Physical Disability Tip #6: Create for yourself a go to list of morale boosting activities. Engage in these activities when your physical disability has been especially challenging, feeling alone or feeling down about your set of challenges.... [Next Tip May 26 2021]

New "Ideas & Tips For Supporting A Person In Palliative Care" In this video I share my ideas and tips for supporting person who is in palliative care. Part of my experience I am using right now with a very close friend with cancer. The rest is drawing from my experiences feeling weak after under orthopaedic surgery where the ideas overlap with this topic.

Creative Parenting Activity #15: Purchase a cork board and install this onto your kitchen wall. Encourage your child to maintain this with pictures, poetry, school assignments and their art work.... [Next Tip May 25 2021]

Chronic Pain Tip #22: Listing to music is a strategy for helping you co-exist with chronic pain. It will help you relax when your pain is flared up and help you to experience peace when feeling vulnerable from your pain.... [Next Tip May 24 2021]

Low Income Tip #23: If you are facing financial hardship while searching for employment or not making enough money to get by consider tapping into the resources your community offers. Food banks, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and churches may help connect you with the safety net your community offers.... [Next Tip May 21 2021]

Physical Disability Tip #5: Treat your energy and effort to complete tasks as a currency. Arrange help with routine tasks you may delegate so the activities you engage in bring you joy and a sense of satisfaction.... [Next Tip May 19 2021]

New "Playing The Piano" I thoroughly enjoy playing the piano. I have already started recording the Christmas carols for the 2021 Christmas lights video. I thought I'd record this video of me playing a few songs. I hope this will inspire you to use music as one of the tools for co-existing and living with a chronic condition.

Creative Parenting Activity #14: Help your children make a mini documentary about a topic that interests him or her. Then share their video online.... [Next Tip May 18 2021]

Chronic Pain Tip #21: If you are finding yourself frequently in the hospital over night put together a suitcase with a change of clothes, toiletries and an activities book (such as word search, sudoku or pad of paper to draw) in order to make the unexpected trips to the hospital easier. Being prepared helps take the burden and stress off when chronic illness flare ups occur.... [Next Tip May 17 2021]

Low Income Tip #22: Make yourself available for on the job training and being willing to be trained by a company that is about to hire you. The skills you present to an employer present opportunities for growth and the future of your employment.... [Next Tip May 14 2021]

New "Cleaning Up From The Intruder" I had an intruder in my shed. The individual tipped over the shelves containing my tools. This left a mess similar to what is common with hoarding. I've used this opportunity to make another video about more extreme cleaning up with lessons I've learned in order to help others.

Physical Disability Tip #4: Be intentional in taking care of your emotional well being. Giving your attention to your emotions when needed will help prevent some disagreements, feeling vulnerable or helpless and help your focus be effective.... [Next Tip May 12 2021]

Creative Parenting Activity #13: Using construction paper, magazines and photos have your child make a postcard decorated with pictures of things their friend enjoys. Then help your child mail their postcard to their friend.... [Next Tip May 11 2021]

Chronic Pain Tip #20: Often a nurse is able to provide very practical tips for managing your quality of life. Nurses also make an excellent sounding board. They may help you evaluate if your goals are reasonable. If you are willing to listen and trust they may offer tips to make your life easier.... [Next Tip May 10 2021]

Low Income Tip #21: When considering what to do for employment remember to research the job market and skill set coordination. You need to be in the right city for the right job.... [Next Tip May 7 2021]

Physical Disability Tip #3: Consider voice assisted technologies for using the computer, listening to your favorite music, getting news, weather details, etc.... [Next Tip May 5 2021]

New "Thinking About Patterns In Your Life" This video is to get you thinking about optimizing your life. The goal is to break down patterns, think about them and tweak where necessary. I am doing some of this right now and I thought it might help others maximize their quality of life and enjoyment out of life.

Creative Parenting Activity #12: Introduce your children to Meccano kits. Select a vehicle or tool for your children to assemble that interests them.... [Next Tip May 4 2021]

New "Snow On A Spring Day Power Wheelchair Drive" This is video footage of me driving my power wheelchair to pick up a "buy online - curbside pickup" during covid. In the commentary I share about my goals, some tips I use when driving my power wheelchair and about life. You don't have to listen to my commentary. You could instead put on music and simply enjoy the scenery. This video is especially for people who c...

Physical Disability Tip #2: Consider what home automation would make your life easier. Create a "wish list" for this items to become a combined birthday or Christmas present from family and friends.... [Next Tip Apr 28 2021]

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