Paneer kulcha is a stuffed flatbread made with spiced paneer fillings inside a refined flour dough.

Chole bhature is a popular Indian breakfast recipe made with chickpeas curry and puffy fried bread called bhature.
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Rumali roti is a soft, thin unleavened Indian flatbread made from refined flour. You need a good practice and art to make this.
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Juicy and soft seekh kabab, Chicken seekh kabab made with ground chicken, spices and herbs.
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Tried a new and truly yummy breakfast recipe Appam made with a fermented rice batter and coconut. You can have a look for the recipe from

One of the favorite one pot meal loaded with everything vegetable Biryani,a classic recipe that you can make. Get the step by step guide from

Banana Cake recipe without Oven. Made this eggless banana cake in pressure cooker. You can read the full recipe description from

You can try this healthy and nutritional Indian bread called methi paratha made with Fenugreek leaves. If you like to read the recipe go from below link

Making one of the popular potato stuffed flatbread called amritsari kulcha. You can read the recipe description from

A wonderful egg recipe you can make for breakfast, lunch or dinner... Spicy scrambled eggs, Indian egg bhurji. Recipe description

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