NeonGenisis Evangelion just introduced me to the concept of a Dirac Sea.

Not that they use the term properly, but it opened up a gaping wikipedia-hole for me that re-ignited a passion for and that makes me wish I had paid more attention in university.

Science is fucking rad.

Tuesday : That moment when a sizable chunk of the internet's population don't know how a judicial system works, and chant and in their ignorance.

Rocky, the Recidivist

For the past week I've had dozens of website hits from Indonesia, just bouncing against my main page.

I can't for the life of me figure out if I've suddenly gotten popular there, or if there's some bot algorithm bumping into me on its way to generate BlyatCoins or whatever...

Just listened to a museum talk of Wolf out of Juneau, Alaska.

For six years (2003-2009), the township was accosted by the friendliest wolf that has ever been recorded since the domestication process began some 30'000 years ago. The great old good boy went along and charmed domesticated dogs and people for hours and hours each day, for no other pleasure to be had than companionship.

I wish people could allow more of that in this world.

Doing some research on this malarkey, and I guess I shouldn't be shocked at the lengths to which people go to miss the point of a judicial system...

Tuesday : Taking a cautiously optimistic look at the RepresentUs movement and their quest to put an end to the faults and cracks in our vaunted .

A Democratic Overhaul:

Tuesday : takes a stroll across the forbidden . Though probably not to make the peace that he claims, but to set up a retirement plan for himself for when he will have to flee the US.

The North Korean Exit Strategy:

Scathing remarks delivered on FEMA at the US hearing on #ClimateChange, and a lot of hard truths.

It should be next to impossible for republicans to ever climb back into the denialism saddle when Trump is gone.

That’s not to say enough mitigation will happen in time to matter, though. The system moves to slow to beat nature now.

Swedish media finally bring up the issue of as a core contributor to with a good amount of authority.

It's sobering, really. Simple arithmetics that even teenagers can grasp, but that adults shy away from like the plague.

Tuseday : That moment when finally provokes counter-propaganda, where mainstream media claim that oil refinery expansions would be good for the . Which they can never, ever, ever, be.

The Lie of the Environmentally Friendly Oil Refinery:

Tuesday : Hundreds of thousands flock to the street in Hong Kong, and are by their Communist overlords branded lawless foreign agitators. Because the People's Voice has no place in the People's Republic.

A Hong Kong Congress:

Tuesday : The Swedish gov proves themselves faithful followers of the Cult of the Fireplace Fodder and Expired News Feed, as they revise the mission statement of Swedish to include the "defence of commercial media".

Iä! Iä! Old media fhtagn!:

Tuesday : Public smoking is being outlawed in Sweden. And while the lamentations are many, those of us that dislike lung cancer have not a solitary tear to shed for the poor smokers.

Putting the Camel out to Pasture:

Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws. - Plato

Tuesday : Dealing with the a particularly virulent myth endemic in the democratic process, perpetrated by the political establishment. That of the wasted vote.

The Myth of the Wasted Vote:

So, the book is done. Have had the week off. Tomorrow begins the process. Again.

Tuesday : The White House press proceedings and The Mueller report has made many things evident, not least of which how opaque the US government is to its public. And, I'm sorry to say, that's just not how you run a ...

What is Done in Darkness:

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