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Grabbed Reigns GOT for the eldest and just had a quick go myself and I'm impressed at how they've taken a wildly funny and accessible game and turned it into something I understand perhaps one word in fifty of and even then that's with squinting a bit.

Still love these bouncing chums the most tho so it was nice to see some of them bopping about the place. Fairly normal size folks too, unlike the last time I came across some in the early weeks of the community event where they were huuuuge.

Found a bloody weird planet full of megaflora and bouncy creatures earlier. This little scaley chum was no bigger than a normal blade of grass - first time I've met one of these chums that size. Took a while to spot where I needed to scan to find them in amongst the ginormo plant life.

every time you do something kind for a loved one or a stranger without expecting anything in return, you are rebelling against a rotten, anti-human order that wants you to view every element of your life as a ledger book. godspeed.

im less of an open-source advocate per se, and more of a "someone should break into google & steal all of their creepy secret algorithms and leak them"

Oh cripes, watching Mummy On The Orient Express and it's only a snippet in it but I'd forgotten how atrocious the whole Clara/Danny Pink stuff was.

Anyhoo, someone sent this one in the other day and I can't wrap my head around the amount of patience you'd need to make this.

Major downside with trying to be organised is that I have a memory like a whatever those things are called, you know, holey things, whatsisnames, them. So it takes me fucking ages to do even though I've got all the materials, just because I forget what I'm doing all the time. But trying to do anything with the old base was such a chore, I kinda needed to do this.

Given I don't need any more money (I'm still about 2bn from the cap but it's not like I've got anything to spend this much on) I don't need a large farm so I've split the geodesic domes up evenly into the materials for 4 liquid glass, 4 circuit boards and 4 liquid explosives.

Need a few more odds and sods for effortless crafting but that's an alright start. After that, anything else is just prettying the place up a bit more.

Continuing my NMS base tidying up, the desolate base was the first one I had a shot at and it was a bit too much of a sprawl, a bit too messy and the frame rate was definitely just hanging in there after so many additions. It looked nice though.

Started from a much more organised perspective this time, now I know what I need/want to use it for.

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