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fuck off calling your book "eleanor oliphant is completely fine" twee curly license-free font horseshit. radio 4 book club dick ass. call your book "Pussy Popping At The Homicide Casino" or i am not reading it

Reassured at this point that all the DWP's customer service agents are busy at the moment and I should remain on hold so they will answer my call as soon as possible.

Not the sequel to the kids book I was expecting but ok, I can roll with this.

Ah, their later f2p stuff certainly did. Gosh, there's some big numbers.

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Never really quite understood why the Donut Games stuff didn't take off. Some brilliant little games.

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In other videogame news, Rat On A Skateboard just got added to the play pass and I'd forgotten how many bus rides home that and Punch Quest saw me through on the iPod.

Cock alive, it's so rare that I look forward to seeing what a game is going to do next. Brushed the jaded right away.

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I'm sure it'll settle down into a nice rhythm in no time but as introductions to a game go, what an absolute blinder. Not only do the gags feel earned so far but the more meta pissing around with videogame tropes stuff landed perfectly and that nearly never happens in a game.

Also, the fish drawing.

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I'm barely out the tutorial on Psychonauts 2 and I've already had a silly amount of giggles out of it. More than a few "wow" moments too, some really really neat stuff going on there. Love me a game that's not afraid to lean into showing off.

Also, completely lost it at a fish drawing. On brand to the last, me.

Seeing a lot of games describing themselves as "handcrafted". Now I assume it's supposed to convey not-procgen but seriously, might as well type artisanal at this point.

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you're reading that right - incompetence levels are at 96%

(96%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Sorry. I'll try that again.

I remember, in 1984 I wanted a BMX for Christmas. Imagine my surpr

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Gonna be a lot of women in Cambridge sighing with relief tonight.

Sometimes I'm thinking I might install the yellow game and take a look, given I bought it ages back for the eldest. But that's more effort than I think I want to muster for it.

More albums where I can almost taste the absinth whilst listening to it, please.

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New Chvrches is still on daily rotation. Fucking huge early 2000's goth club thing going on with it and oh, hello.

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