Whenever a communications team shows fear of NAT or Masquerade, somewhere, somehow, a little fairy dies. Please think of the fairies!

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Reinhard Müller contributes to the @fsfe since 2002. Everyone who did not yet have the joy of working with him; learn more about a key contributor of us in the interview:


(I know that all those who know him, will directly read it.)

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I know times are tough, but imagine if they got tougher by having to deal with software patents in Europe?
I'd recommend supporting this FFII initiative, specially if you're in the business of writing software...

Abolish in

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Thanks, @eff@twitter.com, for explaining to @github@twitter.com how code works ;) youtube-dl is back and everyone has learned, hopefully.

força empresa a beneficiários de apoio de Acção Social Escolar via

O nosso força esta empresa a beneficiários de apoio de Acção Social Escolar via

De notar que em lugares chave do Governo há pessoas que vieram diretamente da Microsoft, o qu


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Dear @EU_Commission@twitter.com - no backdoors in e2e encrypted messengers. You can seize devices already and you have more than enough tools available to go after criminals and terrorists. You must protect, not attack our privacy. This is my personal opinion.

Over ten years ago (I wasn't a father yet) when I thought a cough was taking a bit too long to pass.

Just so people understand I do understand very well how face masks work, and I wore one to work, daily, before it was trendy or mandatory.

And I painted a South Park style smile over it because it made it funnier.

That's me in the corner, that's me in the spotlight
Losing my religion
Trying to keep up with you and I don't know if I can do it
Oh no, I've said too much, I haven't said enough

Hosting your own at home has its risks. In my case, hardware failures will imply downtime, hopefully it will end by mid week when a brand new old motherboard arrives to replace the old one.

Be careful what you wish for…


This is the result of not only originally from a) copyright maximalism extremists lobby but also, more recently, from b) pressure by people who can't handle offence from the right with all the "cancel culture


Er... @nextcloud Known issue with the scanner? "Running Nextcloud" "NOT on latest patch level"

Malta, um donativo para ajudar a FFII, vá lá... Eu já fiz!

Donate now! to save Europe from Software Patents, says FFII

Today, October 8th 2020, the Unitary Patent is entering the German Bundestag. FFII is calling on urgent donations to crowdfund a Constitutional Complaint against the third attempt to impose softwar…


A better template for

Today I had some fun with Zabbix and Nextcloud. This is a very efficient template that only does one request to the server for the monitoring data, populating well over 20 items, and contains a basic web scenario.

It has some graphs and a 3x2 screen but they probably need some styling love.

Enjoy at github.com/rseabra/zabbix-temp


in , both app and server side components of tracking app published. Still missing: the Google and Apple parts. Code is here: github.com/stayawayinesctec

John Cleese. a long long time ago, BUT OMG SO EFFIN' ADEQUATE TO THE CURRENT STATUS QUO!


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