Johns Hopkins is also a funny case, if one recalls their 201 event last year. :P

Good news but changes nothing WRT there being no vaccine for anyone before 2021 (except the lucky ones that participate in the trials, assuming it works).

WHO is promoting contactless payments as a way to avoid touching potentially infected pin pads. What a theatre!

After touching all around, where lots of people have touched before, you're worried about the pin pad? You have telekinesis to pick up stuff?

Contactless is only useful in limited low value, low risk transactions.

What's necessary WRT covid19 is -hysteria and +rationality, it's important to keep our humanity and social touching.

After all, we're not scared little robots! :)

@gbraad hi friend, a bit late but happy birthday. I hope your "house arrest" ends up real soon and harmless. :)

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So, a CCNA L3 keeps insisting ping efficiently tests layer two. Claims my OpenBSD's carp doesn't reply. I try to, unsuccessfully, explain that it can't respond to ICMP requests if the packets at layer 2 level don't even reach the machine, even though it's joyfully replying to arp who-has requests...

Meh... CISCO... You're doing it wrong...

«Somebody should tell (at) vonderleyen» could become a nice viral meme, if people digital eu people are creative enough... :)

Somebody should tell that must not become a safeground for , we need not private taxation.

Somebody should tell That in order to acknowledge and protect «SMEs being a vital part of the industrial fabric» must forbid otherwise the US and Chinese technology giants will eat us for breakfast.

Somebody should tell that being (as in Freedom) has to be an absolutely implicit requirement of so that «AI systems should be transparent, traceable and guarantee human oversight.»

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Imagine a self-storage facility. You cannot go directly to your unit. But must unpack everything at the front desk and the person there decides if they accept it for storage or call the cops. That's the #EU plan for copyright protection online in a nutshell. #SarcasmButOnlyHalf

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"OpenMoko: 10 Years After" - 2.5 years old but still a great read.

Thank you,,, Rasterman, Werner and everybody else who had a hand in OpenMoko. The world still needs a mobile Linux phone!

How to get a war without the need to have the US Congress declaring it:

Use National Defense Authority Act to murder a foreign big guy. Foreign country declares war.

This may very well be a costly distraction, let's hope it doesn't escalate.

Meanwhile, for a country at perpetual war, it's last declaration we in 1942. Think about that...

The series is very good. A forewarning I wish I had been given to before, reread to remember better (or read if you haven't ever) the book before you watch the series in order to enjoy it even more. No, it does not follow the movie! Don't count on it because it doesn't!

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Dear Santa,

I've been a good project all year, my list is short and sweet like Mrs.Claus!

- S3 Support
- Stories
- Instagram Import


Is there an app that already works with @pixelfed ? Adding the account with @fedilab doesn't work as it breaks down and looses all accounts when returning to the app. Tusky keeps requesting urls that pixelfed replies with 500 internal server error, with current git dev and properly updated through the documented procedure. Oh woe is me...

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There are recently several fake e-mails out including to mailing lists which appear to come from myself. To clarify: I am not using protonmail e-mail aliases nor will I send out e-cards.

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