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I made the biggest part of my creations freely playbale and downloadable online :

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#Recherche 🔍 #Fédération

Salut le Fédiverse !
Avec les copains on brainstorme sur les différentes technos existantes pour organiser une #fédération de données (en l'occurrence dans l'#énergie) avec donc des serveurs contrôlés par des gens/institutions très variées.

Où est-ce que vous iriez chercher de l'info sur les protocoles disponibles ? après #xmpp, #ActivtyPub et #IRC, on a un peu séché...

Merci pour les avis et #Repouets !

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do these like... look any good? I haven't done pixel art in forever

Hey gamers I just discovered the lenovo yoga book's lid magnets are strong enough to stick it to things

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.

FInish my english exam. Whew. not used to exam stress anymore. Was weird.

I love that literally the DAY OF Tumblr hittin the shits Twitter decides that its newest fun thing is "Jack Dorsey sent an envelope of his beard hair to Azealia Banks so she could craft an amulet to protect Dorsey from ISIS". Tumblr's communal curse needed a new host

Yeeeah sleep again. Not useful trying to write when half asleep.

99 followers on the wall, 99 followers, an instance goes down, they move around, 124 followers on the wall.

I hope they won't mind Anakin Skywalker taking the sample/test exams

Fsck, my voice is partly busted.

And talking to a computer/exam site is not optimal, gotta think I'm talking to someone.

Oh well it's an english exam. Bulats. I just hope I can wake up in time (I still have roughly 2 hours of sleep catchable) and my headset to work. :S

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