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Think I might have done a little wee there.

Oh cripes, NMS Next is looking lovely.

Why yes, I needed to grumble a bit there. Back to normal service in 3,2,1...

Anyhoo. Tempest 4000 is finally out. Bloody 25 quid though so that's on the back burner for a bit. I don't know what Atari are thinking with that price.

It does drive me really bloody spare though.

I still haven't worked out how to convince my eldest that I don't have and don't want opinions on every single thing either. Also trying to teach them that no, I don't want a running commentary and wisecracks whilst watching films.

I love them dearly but streamer culture has definitely had such a strong influence there. Still! I'm fortunate that this is the only thing I can genuinely say drives me spare about them, so could be worse in the grand scheme of things.

I think the thing that still gets me about social media is how you sort of end up having opinions on things because that's the Thing Of The Day. Like, why the hell would I have an opinion about She Ra? What's that all about?

Turns out, I don't care enough about 99.9999% of the things people share and this tiny block has improved my mood no end.

Score one for the clawing back something from this hellscape we've built.

Must admit, I didn't expect GDPR to be the huge boon it has been. Not over privacy or anything, just the amount of sites I click onto from Hellbird that cover the article in permissions notices is huge.

All that ends up happening is instead of clicking allow, it's just enough friction for me to go 'you know what, I didn't want to read this anyway' and go back to what I was doing.

Just read 'netlabel' as 'netlabia' and I think I need some sleep.

Good morning.

I am afraid that I must inform you that the arachnids are developing optical disc technology.

House II tonight. Still fantastic. The first one is full of fabulous moments (the setup of the floating weaponry for later is a particular fave) but I don't think any film has got anything quite as wonderful as the electrician scenes. Most earned punchline in a film, that.

Bruce the cat has finally, after two years, joined us on the bed. I'd celebrate but that's three cats on here now and they haven't given me permission to have enough bed space to celebrate in.

I think my perfect modern Uridium would lie somewhere inbetween Promethium and this. The more organised structure of Byron's game with the noise, speed and fury of Hyper Sentinel.

Maybe I'm just spoilt after what Resogun did for Defender though.

I'll probably go back to Hyper Sentinel a few times when the mood hits but I can certainly see why my friends high score table doesn't look like much.

And the power ups, which I'd hope would add a bit more joy to proceedings, look the part but none of them seem even vaguely useful or practical for hurrying things along or making things go bigger boom. I find myself longing just for a simple smart bomb or something, anything that isn't a faff and will do some damage.

So when you put that and the slow chipping of health bars in the second phase together, it drags the whole down to something much less enjoyable for me.

The additions don't really work for me much at all though. Each dreadnaught is split into two phases, the first is pretty much your traditional Uridium and the second is a sort of micro-boss phase.

That second phase falls absolutely flat for me - it slows the game down, I can't seem to find a skillful way of clearing it, just attrition. I'm spending more time slowly chipping away at energy bars than much else - I don't find that especially enjoyable.

Hyper Sentinel is definitely an odd one. Love how it looks and sounds, especially in C64 mode, but it's all over the shop design wise. It's essentially Uridium and a bit and the bits that are cribbed from Uridium work really well for me. It's fast, the swooping across a dreadnaught feels fantastic. All that stuff is fantastic.

The past few years are so fucked that I found myself playing Mr Shifty earlier and kinda wishing I didn't have to play as a dude in a red cap.

The Twilight Sad's last album is right up there with Closer and Disintegration in the amazing miserable goth opus stakes.

New single's great too.