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I'm just going to leave it as it is for now and not edit it again. I'll promise. mastodon.social/media/o3wTfXr9

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's Feisar (custom) ship on update: I could cram on it basic shading!

Try the live demo here: lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=30433

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Drunk and tired but was a good night. Those last days, I could hang with old schoolmates and it felt really good. Goodnight.

Achievement unlocked : master degree collected.

Carmen Sandiego Has Stolen My Form And Now I'm On The Run For Looking Like An International Criminal But It's Cool Looking Like This: a light novel

Oh, TIL they're case sensitive.


Good morning. Today I'm going to get my diploma. Or now precisely, a facsimile because they couldn't get it in time for the ceremony. How goes?

other weird but good late 90s/early 2000s phone designs

This is my new currency, coincoin, it's backed by French ducks.

Good morning. It's the day after a big party with my classmates. I have half my voice left. How goes?

tired: "boost if you agree" jokes on public posts
wired: "boost if you agree" jokes on private, unboostable, posts

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who would win

[pic of mega drive]
68000 heart on fire
z80's there also


[pic of SNES]
2 fucked up bois with different architectures which were both almost never used by any systems before or since

(hint: it's the latter)