Some years ago we planted milkweed in our backyard in the hope to attract monarch butterflies and this is the first year we have caterpillars in it. We feel such elation as they are becoming a threatened species.

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@flavigula thanks so very much for your support. What a great start to my day :-).

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Hi! I am an electronic musician from Norway living in Oslo.

I make music I describe as ambient+++ with a passion for creating my own instruments and tools with stuff like Monome, Linnstrument, Organelle, Max (and Max for Live) and Puredata.

I like to learn, create, share and teach.

You can find my projects at

My Bandcamp is kristofferlislegaard.bandcamp.

New soloalbum coming very soon 😘

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God morgon, Good morning!! A beautiful day to make something nice of.

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Psst…. PPPPssssssstt… PPSSSSSSSSTTT!!!!
Let’s gooooooooooooo!

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After a long time I had a play with my #RaspberryPi Pico MIDI to 4x CV interface in #MicroPython.

Apart from tidying up the circuit board a little I added an OLED display to visualise the ADSR envelope settings in real time.

#electronics #MusicMaker #synths

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One in eight people who get coronavirus develop at least one symptom of long Covid, one of the most comprehensive studies on the condition to date suggested on Thursday.

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Ich sehe in den letzten Tagen wieder viele RTs mit Bildern ohne #BildBeschreibung bzw. #AlternativText.
Ich teile ausgesprochen selten Tröts ohne BiBesch, und das sind auch die einzigen Momente, wo mir die "RT mit Zitat"-Funktion fehlt, denn im Vogelkäfig würde ich bei ansonsten teilenswertem Inhalt einfach eine Beschreibung in meinen RT hineinnehmen.
Deshalb also hier mal wieder die Erinnerung und die Bitte: macht #BildBeschreibungen!
Danke 🙂

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