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I have been helping people in whatever way possible since the pandemic began but people Know little that I myself is in need. I need a job as I am jobless since months. I tried everything but in vain. Please connect with me with someone who can offer me a job. 1/2

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This is just for the vaccination drive. Please do put me in touch with any community organiser I can help. Thanks.

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Disclosure: I don’t know anyone from organisations that regularly work with the community. I don’t have any history working with any particular community, I just started with a couple of trans homeless people I knew, and they weren’t exactly in touch with any organisation

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A friend and I are doing a vaccination drive of Mumbai’s trans community, and homeless. Please spread the word? Interested persons can DM please. Thanks.
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Almost all Indians, certainly all who care for the country, are waiting for 2024 the way Indians once waited for 1947.

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On a trip to a couple of years ago, we met a woman who lives nearby the Gaza Strip. Upon learning that we are from India, she showed us this letter written by ages ago to her family.

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“Israel-Hamas” conflict my foot! The zionist-occupiers aren’t bombing “Hamas” they are bombing Palestine. Say the damned name of the State (yes, state!)

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Seriously tired of seeing this characterisation of Palestine as some phantom nation or vague space in M.E. or “Arabs”, and worse (to my mind)- “Gaza”. It’s Palestine! They are denied statehood because of an occupier. So many headlines have been doing it.

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I have a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies.

I’ve written a book about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

I’m refraining from opining about the Middle East on Twitter this week.

Perhaps you should too?

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I’ve lost the ability to sleep...

between this, the future of our democracy under an increasingly belligerent government on defensive, our “best friend” Netanyahu setting the bar and becoming a case study for what the world will support/ allow...

There’s no light.

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"What worries me is we may not be able to measure the peak accurately. Data show testing is increasing at a far slower rate than cases. So numbers will reach a plateau — not because cases stop rising but because testing capacity will be tapped out."😮 nytimes.com/2021/05/13/opinion

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"Wonder Woman is an avowed Zionist and cheerleader of war crimes. Gal Gadot, the actor in the lead role, was an active soldier in the military when Israel invaded and carpet-bombed Southern Lebanon in 2006." - @sjabulhawa@twitter.com

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Please stop hate following spaces this obviously. It isn't exactly healthy to "keep tabs on" reactionaries. And you're all not being funny either

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“You know what’s funny, sir?” Singh asked. “Their employees are allowed to work for four days in a week. You close your eyes, look at my life and think, can I afford to do that? I could barely take a break after my mother died,” he said, answering his own question.

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If BJP loses UP we should be prepared for them attempting to “delay” or forego the central elections in 2024. Saare lakshan abhi se dikh rahe hai...

Yeah, no shit Sherlock...!

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Women lawyers are more stressed and drink more than male colleagues, survey finds. blawgo.com/ZohpLBI

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Colombian protesters making their way to the Palestine protest after their rally. All oppressions are connected. Only the unity of all oppressed people will lead to liberation

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It wants akhanda bharat with Pakistani land but not those people. It wants Kashmir but not the Kashmiri Muslims. Pakistan had every right to fucking exist. But no. Fucking worship the white British lords who still hate you.

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