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Because there's lotsa new folks and I haven't done one of these in forever.

Hi, I'm RC. I'm a trans woman and civil servant from a small city in NY. I make board games and card games in my free time with one in the process of getting published.

I mostly post about game design, , cooking, spreading good vibes, and positive political news.

Follow me for on-point selfies, travel pics, and delicious food posts.

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On the other hand, I think what was my least favorite Tenchi movie will have aged wonderfully.

If I'm not mistaken the two main female characters, Ayeka and Ryoko bond through their mutual love for Tenchi. So maybe it's a slow poly love story. Or I'm remembering it wrong

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I'm obsessed with this aesthetic in this Meet Me in St Louis Broadway poster.

It looks like a good piece of queer fan art for a Ghibli artist's pet project.

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Boost and I'll give you a space cowboy name.

My queerness is probably the least interesting about me.

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Dating apps for the dead must suck cuz all the users are ghosting.

Took a walk through the park today, despite the cold.

Said hi to my favorite Albany monument: The Henry Johnson Memorial.

I forget about the nice little things just out my door.

I'm thinking about switching instances.

Can anyone tell me their experience switching?

I can't handle the Tumblr id of

Follow up question: What are some chill instances?

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Tired: Alphabet soup

Wired: Times New Ramen

Seeing the local timeline is sometimes pretty terrifying.

It's now the full id of the site formerly know as tumblr.

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bad takes and disputes slosh back and forth through people and fiber like waves in a closed container

i wonder if the electrons that embody them, at least, insofar as we read them that way, laugh

...then again, i think that electrons are always laughing

they are mischievous djinn

I just started reading the Kobold's guide to game design and there are 20 essay 3 of which are written by women.

3.... Ugh, it makes me wonder why I even what to continue with the board gaming hobby.

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Tired: Deleting a toot because it's too long.

Wired: Deleting an Oxford Comma to make a toot fit.

I'm calling it right now.

In a few years there will be only three megacorporations:

UnionCola: All the oil, drug and food companies wrapped up in a PepsiCo merger

AlphaSoft by Amazon: Amazon buys out Microsoft and Google within the same year. Every brick an mortar store is a front for Them. Also Jeff Bezos mind melds with alexa.

AppleDisney: All intellectual property automatically owned by them upon conception. Everything is very clean and well branded. Every public space is owned by them.

On top of this is the horrifying hypermerger of Fox and Disney which has and will cause the price of everything media to skyrocket.

But hey at least we can have an X-men VS. Avengers movie now right?!

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