Low Income Tip #13: What is your standard of living goal? Do you want to buy a home? What about having money to eat out, go the movies or afford a holiday? Thinking backwards what series of steps do you need to take in order to accomplish this?... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Mar 12 2021]

Physical Disability Tip #19: Do you have a desire to work? Is there a hobby you are passionate about that could be transformed into self employment? An occupational therapist could work with you to design a work space that meets your physical needs. Then your local "Chamber Of Commerce" could help brain storm a possible mentor from the community to help you get started.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Mar 10 2021]

New "title" This video is themed around another practical strategy to cope and coexist in a covid infected world: Using video games as a medium in which to connect with others. In this video I talk about my experience with this. youtu.be/z5xdH5lZDt0

Creative Parenting Activity #4: Create a wall garden. Designate sections for each of your children to water and weed. Plant an extra section for when their friends are invited over.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Mar 9 2021]

Chronic Pain Tip #11: Learn to express your needs in helpful ways. When requiring practical assistance build a team. Help people understand why an item, task or doing things a specific way is beneficial to you. Don't forget the value in saying "thank you" and expressing appreciation so people don't feel used or taken advantage of.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Mar 8 2021]

New "Sense Of Accomplishment Challenging Yourself Brings" In this video I talk about challenging yourself effectively so you don't become a prisoner in your own mind. In terms of living with a chronic condition this is about doing the most possible with your life while carefully picking your activities. For able body individuals this is in context of not getting stuck in a routine where you miss the enjoyment of li... youtu.be/kgoxZGlX7_4

Low Income Tip #12: There are options for healthy nutrition when money is tight. Two examples are brown rice and beans. These foods may be stored for a long time. Research options that interest you. If you are stuck consult a dietician.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Mar 5 2021]

Physical Disability Tip #18: Engage in confidence building activities. Challenge yourself. Celebrate your successes and the effort needed to complete your goals.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Mar 3 2021]

Chronic Pain Tip #10: Keeping a journal or online blog may provide you with an outlet to put your challenges. With your challenges set aside your focus may rest on the positive events in life, remaining motivated and committed to living out each day of your life to the fullest.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Mar 1 2021]

Low Income Tip #11: Are you willing and able to move to pursue employment? What supports do you need to organize in advance to facilitate moving? Start your planning by considering transportation (such as public transit) and available health care facilities.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Feb 26 2021]

New "Reasons To Have Surgery Or Wait" In this video I talk about the pros and cons of having surgery or the value with a compelling reason to wait. This is from first hand experience. Instead of having a "knee jerk" reaction to being offered surgery but struggling to accept something is wrong I am hoping to start you thinking constructively about surgery and how it fits in with the plans for your life. I've used ... youtu.be/Z_yQgds1L7U

Physical Disability Tip #17: Are you struggling to gain employment? Have you considered using an employment agency to demonstrate a skill set you have as an entry point into the work force? Beyond filling an immediate need this may present you with the opportunity to build your resume as you go about your life.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Feb 24 2021]

Creative Parenting Activity #2: Develop partnerships with the county where you live for starting trees by seed and the planting them around the area. Keep a photo journal of this.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Feb 23 2021]

Chronic Pain Tip #9: Be intentional about what strategies you may use as a healthy outlet for stress and anxiety. Don't undermine the value of taking care of your mind. Feeling overall better will help your focus and motivation. It is possible that one of your meaningful outlets for stress and anxiety could become a part time income for you.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Feb 22 2021]

New "Thank You And Appreciation To My Patreon Sponsors - February 13th 2021" This is a very heart-felt "thank you" to my Patreon sponsors. I talk about the past few weeks and what has been going on my life and just how much I enjoy working on posting my content from the lessons I learn to help others in their own journey. youtu.be/pBmrrE0R6Qo

Creative Parenting Activity #1: Your child could start a strawberry plant either in a bucket or garden, water it and watch it grow.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Feb 16 2021]

Chronic Pain Tip #8: Don't under estimate the value of setting goals. The sense of accomplishment will help your self worth and self esteem. On days when you are feeling vulnerable recalling your past accomplishments will help reinvigorate and restore your sense of purpose in life.... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Feb 15 2021]

New "Eating Tips, Healthy Body Weight And Doing What You Have Control Over" In this video I talk about the tips and strategies I use for having a healthy body weight. What I'm hoping to do is get others thinking about what might work for them. This doesn't necessarily mean using one of my tips but having a good think about what might work for them. This isn't meant to replace medical advice. I am simply wanting to share wha... youtu.be/-ldFmrp2PkQ

Physical Disability Tip #15: What is your ideal creative solution to overcome the obstacles you have in life?... rons-home.net/en/living-life-l [Next Tip Feb 10 2021]

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