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Also, the only game *ever* where I've lost my bearings in a tiny space because the level design is really erratic and, except in snowy parts which are really good looking, a complete mulch of brown and leaf green. It's mush.

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There's an extensive sequence when the protagonist, Deacon St John must collect some lavender and the game treats lavender as something unknowable and magical, a rare thing indeed.


It's shameful. Hilarious tho.

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I enjoyed it for the same reasons I enjoy a bunch of trash films, books, whatever. I love garbage.

And it really, really, really is garbage.

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It's also completely myopic as fuck. Totally wedded to the "if the shit hits the fan, it's every person for themselves" thing that suggests a distinct lack of empathy and understanding of how people support each other in a crisis become most people aren't complete selfish shits.

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I just, I don't see what some other people see. Every part of it is lifted, poorly, from elsewhere.

I can only assume, and this is perhaps unkind, folks have read, watched, played relatively few things and so everything it steals is new.

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The plot is essentially a poor man's Defcon 4 stretched out for 14 hours. The game absolutely is a ubigame circa Far Cry Primal but rarely cohesive enough to convince that things were there in game for a reason, the writing was utterly atrocious and the dialogue hilarious - it made the shart films I watch look like the pinnacle of art.

I enjoy sub-VHS shat films so a game that's a few notches below even that is a riot to me.

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I kinda feel like anyone praising the plot, especially, should consider ,,, a book.

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Never more confused than when reading effusive praise about Days Gone, the most boring, generic, it's far cry primal but libertarian and with a zombie conga line, videogame that ever was.

I enjoyed it because it was entirely toss.

Thinking about it and more films should have masked wrestlers turn up to further the plot.

Mando felt a bit flat this week. Bit "one for the fans", I guess.

Hey everyone, me and a lot of friends created this big indie-TTRPG bundle on itchio, with the earnings going to Trans Mutual Aid Manchester. It would be cool, if you could go, check it out and buy it!

Sorry. Forgot to caption.

It's a black and white line drawing of an enormous crater in a desert, a car is approaching the crater.

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Had my worst parenting moment yet earlier, just full on awful.

Farted a rather stanky fart and the youngest, who has massive sensory trouble, ran out the room screaming and proper distressed.

I've never been so ashamed of myself.

There's been a lot of bad stuff in 2020 but the low point for me was videogames raising Crysis from the dead.

Just remembered the early days of Twitter where some folks would tweet along the lines of

@RobF has just got home and is making tea

And I think they should bring that back.

i really hate when i'm trying to watch an adorable animal video and they keep throwing in captions like "who dis hooman". shut your fucking mouth, and let me see what the cat has to say

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