Tuesday : Standing in opposition to the idiom that "life is a fragile thing". It isn't. Quite the opposite. It's enduring.

The Melody of the Lost:

I guess it's a moot point...

As soon as the injections take hold, and there's naught but a husk of flesh and bones left. It doesn't matter what they feel. They're gone.

But that doubt, that nagging fear that their last moment was filled with betrayal, will never stop haunting me.

The most gut-wrenching thing I know about it, however, is the nagging doubt. Did your presence there at their final moments fill them with comfort and a feeling of safety? Of love? Or would the knowledge of what you were condoning fill them with feeling betrayal?

"How can you, friend, parent, master, owner, support the murder of Me when I've only shown you love?"

There is simply something devastatingly profound in the eyes of the dying dog. A moment, they're there, tired and half-dreaming. The next, there's nothing. Suddenly, three injections of something that looks akin to anti-freeze has put a stop where a heart beat used to be.

Is there really anything sadder than a death-bed ridden dog?

So, the dog's dying. With a stomach riddled with cancer.

Ever felt like you're playing second fiddle to the rest of the world when you're hanging out with a dependent friend? Ever wonder why some people seem to prioritize their digital lives over their meat-space ones?

The Digital Curse:

Tuesday : A comment on how people seem to use their digital connection to the world at large like a promise rather than a tool.

The Digital Curse:

Tuesday : Hot potato time, as fears of raging rampant among newly arrived elementary students, I feel the need to elucidate why that's nothing to be surprised of.

An Anti-Semite Child?:

Tuesday : That moment when one of the weakest governments in a day and an age threatens a century old industry with a gas-ban.

Sauron gets a Gas-Ban:

Tuesday : That day when you start realizing that your vaunted representative was just a poker game for the rich and influential.

A Democratic Dirge:

Is it just me, or has this place started getting absolutely flooded with sex ads?

I always enjoyed this , taking place in a major corporation sub-sub-department office while the world is going to absolute shit in the background.

There's a sort of... resigned sweetness inherent in it.

Skyfall over the Smoke:

"When something has always been, it is difficult to imagine a day when it is not..."

Tuesday : As certain militant activists wish to emancipate critters of any shape, colour, or size from human society, I wonder why they think that the Wilds are such a vast improvement...

Something Wild at Home:

Opening up yourself to a constant stream of ignoble rejection is fucking exhausting. And it makes aiming high with your work, your manuscripts, begins feeling like nothing short of hubris.

Okay, back at after a long autumn of paying work. Have been looking at publishers, looking for a home of my novels again.

Fuck, this shit is daunting...

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