Physical Disability Tip #6: Create for yourself a go to list of morale boosting activities. Engage in these activities when your physical disability has been especially challenging, feeling alone or feeling down about your set of challenges.... [Next Tip Dec 9 2020]

Creative Parenting Activity #6: Purchase a digital photo frame. Each time your child draws or colors for you scan their picture and add it to the digitial photo frame.... [Next Tip Dec 8 2020]

Chronic Pain Tip #26: If your relationship or marriage is struggling on account of your chronic pain consider having someone else afflicted with chronic pain help you and your significant other brainstorm ideas for the current obstacle your relationship faces.... [Next Tip Dec 7 2020]

New "Thanksgiving Word Scramble" I've prepared a word scramble with words associated with Thanksgiving. Good luck solving them! This is especially for those who couldn't get out for Thanksgiving.

Low Income Tip #26: Use a method comfortable to you to pursue employment, express what needs you have to be successful in your employment and ask what supports exist in your community to develop or fill each need.... [Next Tip Dec 4 2020]

Physical Disability Tip #5: Treat your energy and effort to complete tasks as a currency. Arrange help with routine tasks you may delegate so the activities you engage in bring you joy and a sense of satisfaction.... [Next Tip Dec 2 2020]

Creative Parenting Activity #5: Install a tracing font on your computer. Create worksheets for your child to practice their letters and numbers. Create content your children is interested in.... [Next Tip Dec 1 2020]

Chronic Pain Tip #25: The lifestyle that accompanies chronic pain is one of a marathon and not a sprint. If you are able to have the grace to pace yourself this life scale may be transformed to your professional life. You could consider self employment if you have the self discipline to develop and follow a business plan.... [Next Tip Nov 30 2020]

New "Fall 2020 Water Trail Video Montage" This is a nature montage video. It shows a few areas of town I enjoy seeing when I need some down time. I want to share this for those who are spending time inside because of covid19 or a chronic condition.

Low Income Tip #25: Have you considered what career interests you and a process to pursue this? Develop and refine your plan as you learn more about the educational requirements and skill set necessary to perform your chosen vocation.... [Next Tip Nov 27 2020]

Physical Disability Tip #4: Be intentional in taking care of your emotional well being. Giving your attention to your emotions when needed will help prevent some disagreements, feeling vulnerable or helpless and help your focus be effective.... [Next Tip Nov 25 2020]

New "A Personal Update - November 16th 2020" This video is a personal update. I would appreciate my Patreon sponsors watching it. I spent the time talking about my goals for a home office, the video I'll be filming tomorrow and my annual Christmas lights videos for 2020. I especially want to raise awareness of my Christmas Lights video with covid19 affecting people and those who are advised to stay home.

Creative Parenting Activity #4: Create a wall garden. Designate sections for each of your children to water and weed. Plant an extra section for when their friends are invited over.... [Next Tip Nov 24 2020]

Chronic Pain Tip #24: After your pain has flared up, you've talked about it with your medical team and those individuals you trust for emotional support let it go. Otherwise it will eat at you and rob you of your zeal for life.... [Next Tip Nov 23 2020]

Physical Disability Tip #3: Consider voice assisted technologies for using the computer, listening to your favorite music, getting news, weather details, etc.... [Next Tip Nov 18 2020]

Chronic Pain Tip #23: Don't live in an "all or none" mindset. Don't let chronic pain cause you to live in a shell. Acknowledge your limits. Then be creative in how to live your life so you have a sense of purpose and satisfaction as you go about your life.... [Next Tip Nov 16 2020]

New "Using Magnetic Charger, Wireless Keyboard And Mouse With A Physical Disability" In today's video I speak about using a magnetic charger, wireless keyboard and mouse to reduce the risk of tripping and falling. I talk about this in terms of a layered approach to managing your physical disability and possible tools to the best quality of life possible.

Low Income Tip #23: If you are facing financial hardship while searching for employment or not making enough money to get by consider tapping into the resources your community offers. Food banks, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and churches may help connect you with the safety net your community offers.... [Next Tip Nov 13 2020]

Physical Disability Tip #2: Consider what home automation would make your life easier. Create a "wish list" for this items to become a combined birthday or Christmas present from family and friends.... [Next Tip Nov 11 2020]

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