Tuesday : As the closed in, the world was hoping for a win. But peace is about compromise. And there's nothing so uncompromising as a child demanding restitution from its wardens.

An Ill Figured Nomination:

Tuesday : Disparage not the power of a Twitter like, for one such is enough to bring diplomatic staff between two world powers to a head.

And Errant Like:

Tuesday : The movie is a masterpiece, no dice. But after having to defend its honour with blade and shot I'm left with a stark realisation. Not everything about it is very good. But everything doesn't have to be.

She Said that Blade Runner was Stupid!:

Tuesday : Greta Thunberg is on the world's lips, but back in Sweden people are more concerned with how to administrate the civil disobediance of children skipping school for the benefit of .

Filing for Future:

We shall never relent. We shall never surrender. We shall, before our demise from the annals of history, salt the very earth we hold dear, with the sweat of our brows, with the salt of our tears, before we pass disquiet into the night.

Tuesday : How someone lit half of Saudi Arabia's oil production capacity on fire, how world markets scramble to deal with the resulting fuel deficit, and why I celebrate it.

"Bust the Bank, Break the Crown":

My piece-of-shit is bugging the ever-living shit out of me. Since over a week ago, I'm not getting ANY hits on it, looking at my stats. However, I've received likes and follows in the same space of time.

Does Wordpress withold stats so that I'll want to buy their premium package, only to let me see the views to make me think that I'll get more popular if I pay them?

Feels fishy as shit...

Tuesday : About the frustration with schools that expect a child from a war-torn country, who has spent the past five years just surviving instead of in a classroom, to hit the ground running and keep up with its peers.

Left in the Deep End:

I think I'm going to push up my about 12 hours. Feels like CET afternoon is a better time than right this minute. We'll see how it goes.

Tuesday : Nothing good ever comes out of stripping millions of inhabitants of their citizenships, but that's what nationalist of India has just done.

Every Shade of Racism:

Wow... digging into the racist roots of the nationalist BJP in India is mind-boggling.

Listening to the American discourse on racism, they wilol try to tell you that only white people can be racist. By god, how wrong they are...

The good people of the world learned too late that all power is violence, too late to save themselves and the other ones too, but not too late for revenge.

Tuesday : As the world's single largest carbon sink is up in flames, one might wonder how it came to be that we hedged all our breathing bets on one solitary forest.

The Amazonian Basket:

Tuesday : Every year, teachers complain about the same old thing. And every year they're missing the point. It's not about and the proliferation of mobile devices in the classroom (and elsewhere). It's what's shown on those screens...

The Icarus Device:

No, I think it's time for something a little more wholesome. Like the prolification of digital devices in society... y'know... something a little less controversial.

And I just don't know enough Portuguese to follow all the twists and turns of the Bolsanaro train wreck.

I've been talking a lot about the Orange Hydra these past few months, and I'm sick and tired of talking about that turd. Same goes with Netanyahu and his right-wing, apartheid state that has lost its soul to fascism.

We don't really know anything about the explosion in Arkhangelsk (in true Russian fashion), but I bet it'll be a fascinating story in a few decades of how close the world got to annihilation (again).

Nuclear explosions in western Russia, the Orange Hydra pushing Netanyahu to bar US congresswomen entry into Israel, and Bolsanaro resistance in Brasil.

This week's been a hoot, and yet I think I'm going to go with something a little more low-key...

Tuesday : is home, disappearing from Swedish shores before the judge's gavel fell. I'll be surprised if he shows up to face his sentence. So here's my suggestion on what Sweden could get out of Mayers' flight.

A Rocky Exodus:

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