Realizing like a year into this I never made an intro post SO

Hi, I'm Steve! (I prefer my real name!) He/Him! I'm a musician/music producer, designer, illustrator, house plant enthusiast and amateur perfume maker! I fucking hate fascists and TERFs!!

You can check out my music here:

You can get shirts with my art on them here:

I'm also an extremely good dog! Hello!

I basically don't stream composition things because 80% of my workflow is listening to the same thing over and over again, and the amount of time I can browse my samples with chat is somewhat limited? I mean, maybe I'm overthinking it, and there's a lot of people who want to listen/watch me demo snares at 11 AM PST

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getting high and making ambient drone jams from a copy of final fantasy 6 crammed into audacity's "raw data" import feature and then into a ridiculous effects chain in fl studio

massive thanks to folks that have purchased/downloaded insomnia sessions so far. love ya'll 💜

was always reluctant to take money for music but hopefully this goes towards some much needed new pc hardware

if you haven't listened already:

hunting around for the exact voice for my next project and it's sorta coming along and sorta not

tracklisting for the ep 

techno as performed by a bass clarinet
that moombahton about my anxieties
a cute ditty about printers!!!
summoning the devil using techno

nothing embarrasses me more than when i go to relisten to something i posted on mastodon dot social on literally any other device than my desktop headphones


what if I updated my icon with some new art I recently received? You can see the full piece here:

whenever you say something nice to me i have nice feelings ;w;

the best part about wrapping the EP is that I can finally go back to the idm inflected breakcore i and only i love

can i admit that i'm having doubts about my social value in this set of material circumstances, and that those doubts are uniquely painful given that i basically waited my entire life to pursue my creative ambitions, only to have the product of those ambitions more or less obviated by what seems like the imminent crumbling of society?

loud music, siren sound effect 

extended sneak peek of this tune

turns out pouring all of your anxieties into a single tune makes it kind of hard to work on some days

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It's really interesting how I used to think that sample-driven workflows were like, somehow less technical and also less directly useful than purely programmatic ones and now I have an extremely sample-driven workflow on the basis that it's super effective and fast.

anyways i'm gonna play through the entirety of celeste in a casual "maybe i'll get a few strawbs and other things" kinda run over on

spending all my money on the slug wife sample packs that dropped like yesterday or whatever because this gay needs some new snares that don't sound like a bell being struck through a t-shirt

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