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Are you in the UK, have children, loved Deus Ex and System Shock 2 and immersive sims? Well even if you don't have kids have I got a Cara-designed BBC gameshow for you:

Hoping to reconnect with my tween daughter by trying something hip and cool for supper.

Red Faction Guerilla is a game about beating up cops with an ostrich and driving cars into police stations to bust out your friends

It's been really hard on Em as she was barely out of hospital when they started fucking around.

But, done, gone now. Time to move on. You know, after this brief moan.

Might have a nap later to celebrate.

I've been through a lot in my years on this planet and I can honestly say that nothing has been as wearing as trying to get the DWP to admit they were entirely in the wrong.

You just hit wall after wall after wall, delays and nonsense at every turn. It's so fucking tiring.

Coming up for air, I think. Today we got closure on some DWP bullshit that's been haunting us for over a year now. We won! We won nothing but the pleasure of them leaving us alone but you know, I'll take that.

Now to try and remember what it's like being me again.

Giggling away to myself remembering the Mumsnet penis beaker and all is well.

I will never tire of the 'toots', best decision ever made on Masto, that.

Think I might grab and replay Night In The Woods tbh. Reading Fillertrack's toots reminded me how lovely it is.

Need to work out some smaller stuff to play on the PS4 in a bit. Going through a phase where sitting at the computer isn't going to work (need to set up that Steam Link, really) so where normally I'd start picking off Steam/Itch stuff, time to hit my PS4 library instead.

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