Further announcements from @Dodge@twitter.com .

"We're also adding a fueling port to pour in coal, to have the full Retro World Destroying Feel of fossil fuel powered muscle cars."


This is literally the stupidest thing I've read this week.

Dodge says its all-electric Charger concept is as loud as gas-powered muscle cars engadget.com/dodge-all-electri

"Hey Dave, I have these things lying around. You want 'em?"

"Oh fine, sure, I guess so" (glee, chortle, smirk)

(This is a 3870 and a 3760 and a sort of prototype camera dock)

So now after having lived in small world Midwest -- city no larger than ~350,000 people -- it's clear that liberals in the suburbs are absolutely delusional in thinking recycling is happening at any meaningful scale.

No fucking wonder my boss just throws everything in the trash. I was confused when I first encountered this behavior, but huge cities in the USA do not have the capability currently to support large scale recycling
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Was there ever, in all of American history, a man less fit for the presidency than Donald Trump?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/StephenKing/status

Unpopular opinion: I think is in trouble. Microsoft is putting enormous efforts into adding features and integrations and functions into Teams, and slack / is doing... Nothing.

I don't like Microsoft. I don't like . I find the interface difficult to navigate and unintuitive, but it's clear that Microsoft is hell-bent on overtaking slack, and they are well on their way to succeeding.

Dear @Google@twitter.com - Voice is awesome. It really is. It miiight be time to work on the webclient a bit. Did you know every chat system in the world allows you to paste in an image to send?

Except yours.

Might want to put someone on that. Shouldn't be hard.

Happy power outage day! I am e or.ously tha kfyl for having installed my transfer switch and generator last year. We're fine.

I'd really like to find the engineer who added the 'swipe to move forward and past in time' in Google Calendars, and have a heart to heart chat. Probably starting with WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?

Would you be interested in a cryptocurrency that doesn't involve complex wallets, is completely secure, and you literally can't lose? Say hello to thoughtcoin. You mine it by thinking up a number. That's how many thoughtcoin you have! It's so easy, you've already done it. Running low on thoughtcoin? Think up a bigger number! Forgot your balance? Think up a new one! It's time for thoughtcoin.

This is why nerds socialize. Friend of mine sai "Hey, I have this Tungsten E2 still in it's original packaging, want it?"

Hell yeah I do. I try to avoid collecting Palm devices (cuz there's zillions), but this is just too cool. April, 2005 this was released. It's been in it's box for 17 years.

Ladles and gentlemints. That is a working playfield light on my Hyperball machine. Another fixed problem!!!

I just have to say, I have the best boss ever. I was out last week with COVID, and I'm still testing positive. We had a very quick meeting this morning, because I was like "I'm mostly okay, just tired. Is there stuff that needs to be done?"

His reply: "No, we're fine. Get better. Take the time you need. Go heal."

So, we reset the timer 2 days and we'll see then.

There are good managers in the world.

So talk about a weird indicator that I'm starting to feel better. One of my idle time things is to do very difficult Sudoku puzzles. Have a nice app for it on my phone, and for most of this week, I would simply unable to complete any puzzles.

Today I did three of them, without any hints errors.

I know Sudoku puzzles are considered a sort of "not very hard puzzle for people who think they're smarter than they are" but I find them relaxing and entertaining.

So, my sweetie is down with the 'rona. We've isolated out, and we're staying in separate parts of the house. I'm considering this like a camping trip adventure TO MY OFFICE. What a world we live in.

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