class consciousness, soviet 

had long talk with the niece about her experiences with the upper class, specifically her bf's parents - led her to realize she'd been pretty badly shamed by them, and he either didn't notice or did nothing about it.

*quietly hums Soviet national anthem*

Got that "bulding a new server on pcpartpicker" energy today

work complaining 

Dear person who took my time up with your business-school aphorism nonsense: thank you for absolutely nothing. If we could solve this (very tricky technical problem) by applying pithy phrases like "identify optimal pathways", we would have done so months ago, you utter prick.

I do not understand why you assumed you were helping, but please stop.

I think this whole coronavirus crisis is, among many other things, making it clear that transit fares are a horrible funding model that, even while we're still in capitalism, needs to be abolished in favour of increasing taxes on the rich and reducing the extent to which we subsidise personal car use in urban areas.

Hey friendos just a note that given Things These Days if you have friends who need help or need help yourself and you boost them so I see it (or even DM me with it) I will try to help everyone I see.

I'm super lucky to be in a position to help and I want to help other folks with it.

You are about to witness the CEO of F1

He does not look like you think he will

Hey real quick: BOSTON
I have a ticket to Monster Magnet at the Sinclair next weekend, and it's looking increasingly likely that I'm not gonna go. If you want it, you can have it.

If you're able to and want to toss me like $10, that'd be appreciated. But if you're not able to, you can just *have it*.

Boosts appreciated

I made a blob corgi to go with the blob cat. you're welcome. :blobcat: :blobcatcoffee:

Okay so far in 2020 two of my favorite bands have released albums (Purity Ring - WOMB, Galantis - Church), I'm seeing one of them (Galantis, next week), and I have a new favorite song (Galantis - Steel)

2020 is pretty okay so far.

@maenad Yo. It is me, who bought your game. It is connected to my email. If you don't remember my email, it starts with 'fizz'.

This is a friendly reminder that when two people on the fediverse have a disagreement, you don't *have* to express your opinion about it in their mentions, use the opportunity to make a loosely-related political point, or join a spiralling public drama about it.

It can be hard to break the habits we formed on platforms where techbros have monetised our negative emotions, divisions, and innate desire to belong. But your activist energy can be better directed, and your mental health will benefit.

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