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Ro̺͆nflaix 🐔

Also why the heck did I use a CW? *facepalm*

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I have tried the GC controller with Splatoon, Picross and BOTW.

Picross not being a demanding game, it's not really worth it (and it feels better to fall on couch with the controller in your hands for such game)

Can people here give feedback on which games can be correctly played with it?

Concerning the GC(/USB) Controller support on Switch, here's my grain of salt :
- As long as there isn't a rebind function in games or system, the controller will make most games unusable (like Splatoon2 blocking you at "Press ZL+ZR") or half playing (good luck playing BOTW without aiming/ Z-tagerting)
- It works pretty well, the sticks seem to have a good response
- I didn't expect it to come that soon.
- Too bad there is still that PS/Xbox controller support embargo

Hey, german people, do you know where I can read some german grammar and vocabulary, please? Except than failing to learn a new language, I somehow want to brush up a bit my very rusty german. Thanks in advance!

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Oh boy I forgot half the papers I should have brought to photocopy, I can't reach my landlord nor the real estate person that helped to get this current rent.

No, I'm totally not having a panic attack.

Dear Nintendo,

Virtual Boy Classic.

Best regards.

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Why in almost every language I'm using isn't there a clamp function in their math libraries?

It's Sunday, I didn't sleep well and I have an headache. What to do? Refactor some project, yay~

And I don't even make it up. Playtest sessions in gamdev put environment as a factor for immersion and feedback, from the installation to even the ambiant sound/noise.