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Realised last night that a good 50% of my stress at the mo is from opening my mail. Time to get some filters set up again, I think.

It's done! Anglers and gentlecars, may I present: The Fish and the Furious.

Sometimes, just an acknowledgement of the frustration that comes from staring at something that is a part of my existence is ample enough.

But seriously. Bewioooooofgfgfgklmnmnmnoooooaaaah.

My unwillingness to turn my Masto account into a space where I moan about people in videogames is being tested again tonight so here is a sound instead.


going over a full download of all my Google Photos stuff and finding some gold I hadn't posted yet

back on my bullshit after a stressful weekend, have some postcards from my homeworld

HTTP 518 Little stressed right now, can you come back later

the tech term "down" (as in "the server is down" is actually short for "needs a little lie down for a few minutes"

Twitter being briefly down messed up some scheduling, I think. But RPS doesn't have an account here, so I can cheekily link to it first. Unknown Pleasures tonight had some weird stuff and some great stuff:

I don’t actually know why but I was overcome with the need to make this,


I used to know this! Just been so head down in videogames that I forgot.

Like, no-one apart from me really gives a fuck!

Thinking about what 10 Tonnes are doing with their arena shooters at the mo and it's helping me realise I don't really have to stress too much about BIG changes and it's okay to play around.

Got out of bed tho. That was a bit silly.

Today just keeps getting better, I don't have to go the shop either.


I'm just going to use this freedom to stay in bed a bit longer now.

No better feeling than waking up to do the school run and being told it's ok, I don't have to do it today.

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