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You probably remember my DistroKid review from a while back. It became obvious I made more from each $5 referral than I'd ever make from streaming. I'd rather you just give me the $5 direct and save the other $15 for yourself. (and boost this toot please :blobaww:)

The beans of production are stored in the paws.

demo made from a cool little demo from @Riley 😊

cc-by-nc-sa 3.0

What would be rad: reaching 10 patrons before the end of the month.

As we near the end of this foolish month, it's time to pester you for money!

You get music things in return!

Great deal. Hail capitalism. Please boost this toot so it won't fall down the memory hole.

Opened a Medium link and got email thanking me for sampling Medium.

Subject: "Only a fool believes..."
Body: "You can get the world’s best ideas for the price of a coffee."

"Thanks for reading your complimentary stories for the month. We’re hoping you’ll give membership a try by upgrading to unlimited access, for just $5/month."

$5/month for slightly > fluff writing? I'll pass. I wonder who they'll blame when this "membership" experiment fails. Half the time I don't even realize I'm headed to Medium.

I just watched Fantastic Mr. Fox for the first time. There's (I think) a fennec. I have never d'awwed so much at one movie.

Praxis and tautology are great words because you can use them however you want and no one is really sure whether you're right or wrong.

That's good praxis.

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I'm still way too pleased with jortmanteau.

Funny joke: Why would a Minecraft instance do poorly?

Everything is a block.

This clippy meme looks like someone bumped the NES with a game loaded.

If Jedi make lightsabers with kyber crystals, what do you make with cybre crystals?