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check out this great new joke ive made. ur gonna love it:

so i heard that the uhh, the size of side dishes at restuarants???? apparently theyre doubling ohhhh uhhh every 18 months. more slaw

hope you liked it

@shel My whole life started to change when I met one furry a town over who had transportation, enough time and money to get me out of the house sometimes, and a willingness to do it. Went from a decade of being a friendless shut-in to gawking at fursuits dancing at a rave in under a year. :3

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Neoliberalism teaches us that what matters are individual acts. So, when we learn about Rosa Parks, we learn of one woman's spontaneous activism, not that she went to activist training and learned that a strategy existed that needed an unmarried black woman of her age and that people had been working towards the bus boycott & lawsuit for years.

Movements are devalued because they work. We are trained to see ourselves as consumer markets and individuals because that works for owners, not for us.

@shel One of my goals with music is to earn enough for some basic car maintenance and an AAA membership. That way I can go out and look for a job where they actually exist without risking it in a car that's already had one potentially catastrophic failure.

@shel City people: "hit the pavement and go out and get a job! Walk to hundreds of places and talk to the people in charge!"

Me: "there are no jobs unless you know someone who'll vouch for you, and there's miles of pavement between each business, requiring lots of gas and wear on an already old and worn out car. I literally cannot afford this approach."

City people: "you're just whining!"

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Have a preview of my next EP, BEAST: Beyond Existence And Space-Time. With bonus scifi novel reference for nerds.

Have a preview of my next EP, BEAST: Beyond Existence And Space-Time. With bonus scifi novel reference for nerds.

This upcoming EP and the last were electronic with a touch of orchestral. What everyone seems to like best is the orchestral, and I kind of like it better too. So I'm going to swap the balance going forward and see what happens. I like synths too much to ever drop them, but pianos and violins and stuff are fun to compose for.

theory level: used a chord progression builder chart and roman numeral analysis to get the flow I wanted in a song.

@oxenfree You see prominent Democrats pulling the "well they deserve what they got" because I was born in the wrong state and got stuck here. And then they wonder why they keep losing, and why no one's enthusiastic.

@oxenfree Like Democrats are blaming _me_ for Trump winning, as though I voted for him just because I live in a "red" county. But the people who voted Trump live in the rich gated communities and never spend any time in the city or county beyond their gates. The poor folk here didn't bring this horror on to the country.

@oxenfree That's half the problem with this country. People are so spread out, even within one city. They don't see all the problems. You can walk a block in the bigger cities and go from tremendous wealth to crushing poverty. And neither side is necessarily aware of each other.

@oxenfree Oh! Fort Benning. That's almost 200 miles from here. Georgia is big.

@oxenfree Plus, I'm 50 miles from Atlanta and 20 from Athens (birthplace of REM), and they're good for music too. :P

@oxenfree It's not really the kind of music that's typically performed, and I'm not up for that anyway, so location isn't important.

@oxenfree The problem is money. Don't have enough. That's why I'm focusing so hard on music. It's about all I can focus on, and people seem to like it enough to pay for it.