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Like, the bad guy in it is just misguided but the gatekeepers are the consistently obnoxious ones in it. Watching it in 2018 is something alright.

Watching Spy Kids 3 earlier and it's scary how on the nose it gets awful videogame nerd gatekeeping.

How to Break up With a Guy You're Just Not Interested In

Turns out it's a different Garfield behind Magic: The Gathering, not this one. You learn something every day.

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Obviously won't be as active as my hellbird account as it won't be taking submissions but I just fancied another mild timesink that wasn't on Twitter for a bit.

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back on my bullshit again (post inspiration courtesy of @jahtnamas )

I should probably capitalise The Void in this case, mind.

First Impressions stream of Earth Defense Force 5:

Never played an EDF game in my life, so let's check it out!

Ok. So most of the album was shite but the two great songs are *really* great.

"Here's my gift to you, a soundtrack to the void" still gets me as the most Manics' Manics lyric and in 2018 too. Didn't expect that.

No idea where I'm going with this. I'm just typing shit whilst watching Footloose.

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