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What is the point of a story that says "in the end, we eat each other"? What is the takeaway, set against a real world of struggle, oppression, class anger? That it is futile to want better? I can't vibe with that. Doesn't feel fundamentally interesting to me.

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Aww, I'd forgotten how tremendously good Loot Rascals is. Unjustly ignored game if ever there was one.

Might just pop this on the end of every videogame shitting the bed post I make, forever.

unironically add a 2020 project to your portfolio called "survived thus far"

Why This Thing I Like Is Good, Actually
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(in the bronze age. before zero has been invented)

someone: soo how many cows do you own

me (has no cows): uhh

Avoid the Awful Thing that Vaguely Resembles a Banana!! (Curtis Smith, Thomas Karrmann, Jack and Alice Evans, 1987)

I mean, I know the culture wars keep resetting stuff, games burn people out etc... so there is reasons. Also when a lot of oxygen is taken up by puff piece documentaries from folks who don't realise they've inserted themselves as an extra PR team for the industry, it's hard for anyone not doing that.

It's just exhausting.

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OTOH, there's always people to be clued up on the cracks in games so it's not wasted but having been around the block a while now, there's very few people I'll read/listen to/watch their critique now because yeah.

Like, Rebind 4 lyfe and all that. But fuck me, games being stuck in a rut is just so tiring.

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I'm always glad to see folks asking stuff like "it's been X long, has anyone in this list of people managed to move their games crit further" because it makes me feel less alone with that vibe.

We've barely scraped past The Borderhouse for the most part and there's very few people who engage with the big stuff in a way that's moved on from there. It grims me out.

Family stuff / fash 

Obv. it's not good for me and the partner to have to deal with all this too. We'll get the kid through this and no fucks about that because it's what we're here for. But right now, in the middle of a ruddy pandemic, we've got enough on, thanks.

The past few weeks have felt like a never-ending grind of dealing with rotten stuff. Not gonna lie, I'd sooner be reading stuff, watching shit films and that. Plus, not having to be angry that this is where 2020 is at.

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Family stuff / fash 

Super frustrated, though I've been around the block enough to know that there's always someone who decides to make things worse.

All I want at this point is to disentangle the eldest from any involvement, any of the steps needed to deal with an actual Nazi, so that they can deal with all this safely. We nearly had that but the school response has just meant even the mention of the kid or school in passing sets the eldest off.

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Family stuff / fash 

Hopefully might make some progress in extracting the eldest from all this.

I'm not confident because school are being really obstructive but the partner's been on the phone to CAHMS and after hearing the school's response, they're really not happy. So they're rallying all the different services that need to deal with this stuff for an urgent meeting with the school to try to stop this nonsense.

I can't remember who said it first on Hellbird but whoever makes the first not-shit horse/unicorn game will make a fucking fortune.

Spunked a fiver on a couple of marketplace things for the youngest in Minecraft and I'm just sitting here watching them trade gold nuggets for cats.

You would not believe how many cats they now have. There is a lot of cats. It's great.

Money well spent, I reckon.

Covid / - 

Getting adverts from the government telling me to go outside.

Just, fucking hell at all this. Worst timeline.

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