Tuesday : That lazy Saturday morning when the hack-n-slash hits surprisingly close to home, and the viral make-believe of is to blame.

A Little Beheading Before Breakfast:

Siemens is telling me that their new stove can "realise my dreams". I never knew that a stove could get my books published. Must cook one helluva omelette...

Wonder why all the joysticks were bought out of stock just days after Star Wars Squadrons came out...

You know you're hungry when you haven't had a decent meal for two days, and still don't feel godsmacked when you have a pizza under your nose. Your body's just fucking given up on every eating again, like

Tuesday : How the business model of selling citizenships to the world's seediest millionaires may have gotten in the way of supporting the .

The Troyan Horse from Cyprus:

2'600 words down today. Almost at act 3. Could possibly finish it off in a little more than two weeks at this pace.

I love the smell of the finish line with a project. Just about the best fucking smell in the world. Even better than napalm in the morning.

Tuesday : Where we take a look at the absolute mess that is the new movie release, and where I hold onto the hope that this will be the shape of things to come.

The Mulan Precedent:

Tuesday : That moment when would prefer to just shut down news reporting rather than to pay for distributing .

A Social Blockade:

Tuesday : The artist known as has thrown their graffiti millions into a search-and-rescue op. That has either failed miserably, or been turned into a dire publicity stunt of no small magnitude.

A Banksy Emergency:

I fucking loathe soliciting agents and publishers. I find the job of extolling me and my works' virtues disgusting. I feel filthy doing self promotion. And even though you labour through the spiritual miasma, you know full well that the odds are that it will be for naught. That it might not even be that the agents and publishers don't like your work, but that they don't even bother examining it.

And yet, you have to go out there. Try against hope and reason to exhibit your work. Fuck.

Tuesday : About the mess of Belarusian authoritariansim, and how telling it is who beleaguered dictators turn to in their time of need.

A Belarusian Bedlam:

Tuesday : How an island paradise gets destroyed by a Japanese , and it barely registers in the 24-hour news cycle in the year 2020.

WH Wakashio; Lost in the Noise:

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