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sciencebasedmedicine.org/medic So, yeah. I've now met people (people very close to me) who think this is a legitimate treatment. "Who'd a thunk it?" As we say 'round these parts.

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“Daniel Ellsberg became one of the best-known opponents of the Vietnam War in 1971, when he leaked the Pentagon Papers, a secret Defense Department study of the war, to the 'New York Times.' He has a new memoir 'The Doomsday Machine,' about his years as a young national security analyst looking at top secret plans for nuclear war.” one.npr.org/?sharedMediaId=568

motherjones.com/politics/2013/ To paraphrase a quote from this episode, 'If you live long enough you will eventually get cancer.' The errors in cell replication that lead to cancer are the same errors that allow for genetic diversity. We get cancer because evolution occurs even within our own bodies, and most evolution produces bad outcomes.

For the non-politics-obsessed people out there. A guide to just how we got fucked over by Reagan's tax overhaul, and just how much reaming we should look forward to with this one. soundcloud.com/decodedc/revisi

nzzl.us/xLIzhcY Fate does have a sense of humor. She is another demagogue that I blogged about at the time. ranthonysteele.blogspot.com/20