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dr. Sybren: "It's live! Spring - Blender Open Movie Spring i…" - Mastodon

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It's live!
Spring - Blender Open Movie

Spring is the latest short film produced by Blender Animation Studio. Made in Blender 2.8. Get the production files, assets and exclusive making-of videos by...

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Perguntei-me se seria alguma mensagem do além, mas assim que saí tive a minha resposta ajudando uma pessoa a arrancar o carro por empurrão.

Espero que venha aí um ótimo karma! :)

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Just discovered #transmission-cli to download #peertube videos. Awesome! Should be straight-forward to integrate this in my script and add it to youtube-dl and wget for collecting stuff for my 2watch queue :)

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"The Impact of Free Software on competition" - An article by Prof. Dr. Simon Schlauri about the and arguments resulting from releasing :

Apparently, there are security professionals that try to argue a hardware device and a pin to access that device constitute two independent factors where the compromise of one doesn't compromise the reliability of the other.

I guess there's not much to say, then.

Go read Article 4/30 again.

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¡@SlimbookEs está de aniversario! Cumplimos 4 años y queremos celebrarlo con descuentos 🎂4⃣🎂

Válidos sólo hasta el viernes o agotar existencias, y sólo en los productos de la segunda imagen.

Cc @jwildeboer not a photo, but half way there. It would just be an empty plate, though. ;)

Tonight's dinner... Yum and those who haven't seen me in a while will very likely NOT recognize me...

Somebody please make a mockumentary. The work is cut out for the director, just copy and paste from the news, get Andy Serkis to play Theresa May in the up close interviews. Go!

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@jwildeboer Happy birthday, my friend! I wish we could meet soon, but alas.... Have a great day!

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro - whyred - 15.1 Changelog -

Nooo! I can understand Nexus 7 2013 stops being maintained but not Xiaomi Redmi Note 5! Nooo! :(

It's a new device, I wonder what happened to the maintainer?

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"[…] If you have a fingerprint reader that's unsupported, contact your laptop manufacturer about them providing a Linux driver for it and point them at this documentation.[…] A number of laptop vendors are already asking their OEM manufacturers to provide drivers to be […]"

♲ @Bastien Nocera ( New blog post: The tools of libfprint…
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♲ @Wurzelmann ( Signal to Australia: "We can’t include a backdoor in Signal"……
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