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When you are somewhere new say these things to make sure you’re not being spied on:

Hey Siri
OK Google
Hey Cortana

You know what, I decided to darken the Pepper&Carrot website for the next days. I hope this will draw attention to the risk that creators incur with censorship machines and upload filters everywhere.


Over four million Internet users have signed the petition against the , and today, US sites including @Reddit and EU sites including Germany's @Wikipedia protested it even further, with blackouts and error messages.

Hoy he publicado el segundo artículo de la serie, y en él se define el movimiento de la .

También explico qué es eso de las licencias y pongo ejemplos de proyectos de música libre y de financiación.

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El primer artículo ya está colgado. Cubre la explicación de los derechos de autor según la legislación española vigente.

Incluye alguna que otra sorpresa para los músicos (lamentablemente, no es buena).

La semana pasada di una charla sobre cultura libre y música en el RCSMM. Aquí están las diapositivas:

Como era bastante contenido, voy a publicar las notas de la charla en tres artículos separados, cada uno con su propia identidad.

We saw the cutest thing today when we were in the metro.

We walked past a #blind woman who was feeling her way around with her walking stick. As we were waiting by the turnstiles for our bus, we see another blind man waiting at the turnstiles. When he hears a walking stick swinging around, he taps his on the ground three times. The woman tapped hers three times in response and then both their faces lit up.

They ran to each other, embraced, felt their faces, and kissed.

#unDraw is absolutely amazing for pretty much anything related to design!

All the illustrations are free, you get SVGs, and you can even change the colour prior to download so they all have the colour scheme you want right ootb.

The license is even better. You can use them for free for both personal and commercial projects without attribution. I will likely give attribution anyway because it's just an awesome project but I do like the freedom they give.

I'm working on a talk for #SELF and this is the first slide:

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A week ago, I had the honor of being invited at Creative Commons France. 😉 Blog post:

This Manifesto in favour of technological sovereignty and digital rights for cities almost makes me wanna migrate.

'It is always a little sad to see what the people rich enough to have everything actually want. They do not want to participate in the world at all; they want to build their own simulacrum of it and float away forever, secure in the knowledge that none of the lesser people or things that populate the earth will ever be allowed to intrude.'

Tech-bro culture expands unless it is actively resisted.

And yet, the people most effective at resisting/countering tech-bro culture are ... people who present as tech-bros, but aren't.

So, MEN, if you don't want your workplace to turn into a tech-bro club, (or want it to be less of one), you have to stop letting the tech-bro miasma roll over you.

So you, enlightened, progressive men, yes, YOU, have to take the stand. Modulo your own health.

But THIS: bros won't listen to anyone but you.

Pixelfed Labs will be establishing working groups to tackle a wide range of issues and topics related to pixelfed and social media.

The first batch of groups will be:
- Abuse Prevention
- Accessibility
- Privacy
- Youth Safety
- Dark Pattern Prevention
- Security

We will need your help. You will have a chance to shape pixelfed's future and make it more inclusive and safe for everyone.

For more info, follow @PixelfedLabs

I found another service to add to my list of #CoolProjects. HOWEVER it has a *very* major drawback.

Monica is a Personal CRM, a "customer relationship manager" but for your personal contacts rather than customers. It's very extensive with the ability to add major life events, birthdays, anniversaries, phone numbers, email addresses, Telegram handles, WhatsApp info, and SO MUCH more.

The drawback, the absolutely killing feature is that there's no encryption. If someone broke into my (or someone else's) server, all the information you have on someone is stored as plaintext in the database. Given the very sensitive nature of the service, encryption is a must. There is no way around it.

They have an issue open but it doesn't look like much progress is being made on it.

I'm tooting this hoping that someone will come along and help add encryption. IMO, protecting user information should have been the very first thing they did.

"[FB] are not technically innovative. They depend upon an architecture subject to misuse, and the business model that supports them *is* misuse. There isn't any other business model for them. This is bad. I'm not suggesting it should be illegal, it should be obsolete. We're technologists, we should fix it."
- Eben Moglen, 'Freedom in the Cloud'

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