Into the latent jungle again

I also think that found a pretty way how to interpolate smoothly through fixed landmarks in 1128 dimensional space without kinks in the path.

I have about 10 tape recorders lying around here and just realized that all are broken. Mostly it seems to be rubber rot. This one has working mechanics but hums so I try to find out which capacitors have evaporated.

We have made a short documentary about my installation "Circuit Training" which is currently shown at the "AI: More than Human" exhibition at the

Thank you Onkaos for your support!

It's like style transfer with benefits. Without using style transfer of course.

I am trying AdaDelta instead of Adam this time and it feels like it leaves the difficult high-detail parts for last. That, or I am left with a lot of artifacts in the end.

Not sure if this will go anywhere, but at least this model-in-training gets the semantic maps wrong in an interesting way.

A whole new twitter is coming. But some things will never change, like not being able to fix embarrassing t̶y̶p̶e̶s̶ typos during a grace period.

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