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First of 2019! My original G1 Optimus Prime - a little battered and bruised but ready to defend the earth.

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In total then - I have three pairs of shoes (trainers, smart shoes and my Doc Martens boots) plus 2 pairs of spare trainers. I think that's reasonable.

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Final stage of Konmari Phase 1 this morning: sorting out my shoes. I have have fewer pairs than I thought I had, which is a good start.

Logged off work for the day! Despite a bubbling migraine I still got some stuff done. So I didn't achieve a lot but I achieved more than if I'd just called in sick.

I've already read the latest TF G1 Collection this morning - that's the first Drift mini, Spotlight Drift and Spotlight Blaster. That's a good start to the day right there.

Everything hurts this morning. Even the data connection on my phone appears to be in pain.

My brain this morning is a heady mix of pain and ibuprofen effects. But I am keeping my word and getting stuff done today. The headache just makes it more of a challenge, that's all.

I got deadlines, man. The thing is, I like pretty much everything I do. But when there's a deadlines in the picture I will do anything but the important thing. It's like I want myself to have to struggle.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - but tomorrow I pull my finger out and get stuff done.

Aside from a couple that are in the wash this is the final count for my post-tidying t-shirts. The fact that I previously had 60+ in the same 2 drawers tells you how rammed they were.

Flashback to 1988 - corker of an issue. The Storm Shadow strip is written my Grant Morrison.

I'm going to have to really run for it for at least the next two weeks.

So many deadlines coming up this month. Got some stuff I want to do for Valentine's Day, have a speech and presentation to prepare for my Toastmasters club, and I'm starting a short volunteering session at a local school. Plus April Regs at work!

New rule is don't buy and/or download a comic until I'm ready to read it. And now I'm ready to read today's 2000 AD!

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