There are elements in there which I do not totally hate, but overall it feels like I still have a whole lot to figure out.

Some of them are playing a pretty long game now. Still not sure if the unprofessional language in their DM pitches is part of the gullible-filter or if they just don't know how to do it better yet.

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Are there any open source scammer twitter network detection tools out there? There are a lot of papers on bot-net detection, but I would like to have something where I can enter a handle and then it builds a graph from all their fake followers.

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A friendly warning: who claims to work for the is a scammer who tries to get at your wallet. Do not open any "contracts" they send you.

The robot's painting strategy is still very simpleton, but hey - it's a start.

Figured out the matrix operations to switch between tool spaces within a blended move.

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And when I say morons I mean it - please leave computer security to people who are actually knowing what they are doing and go back to defining the bending radius of bananas.

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Oh well - when are the next elections up for the EU? Encryption backdoors, content upload filters, a practical ban of self-custodial wallets - who elected the morons who make proposals like that?

Some brush-skating. No jumps this time since i haven't figured out how to switch tool spaces in the middle of a blended motion.

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Testing my new multi-brush contraption. Maybe I should add a little tutu. 😄

Do I understand correctly that becoming an AI ethicist works a bit like becoming an artist: you just call yourself one long enough until most people believe you?

Wordle 324 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 hint:

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