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"How might we design mediums in which “readers” naturally form rich associations between the ideas being presented? How might we design mediums which “readers” naturally engage creatively with the material? How might we design mediums in which “readers” naturally contend with competing interpretations?"

Mate. That's books, mate. Fuck.

Off to watch a film, this has killed me.

Kinda feel like if the dude had read more books (or asked anyone who had), could have saved a few hours and a bajillion words knowing that the problems he's trying to solve, everyone's already had a think on this and made more books to help.

Seriously. Not even kidding.

"reading this “book” doesn’t look like reading any other book. The explanatory text is tightly woven with brief interactive review sessions, meant to exploit the ideas we just introduced. Reading Quantum Country means reading a few minutes of text, then quickly testing your memory about everything you’ve just read"

Holy shit.

I skipped to the end and he's invented GCSE textbooks.

Ever feel like you've read a book and can only recollect 2 sentences?

Yes. But that's my ADHD, mate. It's not an intrinsic problem with books.

Just read about 1/10th of an essay that goes on for ages about how people don't learn much from books and how we need to improve them and I already feel like I've flushed half my brain cells down the toilet. I'm not going on.

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Love it when a review is so purple that it's a toss up between were they drunk or is this a bet

*throws paper everywhere* It's done! Album pre-release admin is all done!

If anyone who sorta consistently writes/rambles/cares about music wants a press pack let me know and I'll send you one.

Or pre-order it, cuz that gets you 3 songs of the 10 right now:

#Music #MastoAudio #CreativeToots

Eldest has to review a few websites for their it class so obviously they're over in the corner reviewing

Proud dad moment.

You know, for all the brand oriented, nazi hellscape that is Hellbird in 2019 I'm ever thankful it's not 2009 and having to spend my days putting up with fucking f2p advocates and videogame lawyers with terrible opinions.

look i cant take libertarians telling me everyone is selfish seriously when every person whos every worked with wood has built at least one bird house

Who here amongst us hasn't poured cement into a full toilet roll?

Hey all. Does anyone do games coverage that would like to do some coverage of mine? 😅

No one is too small to help. Press release and playable available for anyone interested.

Boosts appreciated. Tag someone who might care ( clearly I don't know anyone who does. :blobsad: )

Thanks fedifriends! 💖

Animated flashy videogamey gif attached....

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