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I couldn't stay away from the news as long as I would have liked. Such is life in the era of the Orange Hate-Monkey. Even when you desperately try not to notice the bastard, he barges in like a boor, causing a ruckus.

Signup to see this film with Legion M so you can get cool swag. Use this link. There are 7 cinemas in Austin showing the film. If you select where you are, you can choose the location nearest you. Monday @ Alamo South Lamar is our meetup.

I am consciously avoiding the news for the rest of this week. There is going to be a ton of completely predictable actions taken that are necessary, but I’ll just get depressed listening to talking heads discuss. Time to play the podcast catch up game. couple of pieces of mine, one from Stonekettle, and some odds and ends for the weekend now over. I have no interest in news today. Watching movies and writing all day. These few posts are all I have to offer right now.

Caudillo - a tin pot dictator mired in corruption. A sociopath unwisely given power. see also: Trump

The story everyone else is sharing is the story of Trump suing to stop release of his financial records. He will lose. The point is not to win but to delay release until he can achieve some other goal. What that goal is is what we should be worried about.

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