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Still amazed by just how good Aseprite is. I love ProMotion and it's done grand service over the years but for clutter free, just being able to concentrate on doodling - Aseprite is perfect.

Such a daft little thing but resizing the canvas in aesprite, just being able to sit there and type +howevermanypixels instead of tallying them up is a nice little speed boost.

Hey folks! If you like my toots and stuff and would like me to be able to support myself in this capitalist hellhole, I have a Patreon you can contribute to!

Someone is playing a transparent plastic sax whilst some sexing is happening.

Watching Forbidden World and so far it's very short on forbidden worlds.

fantastic goths and where to find them

im beginning to think that doing all of that murder while poirot happened to be visiting my village was a bad idea

Didn't realise how many months behind on Unwinnable I was there. Plenty of reading for me tonight then.

Just learned that the youngest knows the phrase "piss off"

Apparently Nellie The Elephant is too far??? I dispute this.

Having too much fun abusing Spotify to soundtrack the youngest's goat simulator-ing. Cannot stress enough how well Breaking The Law works.

spoons are basically sort of just bowls on the end of a stick

Evelyn preparing to drop her album of traditional folk tunes

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