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I'm still pretty upset that Love and Rockets is not better known.

The Locas series is has been running since '82 and features primarily latina characters hanging in the punk scene.

The characters get old and fat over time. They deal with identity and being poor. The primary romance is an off-again, on-again between two women.

It has one of the best bisexual narratives I've ever seen. It was doing this through the 80's and 90's.

So read it and spread the word.

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For those who want to keep up with the changes to NY state you can read the state sections of the small city papers. If you're in NYC this is useful since the Times is a little slow to update state news (and pay wall) here are the links:

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Because there's lotsa new folks and I haven't done one of these in forever.

Hi, I'm RC. I'm a trans woman and civil servant from a small city in NY. I make board games and card games in my free time with one in the process of getting published.

I mostly post about game design, , cooking, spreading good vibes, and positive political news.

Follow me for on-point selfies, travel pics, and delicious food posts.

Also y'all should follow me at @RC

I'm doing most of my tooting there.

I should probably finally make my full move to my profile, but I'm afraid the profile migration won't work well.

Has anyone had a good experience with it!?

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Lewd mention 

Also really weird thing they have in common, they all specifically mention rope bondage in their profiles.

Like how did that happen?!

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I think it would be super cool if I interviewed all of them for an article or something.

I may be able to pitch it as a podcast idea to OKCupid actually 😂

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I'm currently looking at people on OKCupid I'm 99% Matching with and I'm losing my mind!

Every single one of them has part of their profile where I shout, "Yas that!"

Just a few of them: a guy in Denver with the same tastes in music as me and is embarrassed about it; a lady in California who brags in alterations; and an NB in Italy who loves nature and respects your religion so much even though they are atheist.

So yeah that actually says a lot about me.

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Gender Studies/Sociology Rant 

How has gender changed historically?

How has gender been used by those in power?

What types of effects have capitalism had on gender? What about socialism?

Using this framework not only allows us to speak truth to power, but also validates the personal struggle of queer folks, femme folks, or those suffering from toxic masculinity.

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Gender Studies/Sociology Rant 

People do need to be told that gender isn't purely biological. That's what everyone is trying to get at when they say "gender's just a social construct." This view can massively validate queering of gender for individuals and society at large.

But simplifying all this stops people from digging at the more important and interesting questions:

Why is gender shifting at this moment?

Why is gender constructed the way it is now?

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Gender Studies/Sociology Rant 

Just because it's a social construct doesn't mean it doesn't effect you. Most people on Earth can't eat without agriculture. You can suffer because of money. Religion can be a key part of your identity.

These institutions are created, validated, and enforced by society. This happens informally by culture and formally by people in power.

Gender is no different and no less real.

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Gender Studies/Sociology Rant 

I was listening to a podcast today in which the hosts we're dismissive of gender, because "it's a social construct." I hate hearing this in this context because it dismisses and simplifies too much even if it's coming from a good place.

Yes gender is a "social construct" or institution, but what does that mean and what company does that put it in?

Money is also a social construct, so is agriculture, religion, race, countries, capitalism, and democracy.

Selfies, EC 

I love my outfit today. I figured I could fiddle with my phone's settings until I got a great shot!

I know I should probably just tell them how I feel and be an adult, but I just collapse into a blushy mess when I think about it!

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Help, help. I have the biggest crush on someone and I don't know how to tell them I'm poly, available, and interested!

English is not their first language, and they are leaving the country in August.

They've only really met me and my partner together.

I want this to be a brief whirlwind romance or at least to get a no and have a good friendship. What do?

US Pol, c e Attorney 

Is this Buttgeig doing the Phoenix Wright pose?

Omfg I totally want to vote for Gay Mayor Pheonix Wright for president.

US Pol 

My gen X colleague says he likes Beto and Biden for the Dem nomination. AND he hates Sanders.

Sure, let's pick a moderate! THAT will really inspire us.

I mean last election the Republicans voted for their most moderate candidate right? Right?!

Vote with your heart in the primaries that's what they are fucking for!

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Heard a joke once:

A robot master goes to Dr. Wily. Says he's depressed. Says sentience seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels alone in a world that where what lies ahead is violence and Mega Man.

Dr. Wily says, "Treatment is simple. Clown Man is in town tonight. Go see him. That should pick you up."

Robot master burst into tears and says, "But Doctor... I am Clown Man!"

Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.

I true hipster fashion, I was doing Pagliacci jokes before it was cool.

I will continue using "pooptoot" instead of "shitpost" no matter what.

Also I should probably hold on to this profile in case I want to pooptoot or I want to respond to a pooptooter.

I'm doing most of my tooting on @RC now.

I don't want to leave this profile cause I'm afraid my masto crush won't mutual follow me.

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