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Purism Computers @Purism@mastodon.social

You did it!!!

The will be built! Do you want one?

Now, let's go meet those stretch goals. mastodon.social/media/NgEUaEbF

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@Purism i am still confused why you aren't going to continue ubports with it...

@Purism at least ubports is not mentioned on the puri.sm/shop/librem-5/ page - but i just read the sailfish part.
however, i am still curious about how everything goes in the future. 😉

@Purism or maybe sailfish with opensource desktop or something

Is there a reason for the VoIP number needing a stretch goal of 4 millions?

@Purism is this crowdfounding campaign the only way to get this smartphone or will it be available on the market?

@Purism \(^o^)/
Can't wait 'till 2019 when I'll get my new phone ^^

Thanks for being awesome!!