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RAAAAAAAT @Ratttz@mastodon.social

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the three stooges were the original minions send toot

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"it's weird that you periodically refer to people as 'dog', like, where did you pick that up, is that an affectation or-"

"legalize awoo"



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queerphobic slurs Show more

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ketchup is just hot sauce but not spicy

it's a not sauce

yo if you're working on make me a module that sends out a 10V click when I press a big dumb button so I can reset my LFO without having to open up yet another instance of Algorhythm

come on you bucket of bolts I know you have enough cycles in you still to render this.


currently regretting having ideas about sequencing

i'm a big ol' tired babby

but i also found a new DRUM MODULE and I have IDEAS about SEQUENCING


🅱️ oost if you're very gay right now