You are about to witness the CEO of F1

He does not look like you think he will

Every piece of medical advice says to self-quarantine and /call/ your doctor if you start to show symptoms, and only /come in/ if they tell you to.

Please, please, stop telling people to go hang out at doctors offices and hospitals because they've got a slight fever or scratchy throat. For most of the northern hemisphere, those are normal allergy symptoms during this time of year!

Listen directly to the guidelines of the WHO and, if you trust your local government, them, or local hospitals.

Hey real quick: BOSTON
I have a ticket to Monster Magnet at the Sinclair next weekend, and it's looking increasingly likely that I'm not gonna go. If you want it, you can have it.

If you're able to and want to toss me like $10, that'd be appreciated. But if you're not able to, you can just *have it*.

Boosts appreciated

I made a blob corgi to go with the blob cat. you're welcome. :blobcat: :blobcatcoffee:

Okay so far in 2020 two of my favorite bands have released albums (Purity Ring - WOMB, Galantis - Church), I'm seeing one of them (Galantis, next week), and I have a new favorite song (Galantis - Steel)

2020 is pretty okay so far.

@maenad Yo. It is me, who bought your game. It is connected to my email. If you don't remember my email, it starts with 'fizz'.

This is a friendly reminder that when two people on the fediverse have a disagreement, you don't *have* to express your opinion about it in their mentions, use the opportunity to make a loosely-related political point, or join a spiralling public drama about it.

It can be hard to break the habits we formed on platforms where techbros have monetised our negative emotions, divisions, and innate desire to belong. But your activist energy can be better directed, and your mental health will benefit.

YET AGAIN I have hosed myself by being in a hurry when I set reminders up on my phone, and have only the default 30 minute reminder in place.

I noticed the reminder about 15 minutes after I was supposed to be in the dentist's chair.

A while back someone posted a thread about how it super isn't cool that non-Jewish creatives constantly use The Golem, protector of the Jewish people, as a fantasy monster or robot stand-in. Since then I've been thinking about other ancient robot stories which people could use as inspiration for their stories, games, etc.

In this thread I'm going to give a brief overview of a handful of ancient robots. These stories all have different interpretations and retellings, but these are my takes.

They let you try poutine for the first time . The platter is uniform in spread and colour, yet a chaotic tangle of condiment all the same. You take a bite. It is piercing salt on your tongue and weighs heavy on your chest. You say you like it. It is wise not to upset them.

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Are other folks having problems loading images on this thing? I see people's toots with images, and then I try to open the image and get nothing.

old movie mild fatphobia 

Is this meme played out yet, or has it got one more in it?

Absolutely Nobody:
Literally Fucking Nobody Ever:
Daler Mehndhi:

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