The mysterious microbes living deep inside the earth -- and how they could help humanity | K. Lloyd - TED Talks

Ep223: Metano Marciano; Luz Helicoidal; Astronomía ProAm; IA y Lenguas Perdidas; Neuronas de Cultivo; CRISPR vs SIDA in Coffee Break: Señal y Ruido - iVoox

nature Marciano Helicoidal Astronom ProAm Lenguas Perdidas Neuronas Cultivo CRISPR SIDA

There is a new release from the wonderful Libertinus Fonts project!

Release Version 6.10 · alif-type/libertinus

Moon rocks!

Apollo’s Most Important Discovery (Inside NASA’s Moon Rock Vault!) | It's Okay To Be Smart

Where does NASA keep the Moon Rocks? - Smarter Every Day 220

The Genesis Rock - Objectivity #208

What is HPV and how can you protect yourself from it? - Emma Bryce | TED-Ed

Understanding e to the i pi in 3.14 minutes | DE5 | 3Blue1Brown

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