July 1st Letter Scramble Game: [ N L A R G X E P ] What words can you find?

Low Income Tip #16: Find purpose in your employment. Perhaps what makes your job special is the interaction with your colleagues. Or maybe the lifestyle your employment presents you with is your motivation.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jul 8 2022]

New "Wall Framing - Assembling Top Plate While Using A Wheelchair" The next step for building out the shed walls to accommodate more insulation is making the top plate. This involves applying construction adhesive (a type of glue) and then screwing together a pair of boards that are off center. I thought it might help inspire a few people seeing my setup while I use my power wheelchair to work on this task. I hope yo... youtu.be/18Ll7FcCOt0

June 30th Letter Scramble Game: [ C P R Y S A E S ] What words can you find?

June 29th Letter Scramble Game: [ O W M E B K N Z ] What words can you find?

New "2022-06-26 - Update On What I've Been Working On" This video is updates of what I've been working on. I am talking about what I've been spending my time on and what I am for during the coming months. I hope you'll enjoy seeing this. youtu.be/GThsB1DSRwI

Creative Parenting Activity #13: Using construction paper, magazines and photos have your child make a postcard decorated with pictures of things their friend enjoys. Then help your child mail their postcard to their friend.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jul 5 2022]

June 28th Letter Scramble Game: [ R E D D O V K W ] What words can you find?

June 27th Letter Scramble Game: [ T O J C M D F I ] What words can you find?

Chronic Pain Tip #23: Don't live in an "all or none" mindset. Don't let chronic pain cause you to live in a shell. Acknowledge your limits. Then be creative in how to live your life so you have a sense of purpose and satisfaction as you go about your life.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jul 4 2022]

June 26th Letter Scramble Game: [ T U R I X H F Y ] What words can you find?

June 25th Letter Scramble Game: [ T O F I P G H C ] What words can you find?

Low Income Tip #15: Is completing your high school education hindering you from pursuing a career and holding you back in life? Research your available options to pursue this. When frustrated think of your goal for employment and opportunities in life this represents.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jul 1 2022]

June 24th Letter Scramble Game: [ E D L L B M U V ] What words can you find?

June 23rd Letter Scramble Game: [ T Q P G C N A U ] What words can you find?

New "2022-06-20 - Bay Of Quinte - After The Storm Of June 16th 2022" I went down to the Bay of Quinte yesterday evening for some quiet time. I had a lovely time. I took these photos to share with my youTube subscribers. I hope you'll enjoy this and enjoy hearing me talking about them. youtu.be/kcYgo76oKuU

Physical Disability Tip #15: What is your ideal creative solution to overcome the obstacles you have in life?... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jun 29 2022]

June 22nd Letter Scramble Game: [ G W M E D I X T ] What words can you find?

Creative Parenting Activity #12: Introduce your children to Meccano kits. Select a vehicle or tool for your children to assemble that interests them.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Jun 28 2022]

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