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🔊🎙 Ya disponible para escuchar y descargar la grabación (ahora se les llama , :P) del especial sobre de Mentes Corrientes, en , en el que @lu1sdev y yo participamos antes de ayer.

¿De dónde vienen los ? ¿Cómo ha cambiado internet la ? ¿Qué son las licencias o el ? Estas son algunas de las preguntas que respondemos, sin dogmas y con ejemplos cercanos para todos.

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Si los errores en los libros manuscritos los introducía el duendecillo y los aviones durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial los saboteaban los folclóricos (no las horrendas criaturas de la película homónima), ¿cuál es la criatura que se mete en las videoconferencias y hace fallar la conexión, las cámaras o los micrófonos? 🤔

What was it like playing Angry Birds on an iPhone 3G? We do not know; Apple is no longer distributing signed receipts for that binary. To future historians—not just of computing, but of humanity—the current period will be a dark age.

I used slack today, it has been a year or two since I last had to, it took about 45 minutes to download the initial payload. I let it download the assets over breakfast, eventually purple bars started to show up, I just can't believe of they fucked up chat so bad.

I'm dreading the next time someone asks me for a "quick chat"

We call on people in positions of power in their FOSS communities to stop using GitHub and stop recommending it. GitHub, as a proprietary, trade-secret platform cannot be the singular development community for FOSS projects.

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To truly have the right to collaborate, repair, and live more sustainably, we need freedom for computer users. This includes putting an end to DRM! If you are able, please donate before July 8 and help us reach our spring goal. Let's achieve #UserFreedom and #EndDRM together!

[T]he DRM in wheelchairs prevents wheelchair users and independent technicians from diagnosing routine problems with the chairs’ electronics. It also stops wheelchair users from making routine adjustments to their wheelchairs [...] Read more at #DRM

Your connection, your choice: Using your own router to connect to the Internet is your right. Take a stand with FSFE's Router Freedom stickers. Free within the Europe.

Desactivar el seguimiento por medio del identificador de anuncios de los dispositivos móviles contribuye a mitigar la vigilancia empresarial y a boicotear la publicidad en línea. Revisa esta guía de la EFF para iOS y Android:

"Skimming news reports, some optimists may think they’ll soon be able to send their existing Kobo, Apple, or Nook books to Kindles since those other brands use ePub. But #DRM in many cases will still get in the way..." Read the full article: from @Teleread

"The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at and repair."

Douglas Adams

For almost five years, we have been doing the exercise of replacing stock OS on phones. We can tell first hand how oftentimes unnecessarily difficult/impossible it is. In the interest of reducing the insane amount of e-waste and truly being in control of our devices, we need laws that allow us to install any software on any device!

Thanks to @fsfe for writing a nice open letter about just that, we happily signed it:

I can at least see the point if the winner is going to make a lot of money. But if you're just building something open source and it gets popular, you're just going to be at greater risk of burnout. Why play by commercial rules when you're building something non-commercial?

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Something I said to a friend today: when winner takes all, everybody loses.

These days if I catch even the faintest whiff that someone's playing in a winner-take-all game, I immediately walk away. Most likely they're going to fail to win it all, and then die because all their sense of meaning was invested in winning and taking all, and they just can't _bear_ to work on it anymore.

(Or they might actually win it all. In which case they no longer give a fuck about me.)

Ive been working with and around computers for 35+ years and the promise of the system that will help you as a ‘second brain’ or ‘augment your human intellect’ is sadly a fantasy. I would dearly love it for me to finally stumble across such a system but unfortunately I have some grave misgivings about the effects of external computation devices on the brain.

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while EU is drafting a new law for #chatcontrol,
Briar remains p2p, protects your social graph by using Tor by default and uses e2ee (end to end encryption) for every message by default.
Learn more about Briar:

Unfortunate #Briar is currently only available for #android.

A desktop client is in an active development and a beta version is already available for testing.
get Briar Desktop beta:

¡11 años de Sursiendo! 🎉🥳
Gracias a cada una de las personas que nos acompañan en este camino de subidas y bajadas, pero sobre todo de presencia y cariño por lo que hacemos 💫

More than half of my internet browsing is done through Wayback Machine nowadays and it makes me very sad that all these websites are gone.

Boletín de mayo: 46 entidades por el derecho a instalar cualquier software en cualquier dispositivo. La transparencia de la FSFE en la app de licitación pública alcanza las finales del Datathon de la UE. Voluntarios italianos de la FSFE preparan un viaje.

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