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Hi! I’m Rebellia (prefer going by my gaming name from school, even though I don’t game anymore), I am a food researcher and writer. I work in the corporate world as a marketer but deep down I know I should’ve taken that partial scholarship I got for a culinary school in New Zealand. I’ve been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type 2 and have been living with it for the last 6 years. I’m currently researching for my next food project and I hope to host food popups at my home soon.

I bought my first ever vacuum cleaner and it’s a fucking Dyson!!!!

Being able to afford shit at 30 is so amazing. Is this adulthood???? Being able to buy *almost* whatever you want!?!?

My thoughts are too depressive for Twitter.

Feels so good to come out of what was been almost 3 days of manic depression. It’s almost over, stings a little but I think I can make it through my day without crying now.

Have been in a cycle of unending sadness since yesterday. Haven’t cried this much in a long time.

At the ripe age of 30, I’m learning now that there is such a thing as “missed chances”. I always thought that it was a stupid myth. In reality chances are actually opportunities. And we don’t get those too often.

How the fuck are they still not prioritising the unvaccinated which includes kids? WHEN WILL THEY ROLL OUT A BOOSTER DOSE? Fuck india so much. We are so fucking behind on everything.

Okay they’re not my crush but someone I really like.

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My crush’s sister has started following me on Instagram. 🥲

We’ve been hit hard by the third wave in india and I’m really scared because I managed to survive the first 2 years of the pandemic while volunteering at the hospital without contracting the virus. Feels so pointless this existence.


I’m very exhausted but work is keeping me super occupied. This counts, right?

I’m so tired. I’m just so fucking DONE.

Hahahaha, I called my ex a year after we broke up and it turns out, he married the girl he was cheating on me with 😂😂😂😂

Happy for him nevertheless

I think apologies have an expiration date, when it comes too late it’s really not an apology. They did what was convenient for them without taking into account who it’d hurt. Then waltz back into your life after a long period, with a calm as fuck apology and vague explanations. This is even more hurtful.

Make your own closure and move on, don’t expect an apology from anyone.

Journaling is really hard. How do y'all do it? Fuck.

Today’s match was INSANE. As an amateur rugby player and enthusiast - this was so heartening to watch. The Boks have been away from their home country since June. This win is important to them.

After careful consideration, I’m going to wait for RBI to work on laws for cryptocurrency and then wait to invest. Yeah I know I’m being a grandma but I’d rather wait because you don’t know how Indian laws are going to fuck you over for crypto. Till then, mutual funds all the way.

Also super kicked to be able to start SIP investments in crypto! Finally!

Being on your notice period sure is rewarding for mental health.

It’s come to a point where now if I ever think about wanting a man in my life I now use my vibrator and I’m over it. The post orgasm clarity is real. Not that men aren’t amazing, I love them. I want them, but I don’t need them and that’s a great space to be in.

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