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Let’s all take a moment to appreciate blank VHS cassette packaging design trends.


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modern system requirements for a gaming pc: 32gb ram

thats 4 for game + os and 28gb for the three chrome tabs you got open

Someone FINALLY did a good tutorial on how to install RAM

Off for mh.
This is going out of control.

This should be universal, whatever your phone brand or model and should be *quick* and simple for access.

I've got an idea for emergencies: make phone boot in a striped down version in case of emergency if they were shut down before the need.

No fancy features like Bluetooth or internet or fancy material flat fluent UI design, just the access to the emergency phone numbers (which don't need the SIM IIRC) and eventually the GPS to share your position to the emergency service. Said GOs could also be part of a special community protocol sent in the same time to spare the user's time to tell their pos

I hope everything will be alright tonight. :X

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