Testing an upcoming feature during the #Stockholm XMPP sprint: Leave a group chat on #Dino and #Conversations will leave as well, join a new group chat on Conversations and Dino will join too. The underlying protocol extension was also implemented by #Gajim and #prosody during the sprint. #XMPP

, and other sites will be compelled to share messages with the UK Police.

As always, assume that your messaging system \ app is not secure.

Use when communicating with friends, families and co-workers.


The Librem 5 impacts Linux desktops makeuseof.com/tag/librem-5-pho

1. Adaptive GNOME Apps
2. Desktop-Compatible Mobile Apps
3. Improvements to Upstream Projects
4. More Options for Private Communications
5. Hardware Kill Switches

#purism #librem5 #linux #gnome

A core assumption of #democracy is that governments and "experts" can be wrong, that laws and policies sometimes need to be overturned. Discovering when that's the case absolutely depends on the ability of fringe groups to express and campaign on dissenting views, all of which will seem abhorrent and obviously wrong to *someone*. Governments forcing monopolistic #datafarm platforms to censor fringe views is a threat to an emerging global democracy. We must prevent this, not applaud it.

Con la vuelta del curso, volverá la presión para que las universidades externalicen el servicio de correo electrónico. Desde aquí estamos preparando un manifiesto contra las plataformas privativas de correo, y queremos tu colaboración.

Añade tus razones mediante un merge request en #GitLab, y cuando tengamos un número razonable, lo publicaremos y trataremos de difundirlo.


Good morning, Fediverse!

How is your september going?

I'm caught in a loop in which I'm not receiving texts in my phone and I can't pay online and I can't change phone companies.

Totally defeated by the system.

For those worried about the LineageOS support for the #Fairphone 2: the boot loop issue in the recent nightlies has been resolved and the "this device is no longer maintained" message has been taken down.

Back to normal 😀

We all know that Google (with Chrome-ium) has at least close to 90% of the browser marketshare on the internet.

Which is your primary browser on your computer?

Remember that Brave, Opera and Edge are Chromium derivatives. I consider Safari to be separate since it's Webkit and not Blink.

Retoot this to get more votes in.

#poll #browser #firefox #chromium

What is browser fingerprinting? How is it used? What is Tor Browser doing against it? Find out in this guest post by Pierre Laperdrix

"Any script running in your browser can silently build a fingerprint of your device without you even knowing about it."

Feeling sentimental, really. In just a month on #mastodon, y'all helped me rediscover the internet. This little corner of the web, this kinky, weird, compassionate and such a diverse space, where people are open, and loud, and so smart! And I want to say thanks for this to each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart. And a special thanks to @Gargron: I hope you realize how much good you brought into this world, and how many people found meaningful connections and true home here!

Manifiesto de autoreparación del movimiento ifixit: ¡imprime, hackea y redistribuye!

Existe cierta controversia con VeraCrypt ya que al ser un fork de otra aplicación, TrueCrypt (discontinuada y con problemas de seguridad reconocidos), heredó también su licencia, una licencia propia que nunca fue reconocida como oficialmente abierta

Aunque todo el trabajo nuevo haya sido añadido bajo una licencia libre Apache License 2.0, el código legacy que todavía contiene hace que VeraCrypt no se pueda considerar software libre (lo que impide que esté en muchos repositorios de distribuciones GNU/Linux)

...mientras que para acceder a la información que queremos ocultar sea necesario introducir otra contraseña.

A simple vista no se podría conocer que existen más datos de los que realmente estamos mostrando sin nuestra "colaboración", esto es lo que se conoce como cifrado de negación plausible; es fácilmente creíble que no haya más datos cifrados de los que mostramos.

La principal ventaja de #VeraCrypt es que nos permite usar contenedores ocultos y varias contraseñas de descifrado.

Imaginemos que nos obligan a desbloquear nuestro sistema, pero no queremos que conozcan de la existencia de determinada información en el mismo.

Mediante este mecanismo podemos conseguir que al introducir una contraseña concreta se hagan accesible solo los archivos corrientes que nos da igual que sean visibles...

A new clothing line confuses automated license plate readers - adversarialfashion.com/pages/d Looking for resources to make your own Computer Vision-triggering fashion and fabric designs? Check out the resource library below, and view the tutorial slides from my DEFCON 27 Crypto & Privacy Village Talk to get started. Libraries & APIs: OpenCV OpenFace VeriLook SDK OpenALPR PlateRecognizer TensorFlow Imag

via magicfab.ca/liens/

If you wondered about the "something is coming soon" by #Fairphone: it's a good time to sign up for their newsletter.

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