Gotten into audiobooks during travel. It’s still always jarring to hear male performers. It feels like some invasion of my personal time…! Never saw that coming

I get this because unfortunately I personally happen to know some of these type of Indians who then like such shit and bring it to my experience of wasting away my life

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Selfless? The queen of fking England? SELFLESS?

Every privileged Indian, Indian in the UK rn. Can’t make this shit up.

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It’s embarrassing af. Look at the Irish! That’s how you behave!

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I can’t think of anything more cringe rn than Indians crying abt the queen’s death. NRI’s with the “our queen died… she was a wonderful soul”

Honest Q: how do they define wonderful Soul? What has she really ever done in service? What has she ever done to atone to/serve YOU?!

I am extremely cognisant of the number of people, small business and small budget films need this movie to make the money. Maybe that’s why the hesitation. But fuck it’s JUST hindu! There is no one else! says it best, albeit more positively.

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Apparently the changed the names and everything to become more hindu. If their pandering has gone wrong must I be sympathetic that they’ve been boycotted by the same gang?

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When someone screams that they are proud Hindus and shouldn’t stop practising their religion because some bad elements have hijacked the narrative. But to call oneself proud to be of any religion smacks of supremacist language and one we should always look at suspiciously

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It’s still a VERY VERY hindu movie and looks like it leaves no space for anyone to exist. It seems like it was made for the very gang that wants to boycott it!

What does it mean to be a hindu in the times of hindu supremacists in government and hijacking the pop-culture?

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Between the boycotts and the support against boycott gang for Brahmastra, I can’t seem to make up my mind about whether WS hing the movie is the big FU to the hindu supremacy gang

Happy Onam!! My adopted festive :)

I’m not going to add to the Sadya pictures all over, but I will be thinking of that pineapple pachadi for a while… 😋

Can people stop pointing out you’re accidentally showing cleavage! You won’t die. I promise! No one is “trying” anything, women have breasts get over it.

Argh I hate everyone.

To me she’ll always be that woman standing alone for defendants in a case where it seemed to be going for the plaintiff with his 10 v expensive counsel never sparing a min. She alone made any sense that day❤️ what a privilege to have witnessed her.

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💔 what a loss. She really stood tall in a sea of men trying to speak over her. One of the very very few women designated senior counsel.


Numbers behind the Pakistan flooding crisis are stunning/deeply disturbing.

🇵🇰The Climate Change Minister says one third of Pakistan is underwater.

🇵🇰Officials say 33 million affected. That's one in seven Pakistanis.

🇵🇰Over a thousand people already dead- expected to rise.


RT CJI and judges during lockdown did question if migrant workers really need money if they were provided free meals. By similar logic they should forgo their salaries as they will be availing these benefits/ 'freebies'


There a principle in law that you cannot argue that you’re being maliciously prosecuted if the allegations against you are proven. The malice is of no relevance.

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How delusional is Rohini Singh. Wake up and smell the damned coffee. We all knew RG was a liability, senior leaders are just coming out with it now.

Being liberal =\= being a bling congress follower

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