Excellent piece by Tom Scott about how computers are being driven by copyright extremists into the end of days... Watch "The Artificial Intelligence That Deleted A Century" on YouTube

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Honoured to have been elected unanimously by @fsfe 's members to serve another two-year term as president.

Looking forward to work together with Heiki, Patrick and all the other @fsfe contributors for !


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"Music superstar #MIA drops some truth bombs after visiting Julian #Assange. She calls out war crimes of the Bush Era, Obama Era, Democrats & questions the legitimacy of the Nobel Peace Prize!"

Ainda a tempo de aproveitar dia e meio da ! Junta-te em no Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval

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Today is the Day against ! Join us and the @fsf@twitter.com in raising awareness about digital restrictions

A está na , e tem algo para os seus sócios, *cof*-t-shirt*cof*, actuais e que se inscrevam no momento, aproveitem para aparecer no Centro Olga Cadaval em e dizer olá! :)


Did you *have* a stock photo business?

Quoting Paul Keller...

«this is pretty wild. quality of these photos is nowhere near stock photos yet, but that’s just a matter of time. if these are really free from  (because generated) then we are witnessing the emergence of an auto-generative »

I wonder how many of my friends I will be able to meet-up with at this year's See you at Bolzano Nov 15th thourgh 17th!

It's not just cameras that have fallen, professional photographers did, as well.

I hired none for my marriage over a decade ago...

This Simple Chart Shows How Deeply Smartphone Sales Impacted The Camera Industry - Digg

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RT @zecke42@twitter.com
It seems like we are in the age of the angry mob.

If one wants a lesson on how to run a successful hitjob, just look at how absolute hysteric SJWs are manipulated to distort and blow out of proportion things in order to successfully take down a great man from the chess board of Software Freedom.



At least he'll be able to finally have some rest, or at least I hope so.

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Living or traveling #berlin? Enrol in the FTS. It is a system that tells you if your cellphone appears in a police search. It is quite likely that you already appeared in such a search e.g. by attending a demo. fts.berlin.de/anmelden


Yes, next on my playlist!

New !

dr. Sybren: "It's live! Spring - Blender Open Movie Spring i…" - Mastodon

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It's live!
Spring - Blender Open Movie

Spring is the latest short film produced by Blender Animation Studio. Made in Blender 2.8. Get the production files, assets and exclusive making-of videos by...


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Perguntei-me se seria alguma mensagem do além, mas assim que saí tive a minha resposta ajudando uma pessoa a arrancar o carro por empurrão.

Espero que venha aí um ótimo karma! :)

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Just discovered #transmission-cli to download #peertube videos. Awesome! Should be straight-forward to integrate this in my script and add it to youtube-dl and wget for collecting stuff for my 2watch queue :)

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