Be careful what you wish for…

This is the result of not only originally from a) copyright maximalism extremists lobby but also, more recently, from b) pressure by people who can't handle offence from the right with all the "cancel culture

Er... @nextcloud Known issue with the scanner? "Running Nextcloud" "NOT on latest patch level"

Malta, um donativo para ajudar a FFII, vá lá... Eu já fiz!

Donate now! to save Europe from Software Patents, says FFII

Today, October 8th 2020, the Unitary Patent is entering the German Bundestag. FFII is calling on urgent donations to crowdfund a Constitutional Complaint against the third attempt to impose softwar…

A better template for

Today I had some fun with Zabbix and Nextcloud. This is a very efficient template that only does one request to the server for the monitoring data, populating well over 20 items, and contains a basic web scenario.

It has some graphs and a 3x2 screen but they probably need some styling love.

Enjoy at

in , both app and server side components of tracking app published. Still missing: the Google and Apple parts. Code is here:

John Cleese. a long long time ago, BUT OMG SO EFFIN' ADEQUATE TO THE CURRENT STATUS QUO!

World’s Leading Vaccine Expert Fact-Checks COVID-19 Vaccine Conspiracy|STAY CURIOUS #22

We want to thank Dr. Jerome Kim, the Director General of the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), for sharing his expert insight on the development of a va...

Although has a very cool output in the console, I'm not so sure about the accuracy of it's sources, as our national weather officials predict 32C for Sunday, in Lisbon, not the measly 25 at best. They're usually right on the spot...

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Here's some badly needed good news! Thanks to everyone who petitioned, argued and faught for this.


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An improvement request to DNS Over HTTP resolvers: option to only resolve if all configured providers agree, and redirect to gateway address reporting error if they don't. This would be better, IMHO, so that one can use two different providers and not allow one of them to take control...

After three weeks of intense fighting against my kid's school, they finally got convinced that there is no need to impose a Google account for the kids to use Google Classroom for sharing documents and Google Meet for video conferencing, although they have only ceded to my son. A small and very modest win.

I don't think well of asking streaming platforms to not charge for their service, that's cutting their wrists open.

There's lots of content in the Internet Archive, take advantage of it vast public domain content, full of precious little treasures!

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Whoever came up with the term „social distancing“ should be ashamed. The correct term is physical distancing IMHO. We should collectively stop using the „social distancing“ term from now on.

Create your own *and* instance

So the best, and quickest, way to get your own Jitsi instance is to follow this instructions:

As far as I can tell there is no such easy peasy way to have it running in CentOS, and I won't be diving into it for the moment although I certainly intend to do so in the future, bu

How to connect to a different Jitsi site

So you have now setup your own Jitsi site, or you want to connect to your friend's Jitsi site. How to do it?

If you're using a computer, it's simple: all you need is to type the address of the website and room in your browser's url bar:

But if this was all to it, then it would be a very boring short b

Setting up your own server is very cool and easy:

The authentication in this example is just barebones, but set it up against a decent domain (with LDAP for instance) and off you go with your own TOTALLY PRIVATE conference site!

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