Low Income Tip #5: Are there obstacles in your life that would block you from pursuing a career? Talk to others and post questions in social media to see strategies others used. Then assess if this is a possibility for your situations. Instead of obstacles being thought of as a hinderance to breaking the cycle of poverty see them as challenges that may be overcome.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jul 10 2020]

Physical Disability Tip #7: Consider postponing tasks you desire to be engaged in or complete yourself when feeling tired or weary. Don't let this take away the sense of satisfaction or joy when completing something you normally enjoy doing. It isn't worth the frustration.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jul 8 2020]

New "Flying A Drone While Using A Wheelchair" This video is to share my new hobby. I've been learning how to fly a drone. I wanted to show this especially to other wheelchair users to challenge each person to pursue their dreams. Beyond this I want to remind people not to forget their childhood dreams and not to let life beat you down so much that you aren't enjoying life any more. youtu.be/JMHZd1t3F_I

Chronic Pain Tip #4: Don't undermine the value of a pet in bringing your comfort and a moments respite. A pet as simple as fish, a small rodent (such as hamster or mice) to the requirements of a cat or dog may suit your lifestyle and help bring stability and a routine to your life.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jul 6 2020]

New "Stop. Think. Act." This video is an inspirational talk. It is to challenge you to use the time spent alone during covid 19 to think about your life, direction and setting goals. This isn't always easy to do. But taking time to reflect on life will help motivate you to make changes and work towards long term goals that will bring you a sense of achievement. youtu.be/ZugbrZUSD18

Low Income Tip #4: Are you unsure of what to do for a career? Consider asking friends for input on what skills and topics you are passionate about that could be used in a career. Also reach out to businesses with a request to job shadow and sit in on college or university classes to help affirm if the direction for a career feels right to you.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jul 3 2020]

Physical Disability Tip #6: Create for yourself a go to list of morale boosting activities. Engage in these activities when your physical disability has been especially challenging, feeling alone or feeling down about your set of challenges.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jul 1 2020]

Chronic Pain Tip #3: Is your housing optimal for your needs? Would changing the layout of your furniture be helpful? What about considering different furniture that would make your day to day items easier to access?... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jun 29 2020]

New "My System For Keeping My Home Comfortable During The Summer" This video contains my strategy for keeping my home comfortable during the summer months. This is a combination of maximizing independence, quality of life and simply not having the summer months pass without making gains on your goals. I intend for this to be a conversation starter. I want to invite others to share strategies used as we continue to navigate Co... youtu.be/5KQ-AznxUIY

Low Income Tip #3: Do you have a hobby that could be transitioned into a part time income? In the long term could this become your career? Research local and online resources in developing a business plan that may give you the best chance of success in this. Find someone locally who may mentor you in this process.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jun 26 2020]

Physical Disability Tip #5: Treat your energy and effort to complete tasks as a currency. Arrange help with routine tasks you may delegate so the activities you engage in bring you joy and a sense of satisfaction.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jun 24 2020]

Chronic Pain Tip #2: Research available social support. There may be no central directory. Talking to individuals receiving help, the staff of soup kitchens and food banks will help you connect with the available services and broaden your network.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jun 22 2020]

Low Income Tip #2: When practical group your chores together. Having a pre-defined shopping list will help discourage spontaneous purchases and remain focused on what you are truly needing to buy.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jun 19 2020]

New "Patreon Accountability Video - June 7th 2020" This video is an update about my life and projects. I've made this especially for my Patreon sponsors. However anyone is welcome to view this. The projects I've been recently working on is setting up my audio equipment, digital piano, the LED lighting for my mobility scooter trailer, adding some smart switches and plugs to my home and creating a vent hood for my las... youtu.be/7BkfNIQrPtI

Chronic Pain Tip #1: For a doctor to be able to help you effectively means being honest and transparent.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jun 15 2020]

Low Income Tip #1: When practical buying in bulk saves money. However when buying in bulk ensure it is something you will indeed use.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jun 12 2020]

New "DC Electrical Soldering with Welding Blankets" In this video I demonstrate some 12 volt DC electrical soldering. I've used a number of welding blankets to prevent the heat from melting the junction box, wire insulation and plastic handle of my mobility scooter trailer. What I am really trying to show in this video is if you have a physical disability think about what you really want to do and what is going to... youtu.be/gnBM8l3oyZ8

Physical Disability Tip #3: Consider voice assisted technologies for using the computer, listening to your favorite music, getting news, weather details, etc.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jun 10 2020]

Chronic Pain Tip #27: Don't under estimate the added value to your life a pet will bring. Even a pet fish or hamster will help reduce your stress and be a tool in keeping your perspective in balance.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jun 8 2020]

Low Income Tip #27: Form a group of people who have all started looking for employment around the same time. Share with the group strategies that have been successful for you and may be able to help someone else. Support each other during the down times that come during the pursuit of employment.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jun 5 2020]

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