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Nearly tweeted a shopping list instead of sending it to the eldest. Oopsy.

I've been to see a doctor and he says I've got a severe case of the twentynineteens.


That's the noise I make every time I see the word "crafting" in a game description.

Game developers! I walk at a pretty brisk pace, even when I'm in screaming agony. Please stop making me wear virtual lead boots in your videogame because you want me to look at the art.

What they say: "we want you to go slow and take in the world"

What they mean: "the walking speed in this game is agonisingly slow and borderline painful, please enjoy inching forward like you're walking through quicksand"

UK, Universal Credit, Job Centre, Organising, Mutual Aid 


Set up a few pikes in the yard for the heads of anyone using "gamefeel" with any sincerity because wtf even is that stop it.

Somewhere at Bungie there's a heatmap of all the tiny rocks throughout Destiny 2's map that I've landed on and died as a result.

I have spent 3 years of my life on this videogame, I have entered it into a competition using actual cash. I would like precisely four (4) people to play my videogame. This makes sense.

Horrifying breakfast mishap 

Dunno what I'd do without RPS to perpetually answer the question "what the feck is this game I've got in front of me?"

The IGF backend served me up Fight Crab. I think it might be sentient.

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