I read some stories that people can hear radio in their cooking pot when their microwave oven or some other devices are placed just in the right spots. So I assume this is some kind of resonance effect?

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This is the second time this happened: my pullover turned into a radio and makes noise that I can tune somewhat when moving slowly. This time I recorded it to make sure I am not imagining it. Spooky! 😱

Lovely, I have been waiting for something like this for decades!

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It’s finally out! A visual catalogue of useful creative code techniques compiled by @tarumuh@twitter.com and myself. Which is your favourite? Did we miss an obvious one? Let us know in the replies 😊

🎨 notion.so/Creative-Code-algori

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Early birds don't catch their worms in echo chambers.

Waiting for the first band that does not claim to be the first band to release an album as an NFT.

It hear that there currently might be issues if you use the spire wallet. But Temple and Kukai seem to work fine.

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Unwritten commandments of - proposal 1:

You shall not mint the same work twice even if it is on different chains.

My silent drop of "Neural Studies: On the Threshold" on @hicetnunc2000@twitter.com just went into the caring hands of @StakeNow@twitter.com - thanks a lot! πŸ€—πŸ’Ž


Come on through to the other side!

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My first release on the PoS Tezos blockchain. It's a bit minimal over here, and $XTZ might be a bit of a threshold to buyers.
Consider it a statement of intent.
Kudos to @hicetnunc2000@twitter.com

And yes, friends, it's a N-F-T!


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I hate to say this, but so far all + images look somehow the same to me. πŸ™ˆ

When @beeple@twitter.com's work sells soon I am quite sure he also has the right to claim those royalties. In the US they are 5% but they are capped. So if we guess a sale of $6,000,00 he will not get $300,000 but $35,000.

Yes, a luxury problem indeed, but still the system feels rigged.

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Fun facts:
- as an individual you cannot claim the royalties yourself. No, you actually have to join a collecting society. Only they are allowed to collect and take a percentage of your royalties for that.
- royalties are a decreasing percentage of the sales price and are capped

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If you think that royalties on NFTs are "complicated" then you probably have not looked into the "Artists Resale Royalty Rights" in the traditional art market.


I am a strong supporter of uncurated open platforms, but they always come with the drawback that they also attract bad actors who will mint works that are not theirs, so if you are now getting excited and want to start collecting make sure that you are not getting scammed.

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