"Yard Trimming From A Wheelchair"
This video is a technique for yard trimming from a wheelchair. It is a way of using a tree pruning tool in a way it wasn't originally designed for. this video is to encourage you to think creatively in managing your needs. Even if you don't require a wheelchair for mobility the life principal of working out what you need to cope and enjoy your life will still apply.

"Accessible Door Handles"
This video is to show how to make door access accessible. This is not only to accommodate a physical disability. it is a modification for someone with finger arthritis when grasping and opening canned food is no longer possible.

'Being Willing To Try New Things And Not Boxing Yourself In"
This video is really a challenge: To try new things and not box yourself in. I understand first hand that it is challenging living with a physical disability and living with chronic pain. I genuinely do get it. The motivation in trying new things is to improve your quality of life for what you have control over.

"Summer Photo Montage"
These photos are from July 22nd 2019 in and around the Bay of Quinte. I've had more unexpected challenges with my physical disability and chronic pain. I needed to take care of myself. I brought along my camera to share this time with you. This video is especially for those individuals who aren't able to get out and enjoy nature or who presently don't have the time to do so. I hope you will find this video as refreshing as I did.

"Random Act Of Kindness Flowers Given To Me"
There are times when my health care journey is hard. I am working through this exact situation after both of my ankle joints became critical over the past 4 weeks. This has effectively caused a 3 way "tug of war" in my legs. Earlier today I prayed for encouraged. The Lord Jesus answered quickly. This evening I was the recipient of a random act of kindness: Someone gave me this bouquet of wild flowers.

"Introducing New "Living With Chronic Pain" Tip Of The Week"
This video is an introduction to a new section of my web site I've created. It is to share a tip each week for living with chronic pain. These are themed around promoting independence, quality of life and things an individual is likely to have control over. Tips for living with chronic pain will change each Monday.

"Presenting A Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Table"
In this video I show a wheelchair accessible picnic table could be setup. This is the property of the city where I live. It is part of their attempt include wheelchair users in the life of the community. I haven't provided specific measurements or building instructions. What I am sharing are photographs to get you thinking how you could do this yourself or a handyman in your community to develop a plan.

"Your Life In A Shadow"
This is a thought provoking video. It is to get you thinking about where your life is at and what changes you'd like to make. I've used a few examples from my own life to help you get started.

"Making Contingency Plans For Your Best Quality Of Life"
In this video I talk about making a contingency plan for the unexpected challenges in life. In part I talk about this from the perspective of a chronic illness flare up. This video is about having the best possible quality of life during these times.

"Canadian Countryside Sunset In Early June"
Friday was my 42nd birthday. I was invited to a friends. We cooked supper on a camp fire and visited during the evening. I brought my camera with me to photograph the sunset. It was just amazing. I want to share this with you. It was a truly wonderful way to spend a birthday.

"An Update On My Health And Living With A Chronic Condition"
This video is an update about my health care treatment. I've included some key pointers to help those who live with a physical disability. I try my best to share how you live out life with a physical disability in my channel. I hope this video may help improve the quality of life others experience.

"My New Pet Hamster"
In this video I introduce my pet hamster: Mike. One of the suggestions for living with a chronic condition is having a pet. I thought it would be nice to have a hamster around for the times when I am weak from the pain I experience. I am trying to do what I have control over to improve my quality of life. I hope you will be inspired to do the same.

"Making A Raised Garden"
I've made this video to show what is involved in the setup of a raised garden. This may give those with a physical disability an option to make life a bit more normal. This isn't to mention the practical part of gardening and harvest.

"Spring Water Photo Montage"
I've made this photo montage video for you. This is especially for people living with a chronic illness. However for anyone who needs that moment of quiet reflection this video is for you. The photos are from the "Bay of Quinte" in Belleville Ontario Canada.

"Personal And Channel Update - May 10th 2019"
This video is a general update about my life, goals and some upcoming plans for this video. A very special thank you to my Patreon sponsors and those who encourage me. I am grateful to be able to invest my life in others.

"A Reason To Get Out Of Bed Each Day"
I read a news article that was really inspiring: A family doctor gave a banana plant to a patient with chronic illness for the purpose of giving inspiration for getting out of bed each day. It makes a lot of sense to me. This would help someone who is really struggling start rebuilding and structuring their day.

"Planning For Travel With A Physical Disability Or Chronic Pain"
In this video I talk about the practical logistics involved in travel with you live with a physical disability or chronic pain. The purpose is to help you think through what you need so you are able to live your life to the fullest.

"Taking Care Of Yourself"
The videos I post on youTube are an extension of my life. They are about lessons I've learned, strategies I use to manage my physical needs and how I love out my life with chronic pain. The beginning of this video is an update on my life. The second half is the principals I use and possible skills for you to adapt in maximizing your quality of life.

"Living Your Best Life"
This video is about making the decision to live the best life possible, taking care of yourself and having the tenacity to persevere in the midst of adversity. From this you will reap many rewarding moments to help keep you encouraged and loving life.

"Using An Electric Tooth Brush To Promote A Better Quality Of Life"
In part this video is about using an electric tooth for brushing your teeth. It is also about making this accessible in being proactive for your dental case. I've finished the video talking about the value of an occupational therapist in working out the best logistics of your daily chores.

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