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अंडा मछली छूकर जिनको पाप लगे
उनका पूरा हाथ लहू में डूबा है
It’s so sad to see what’s happening in the capital of our country.

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I haven’t seen anyone explain the law quite as simply as her.

She could correctly and succinctly explain CAA-NRC-NPR, and all its procedures to a 6 year old without jargon.

I haven’t seen anyone explain the law quite as simply as her.

She’s could correctly and succinctly explain CAA-NRC-NPR, and all its procedures to a 6 year old without jargon. 💙❤️

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Tweet. Sleep. Tweet. Sleep.

This is what the political activism of most of the prominent non-BJP politicians has been reduced to during critical times. Rarely are they seen standing in support of the victims. Can't even visit the injured in the hospital. So utterly useless.

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There is a lot of risk involved for reporters and more so for photojournalists. Enraged mobs were constantly telling them to stop shooting.

The pictures, the videos are all evidence, documented footage of what exactly happened. Please take a moment to appreciate photographers. twitter.com/yooday/status/1232

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Human chains to protect children from violence that maybe inflicted by communally charged maniacs.

These children will never forget these images.

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This is happening now at Yamuna Vihar in East Delhi.
Locals form a human chain to escort schoolchildren to safety.

Police is nowhere to be seen. Remember this is Delhi, barely 20 kms north of Hyderabad house, the site of Modi-Trump joint statement an hour or so back

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Everyone who is still complicit or complaisant today, welcome to a smooth landing into a
Hindu Taliban Rashtra!

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My younger brother / friend ****** is trapped in Ashok Nagar, Shahdara , gali - 5; Police is colluding with rioters.
Legal help and media needed
His contact is **********


This is a message by one of our own @GatherSisters@twitter.com sister. Completely verified.

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@FaizanSayyad99@twitter.com @isaifpatel@twitter.com @DELHIPOLICE@twitter.com Ashok nagar houses set on fire pls take action.

@IndiasMuslims@twitter.com @Shaheenbagh_@twitter.com

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Being a lawyer in these times feels like some existentialist dilemma...

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I *just* responded to an Uber privileged, former economist, now lawyer with these straw man arguments over CAA. Apparently, protestors haven’t read it, or heard Amit Shah talk. They just decided to blow their lives & routines up because they love sitting on the streets for fun.

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A Muslim woman talks about ghettoisation, her experience of why it happens. The response is a nameless account asking for statistics & no. of mosques.

I wish we could put this down to nameless trolls, but it’s being peddled by the centre & parroted by its privileged supporters

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the level of violence is being increased in Delhi . All the Kapil Mishras are being unleashed . An atmosphere is being created to convince an average Delhiite that it is all because of the anti CAA protest and in a few days the Delhi Police will go for “ the final solution “

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@AdityaRajKaul@twitter.com Sir, I was attacked by pro CAA protestors for reporting facts. A group of men armed with sticks and bricks cornered me to hit me, I pleaded them and ran for my life

Not saying Anti-CAA protestors weren't in action but being a senior journalist how are blindly siding?

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@AdityaRajKaul@twitter.com @KapilMishra_IND@twitter.com should be arrested. Pro-CAA protestors came to me and said, "Yeh Hindu o ki ladai hai, aaj ar ya par".

They didn't allow us record by threatening us. They attacked each every Muslim who was not even a part of protest.

Didn't wanna right this, but had to!

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@AdityaRajKaul@twitter.com Yes! I was on the ground where Pro-CAA protestors burned houses. Broke shops. Started pelting stones towards Anti-CAA protestors.

This was before Anti-CAA protestors reacted.

Reading your thread, I had to say it is far from the truth. Here in Maujpur since morning

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When this holocaust is over, how we separate violence and religion is beyond me.

She looks at a video of defenceless victims of police brutality, and keeps a banner of Buddha...

? What else is this?

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