Friendship with the file manager ended, is my new best friend!

Everyone in is suffering at the moment, but those with are suffering in private.

Hot take, really good -droid apps on :
1. Termux for a terminal emulator with tons of packages
2. Syncthing for syncing content between devices
3. Tor / Orbot for and onion routing
4. Newpipe for youtube with free premium features
5. Netguard for blocking internet access per app

If you can't find a certain app on F-droid, you can add a ton of extra repositories:

Whether you're for free speech on or prefer more moderation, that option is only available to you based on the arbitrary whim of a super billionaire, it is never going to be anything more than a oligarchic gift... on the other hand is , is real freedom

First day of spring, so I'm spring cleaning my ~

: convert -trim and convert -transparent saves a ton of time compared to using or , trimming images or a whole directory of images and making backgrounds transparent. image manipulation FTW

Hello world from Toot, a terminal user interface... this might be too much for Windows users

bans ad revenue to . Without ad revenue, there's no use for ads. That has to be the most helpful thing Google has ever done in the history of them dominating the internet. Google, please do the same in UK, so we can rid the internet of ads! 😂 🤦‍♂️

As launches "full scale invasion" of we can certainly expect the next global pandemic to be a cyber pandemic, which is already well underway...

Strava is a gold mine in tracking military squadrons as well as the outlines of "top secret" facilities via Strava heat maps. Same with other fitness apps. Just scrape publicly available data and anyone can do it.

Pet peeve: app developers cluttering up the home directory with the app's config files. Configuration files DO NOT belong in ~ they belong in ~/.config

A decent :
1. Is open source
2. Blocks ads and trackers by default
3. Doesn't make any unsolicited connections
4. Has a config file
5. Is lightweight on resources
6. Doesn't contain bloat (features not intended for web browsing)

🤔 ... doesn't exist!

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The can be summed up as trying to protect children by banning their

5 Normie friendly very easy ways to increase for

1. Use Duckduckgo or Startpage for search
2. Download and use Tor browser
3. Install and use Signal messenger
4. Remove all apps you barely use
5. Always opt to use FOSS software where possible and to rather than rely on third parties


Tip: ALWAYS read the man page FIRST, before searching online.

:(){ :|:& };:

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 🔥 🖥️ 🔥

Hat tip to whoever pulled the plug on causing it to disappear from the internet - you did the world a huge favour! 👍

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