July 30th Letter Scramble Game: [ R Z A H E Y L F ] What words can you find?

Low Income Tip #1: When practical buying in bulk saves money. However when buying in bulk ensure it is something you will indeed use.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Aug 6 2021]

July 29th Letter Scramble Game: [ K R S L I T A M ] What words can you find?

July 28th Letter Scramble Game: [ X C T E Z D O N ] What words can you find?

July 27th Letter Scramble Game: [ Y G R A Y M N I ] What words can you find?

Creative Parenting Activity #10: Design or purchase wood and model kits for children to assemble.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Aug 3 2021]

July 26th Letter Scramble Game: [ G E S U B D P M ] What words can you find?

Chronic Pain Tip #4: Don't undermine the value of a pet in bringing your comfort and a moments respite. A pet as simple as fish, a small rodent (such as hamster or mice) to the requirements of a cat or dog may suit your lifestyle and help bring stability and a routine to your life.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Aug 2 2021]

July 25th Letter Scramble Game: [ A Y E R B T X V ] What words can you find?

New "Reflections About Living With A Physical Disability" This video contains my reflections and top tips from living with a physical disability. I've designed this as an educational video with tips displayed on the screen as I talk about each one. I use practical examples from my own life so this isn't just theory for the people who will benefit the most from this video. youtu.be/wfb1GhXlQoI

July 24th Letter Scramble Game: [ L T T Y J U A K ] What words can you find?

July 23rd Letter Scramble Game: [ T F T G H A X U ] What words can you find?

Low Income Tip #33: Pride often keeps people from seeking their next opportunity. Most employers appreciate people taking the initiative and being persistent. Put yourself out there and don't be afraid to tell anyone who will listen that you're seeking opportunities.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jul 30 2021]

July 22nd Letter Scramble Game: [ G S Z L O N T A ] What words can you find?

July 21st Letter Scramble Game: [ U I K N V D N R ] What words can you find?

Physical Disability Tip #15: What is your ideal creative solution to overcome the obstacles you have in life?... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jul 28 2021]

July 20th Letter Scramble Game: [ Y E Z H L U F S ] What words can you find?

New "Giving Directions ... With A Pleasant Surprise" On the way home from doing chores someone asked me for directions. This is what transpired. It is special and worth sharing. youtu.be/-Ma8GlUgQA0

Creative Parenting Activity #9: Purchase a pottery making kit. Encourage your children to make caractures and use their imagination.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jul 27 2021]

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