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RAAAAAAAT @Ratttz@mastodon.social


pencilled in a whole day of doin' fffffffUCKIN' NOTHIN' because good lord i've been firing on all cylinders for the past week.


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i maybe only """party""" by going out exactly once a month to a quiet home for boardgames because i'm a boring baby

i am very tired and gay and also work is almost over AND THEN IT'S MUHFUCKIN' PARTY TIME :thinkerguns: :thinkerguns: :thinkerguns:

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**does exactly one test page for a dude**

**gets hired without a portfolio**

jesus how does that work. i know the contract is small but still what the fresh hell my dude.

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cool 2 be accidentally coloring with flux still on, and then turn it off and GOOD LORD WHAT WAS I DOING.


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Might be starting doing flats and other coloring tasks for a comic artist i met at work and i'm like...........low key super excited about this.


prison abolition and enby recognition

good calendar day