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As a long-time fan of #strategy #videogames, I'm becoming more and more aware of the fact they are a channel through which the predominant, hierarchical and capitalist worldview is delivered to teenagers and young adults around the world.

What if, for a change, we developed a strategy game where #cooperation and mutual help are rewarded, instead of conquest, exploitation and wealth extraction? Would such a game be boring, or fun to play?


Hi! I was displaced by wildfires and am raising a little money to cover a breathing mask + necessities. Help out and get some art!
Anything extra I raise will be used to help other people in my community effected by the wildfires. :)


I should probably stop playing before I get blisters but I've had an incredible amount of fun today.


For the curious: no, I don't have any formal training in any stringed instrument.

No, I haven't been fiddling with my tone, that's just everything cranked because I'm lazy.

Also the occasional weird squeak is from the kinda weird rubber strings of my bass, they probably need a new layer of baby powder or whatever because it's like trying to fret a balloon and that's both a good and a bad thing sometimes.

**sits around thumpin' with increasing disregard for anything resembling rhythm**


Having spent my morning playing and practicing, it's funny how a technique I learned as a kid is...still relevant.

So, many moons ago I was being taught a lick by my middle school teacher, and he saw me muting the lower strings with my thumb. He laughed and said that I played "stickler style" and y'know, the ubass strings are so sticky and weird that if you're not playing like that, the lower strings are constantly ringing.

Truth is that I'm actually a pretty terrible performer and I've always been more interested in composition than performance, but if you're like: "do you want a tiny bass with rubber stringies for under a hundred clams"


I would play a demo or whatever but it's stuck in unamplified mode. The electronics on this particular model are p bad from what I've been told, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's literally just a "its batteries are on their last legs" kinda problem.

so i got the ubass


All of it's still there, so no one noticed, but if I don't get a crack at the electric-acoustic U-Bass, ticketed for 99.99, marked down 30% because of my discount, I'm going to actually be a little upset.

Good god some dweeb dumped basically 700+ of music gear at my thrift store and I wish I had the scratch to take -all- of it instead of just some of it.


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What a weird night. Show more

Chat on MTG:O tonight is infinitely better than any other game.

guitar update:

this is much better without pawn shop strings on it, surprising no one.

apropos to conversations elsewhere, the New England epithet of "kid" instead of "dude" has served me well. u3u