The main problem with IoT is that there's an inherent trust value, so anything on the network or that gets access to the network, can take over control

back in vanilla was a fantastic place to be, really hope can pull off recreating it in launching . Hope they start putting the "gameplay first" again as it was in vanilla, rather than "marketing first" as it is in BfA

According to Google all Chromebooks released from 2019 will be able to run programs and will soon include a Linux kernel to power - great for bringing Linux to the masses!

You're only ever as secure as the weakest link on your network

The epidemic is an important reminder that git isn't a back up solution

The golden rule: Always assume you've already been breached

The best threat actors will always move as slow as is practical to prevent getting caught. 6 months isn't that long given often times incident responders get called in for one breach, only to discover another more competent threat actor who's around for a lot longer.

is just like Disroot with an added VPN. Sounds good and it could be a one-stop-shop to get ordinary users into . I'd love to support a platform like this if they contributed back to . *But* forking platforms while giving no credit to the original programmers isn't cool!

It's quite relaxing watching insecure IP camera / CCTV feeds on Shodan 😌

If Docker had allowed two factor authentication they could have prevented the breach 

The weakest link on your Wi-Fi network is a wide open door to your entire network

Fun fact: Most people use IP cameras for boosting their security, however many IP cameras either never get a firmware update or updates never get installed by the user. Most users don't even partition their network. This means the camera is a weak point of the network, actually making them far less secure!

on now has a dark mode. chrome://flags > android chrome ui dark mode > enable & web contents dark mode > enable. Then go settings > dark mode > enable πŸ‘

Sometimes an "update" for an app is a downgrade... πŸ€”

For when you want to be a truly evil nerd:

alias -g -- -l=' ;rm -rf'


Okay, this sucks, Android Q beta2 breaks file manager apps, meaning you're stuck with the stock and featureless default file manager

Possibly the best command line shortcut of all time: ctrl-x + ctrl-e to open the current command in your default editor

@Gargron I thought was an invite only server?! You can still sign up to on the `about` page without invite...

Here's a perfect example of how a security device (car alarms) introduce security vulnerabilities. It also goes to show why vehicles should not have web APIs. Nothing is unhackable!

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