Facebook is proprietary. Meaning nobody can audit the code. Therefore if Facebook claims to have e2e , that claim is unverifiable. It relies on trust. Security should never rely on trust. Do you really trust to not have a backdoor?

if you care about


Lol, the hack is being blamed on a scapegoat (an intern)... I guess nobody is to blame then for giving admin level privileges to that intern or not enforcing a strong password policy πŸ˜†

The reason why most smartphones don't have a headphone jack anymore is because when you have to rely on Bluetooth, you are far easier to track.

Getting rid of the headphone jack means less user .

pulling the API from is arguably a good thing for user and for FOSS - because from 1 March, users won't be sending all their data through Google servers. Not sure why so many in the community are against them disabling the API...

If you're considering dumping for , then one good reason to use as a messenger is for anyone not on it you can create a bridge to other networks. Saves you moving everyone over.


❀️ AppImage > Flatpak > Snap 🀒
In that order!

2 features which make the app stand out above other clients -
1. Ability to follow local timelines from many different Mastodon servers, without needing an account on each server
2. Ability to follow people on the bird site who haven't yet moved over to Mastodon, without needing a bird site account
Thanks to @fedilab@toot.fedilab.app

It's somewhat ironic that , the company which has always made the unverifiable claim that it protects the of its users, while simultaneously locking them into an ecosystem of proprietary garbage, has now publicly decided to track every single thing that its users do on πŸ˜‚

Playing around with . The idea of building an entire operating system from a single config file makes it a pretty exciting distribution.

If you fork the app you cannot communicate with other Signal users who are on the official app. It would be a great idea to set up Signal servers where users control their data, logs & can communicate with all Signal users. Many risks would be mitigated b/c it'd be distributed across hundreds of operators, across many countries, across various jurisdictions

A super easy way to disable camera and microphone access on for . This is built into the system (Android 10+)

settings > developer options > quick setting developer tiles > sensors off

This will place a quick settings tile in the notification shade to enable/disable sensors on the device, allowing you to completely disable camera/microphone access on the device

Sometimes I set up a virtual machine and install on it for no other reason than I find the Arch installation process therapeutic and relaxing. When I'm done I test then trash the virtual machine. It feels good. :blobcatcoffee:

Running with a bunch of plugins through Vim-Plugged in on 😎

Arguably, the best on Android bar none

Politics πŸ€” 

Power is always gotten through inducing mass fear, whether by terrorism, pandemics or a rouge cop. Governments are abusing the crises to push a power grab & corporations are abusing the crises to consolidate more wealth. We are all loosing to centralisation of power & wealth. We are all being f*cked by governments & corporations. Yet somehow while the governments & corporations maintain unity, we turn against each other in bipartisanship. Governments & corporations are the real enemy.

End to end encryption in proprietary software (like WhatsApp) makes little to no sense. If it's not 100% FOSS, you cannot inspect the code, you cannot know if there's a backdoor in the encryption, you have to rely on trusting the company / developer. Doesn't matter if it's "mostly" open source (like Chrome/Telegram), all it takes is one line of code to exploit you. Security should never rely on trust.

Finally switched to file manager from . Just like ranger it has vim keybindings but excels in nav as you type mode. My all time favourite default keybind of nnn is . to show dot-files. Not h or c or other slightly obscure keybind, just . to show dot-files

Hey , has anyone heard of a / "Smart TV" project? Something like what is for WiFi routers?

Bank holiday Monday project: tweaking config files

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