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I have a newsletter kind of thing now. It's like the Good Content you follow me for, but curated and edited in one monthly email.

I forgot they put documentation in a different place. Did a pull request trying to tackle an issue. Let's see how this goes...

I just noticed there's 800+ open issues on the Mastodon tracker. Y'all got issues.

I'm skimming to see if there's anything I actually know how to fix (like documentation!)

iii-vi-ii-V on C Major is good vibes

memespace, more like spacememe

I need an email client with the flexibility and features of Thunderbird and the UX+snappiness of Evernote's UWP app.

Just sent out the first newsletter! How's "It's got Aristotle and Mark Hamill" for a subject? :P

You can still subscribe and get it. It should send automatically.

Disappointed that lacks all the innovative new thinking and blob emojis.

Comedians in Cars Petting Foxes

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“CSS Grid + CSS Multi-Columns = ♥ – Patrick Brosset – Medium”

box-decoration-break is pretty poorly supported but that doesn’t diminish how cool the rest is.

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I have created FlirtyOWORobot.helm

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds Google useless these days. I switched completely to DuckDuckGo. At least it has a chance of turning up something oddball and interesting, even if it's not relevant.

The thing is live! Let me know what you think.

Hydroponic, vine-ripened, absolutely genetically hacked and rockin' pronouns

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Yesterday I learned that Games Done Quick use open source software for their broadcast graphics. The person responsible for developing the layouts and some of the software involved has done a video series on their GDQ layouts system, and GDQ open sources their broadcast layouts each year.

(video series)

(GDQ's Github)

(Backbone software)

(thanks @codl!)

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Do no awoo, $🅱️ 50 fine