I get the feeling that tensors are really rubber ducks in disguise, since I am going


all day long.

"What it basically means is to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no-one is able to come to sensible conclusions..." #1984

I am very thankful that @MassiveAttackUK@twitter.com asked me to collaborate with them on this important project.

I tried to not to drown the message in the visuals but still get your attention. My hope is that I make you stop watching and start listening instead.

Ah, the cat is out of the bag. 😊

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> generative art @quasimondo@twitter.com

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My yearly reminder: if you are on a journey it doesn't matter that you end up where you planned to go, but whom you meet on the road.

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I tried out this suggestion by @WangBinxu@twitter.com and it feels like skipping the class embedding and searching directly in 256d space (but still across all classes) makes the search inside of less erratic.

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@quasimondo@twitter.com @joar_lj@twitter.com So I think in some versions of BigGAN (like BigGAN deep) the 1000 d class vector is mapped to a 128d embedding space to do generation. Do you think it could work better if you optimize the code in the 128+128=256d space?(I'm Exp with this too!)

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Going viral on twitter, literally.

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A β€˜viral’ new bird song in Canada is causing sparrows to change their tune gizmodo.com/a-viral-new-bird-s

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Probably it's just me, but I see some correlations here. (Be assured that there has been no contamination with any Franz Marc bytes in the whole process).

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How about "Everybody who wears a mask gets an edit button" instead?

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You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask

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It took my model a second to make these, but it took me a lifetime to learn how to make a model like this.

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My new model makes it really hard to decide what to throw away, when the worst results I get look like this.

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