Had a short trip and photographed some of the & other murals.

This one is by @SonnySundancer.

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There are hundreds of thousands of American citizens with zero Senators. DC statehood is an easy step to prevent a national abortion ban.

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US politics, Roe, January 6 

Teri Kanefield’s latest blog, in four parts:

1. The Roe v. Wade decision, what it means, and where we go from here
2. People blame the Democrats
3. It’s all about controlling women
4. Impressions from this week’s January 6 hearing


I had tons of fun last night building a butterfly bell jar with Moth & Myth in Seattle. I love it so much, and it was such a unique experience. The butterflies are all made out of paper with foil accents.

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US corporate abuse of bankruptcy law 

Johnson & Johnson starts losing in court on cancer/baby & talc powder cases, so temporarily becomes a Texas company, spins off another company to handle all judgements and cases, underfunds it, and it declares bankruptcy. Result? All litigation halts, no judgements can be paid, federal bankruptcy judge says this all looks legit, and JnJ moves on… popular.info/p/corporate-calvi

I had an audience as I was trying to learn bourree today

Microsoft, harassment, pay, culture 

'They are untouchable': Microsoft employees say 'golden boy' executives are still running wild, 8 years after the company vowed to clean up its toxic culture web.archive.org/web/2022052601

This headline’s existence is proof we don’t live in the good place

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Part of not planning a trip is the fun of seeing where you end up - and Water Holes Canyon was where we arrived after an early morning at Horseshoe Bend. We used every minute of our tour (and a bit more) to explore and take photos. This was the first slot canyon I've visited. #slotcanyon #arizona #photography

I’m less overwhelmed when I only have a few subjects to edit, and yesterday we visited two waterfalls - so not too many views to select from. We ended up here later than expected after a day of wild weather - hoping for overcast skies but instead getting sun, rain, and hail for the most part (which created an opportunity for some rainbows at the first falls). The hike was steep but the views were incredible.

A beautiful waterfall…and yes, this means I have more photos to edit😅

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Me, taking an evening walk: Oh the moon is very pretty this evening.
Neil DeGrasse Tyson pops out from a pile of garbage and runs over, shoving me to the ground: Actually you witless toad, the moon is bullshit. It doesn't even do anything. I've seen stuff that's way better than the moon, you piece of crap. Follow me on Twitter so I can shit on you for liking the moon.

Coincidentally, I came across a literature review on today while cleaning out my email. It focuses on health care workers, but sharing in case it is useful: rand.org/pubs/research_reports

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