hear this b) knows what you're talking about c) watches the local news: probably just me

oh god I've just seen 90's singer mark morrison raising absolute hell in the apple store.
looks like its the return of the mac



SUBJECT: Re: dick off, simpletown

Cherished Luke,

Please "Suck a fat one"

With thanks at this time,


I'm content to kick back and let the new generation of posters have their fun. I'll do a lot of wise smiles and say "haha alright, wow this is a new energy on the TL". I'm an elder statesposter. i fire off one good post every week to prove to myself i still got it. I'm totally here to "watch the culture grow"

nsfw, philosophy, butthole reference 

Jokes are a myth invented by proprietary software advocates
#FOSS #women

it's good I'm honest with myself and my commitment to eternal shitness

I wish I could be good at stuff, but also I'm unspeakably lazy

my husband wants to reply guy without actually replying

The most difficult instrument to play is the ferret. They like to bite.

My Australian Siri boyfriend Harry is refusing to vibrate me to orgasm because I said I don't like his sassy tone

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