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You probably remember my DistroKid review from a while back. It became obvious I made more from each $5 referral than I'd ever make from streaming. I'd rather you just give me the $5 direct and save the other $15 for yourself. (and boost this toot please :blobaww:)

You pronounce the x in Latinx like the X in "Wormhole X-Treme."

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A platform for sharing pictures and videos of baby foxes: KitTorrent

Blender moved its videos to PeerTube after YouTube shut them down (apparently for refusing monetization). Since it's federated, you can follow them from Mastodon. @blender

*bangs paw on table* More canid emojos!

Post highlights:
"Real horns are limited to monophonic by the fact that humans typically only have one mouth."

"No more being limited by frail, weak human lungs for those rich, otherwise impossible harmonics."

It takes 5 minutes to make a musical thing I'd spend a week on before. All because I practiced a lot, trying every little idea that came to me. I'm not arrogant enough to believe my way of learning is the only way, but I do think everyone should try the mass production approach instead of digging in on making one perfect thing.

It's all the little new, good ideas that spring up in the flood and get carried into the next attempt that make the big, deep stuff I attempt work.

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