"Lonely places draw lonely people", she thinks as she walks farther north... "They echo inside us, and we cannot help but listen."

From "City of Blades" by Robert Jackson Bennett

It's off to disk we go!
A bit or byte to read or write
I/O I/O I/O I/O!

Usenet was the Fediverse before there was a Fediverse. A decentralized communication network that distributed messages based on subscription rules and filtering.

If the Usenet protocol weren't such a pile of dogshit, it would be tempting project to resurrect.

KNow what I wish @Mastodon had? Real threads. You see the post, it has a > under it saying there are replies. You spin the > and see the thread / comments under it.

Right now it's modelled far too closely to Twitter, which is "oh, there's... replies, and htis is a reply? Sorta? Can I just see the whole thread?

Hey just wanted to send a shout out to @ifixcoinops and others who chimed in. The repair was a roaring success, and the machine is playing beautifully. . Thank you!

Hey I made Apple Pie from scratch. We have an apple tree right outside our house, so I picked half a dozen, made the crust from scratch, and voila!

In memory of Clive Sinclair, who passed today at the age of 81, I give you my Sinclair ZX80, circa 1980. One of 2 i have in my collection.

Moar silliness. 'MatchParen' is a handy function (highlights a block). But vim by default uses your cursor color. Very confusing.

This makes it just show a green highlight:

hi MatchParen ctermbg=black ctermfg=green

This optical switch has been soldered to this board for 40 years. Ready to be replaced!

I just spent a half hour doing old sk00l filesystem management on an old Debian host, looking for large files and contacting owners. Some of the files are 5+ years old and the owners are like "whu?"

Makes my old sysadmin bones happy.

This weekend it's camping in the new caravan/camper trailer. While I love my and my , the missus prefers comfort and convenience. And ain't gonna loez having a kitchen bathroom, real beds, running water and air cqonditioning is awfully nice.

It does remind me of what it's like living om a boat, and since we both want that in our future, maybe this is good practice for the two of us.

@ifixcoinops How the heck do i remove and test this optical target? Just undo the 4 hex head wood screws and pull out the assembly out and then multimeter?

And so it begins. This machine has a stuck gate. One of the optical triggers isn't triggering. I learned how to take it apart and run diagnostics. Now to see if it's just dirty or the switch needs to be replaced.

Churning my way through the great medical machinery of my country. I know all the pitfalls and problems in our healthcare, but when it runs right it runs well. I also recognize my privelege compared to so many others.

Having said all that. Sorta hope this round of tests helps figure some stuff out.

Spending Sunday night elbow deep in bash getopts screwyness was not what I had planned for a nice relaxing end to the weekend. But here we are.

(bash getopt is a mess. That is all)

I honestly cannot believe I"m a member of same species as this person. I reiterate - maybe inventing the internet was a bad idea. If gives people like this too strong a voice.

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