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Hi! I’m Rebellia (prefer going by my gaming name from school, even though I don’t game anymore), I am a food researcher and writer. I work in the corporate world as a marketer but deep down I know I should’ve taken that partial scholarship I got for a culinary school in New Zealand. I’ve been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type 2 and have been living with it for the last 6 years. I’m currently researching for my next food project and I hope to host food popups at my home soon.

Why do I want to crush on guys who are clearly bad for my mental health? 💁🏻‍♀️

I have learnt so much about all the different ways a relationship can get fucked over. It doesn’t always have to be cheating or a case of domestic violence, sometimes it’s just us. We fuck up the things we cherish the most. Man I’m gonna regret this in the years to come.

Watching someone fall out of love with you when you’re still living together in the same house you built together is fuck all.

Watching them leave is going to be the final kick to the stomach.

I am not ready for this. Lord give me strength.

This is important! So please don’t forget to share!

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Has anyone ever managed to fix a broken relationship? Like ever? What are the odds of a failing relationship coming back on track? I’d love to hear from you guys, it’s for a project.

Nothing is ever going to be normal. How are couples without kids doing during quarantine? Have you been getting along or have things just driven you further apart?

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Goodmorning #fediverse!

Three years ago I got this amazing opportunity to work for a non-profit and transform their IT dept, using as much #FOSS as possible. 28-year old me got to design, implement and manage all this cool tech and build an actual IT department. A year ago we migrated to a new self-hosted environment. Huge freedom, lots of responsibility.

Today I'm taking a first step to assess how our IT dept is functioning. The foundation is solid, but some parts def need more attention.

I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be happy and content for at least 3 days straight.

If Bridget Jones had “alsations” at her home, how come we never see them more often, hmm?

It’s only the millionth time that I’m watching Bridget Jones’ Diary, but I can’t help but compare Darcy & Cleaver’s relationship to that of Darcy & Wickham from Austen’s novel.

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Why is Colin Firth’s character so conveniently named “Darcy” in Bridget Jones’ Diary? And more importantly, why does he make such an excellent Darcy?

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"Everything she touches, she changes"

One of the prints made while listening to the poems organised by Numbi Arts online yesterday
They are #fundraising for a Somali Museum in East London which will be an extremely cool thing to happen.
Please pitch in if you can!

What are your predictions for these new lockdown rules? I am assuming business to resume at a small capacity.

Since a bunch of the new work folks are following me on Twitter, I have decided to make Mastodon the place I really come to rant at.

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Two new abstract landscape paintings. I'm very unsure about the 2nd one. What do you say, should I keep it or work on? #mastoArt #traditionalArt #creativeToot #abstractArt

Guys! I’ve got a job. I started today and I’m so grateful. So that’s one thing less to worry about. Also, who else gets anxious reading medical journals on COVID19? I don’t know why I do this to myself.

This fucking year sucks and we all know it.

First of all, I don’t like the fact that people loosely use the term PTSD. You have no idea what’s it’s like to live with that, there is no way you can recover from the effects of PTSD in just a few months. It takes a lot of work.

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How do people get over PTSD without going to therapy? How?

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