Somebody please make a mockumentary. The work is cut out for the director, just copy and paste from the news, get Andy Serkis to play Theresa May in the up close interviews. Go!

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@jwildeboer Happy birthday, my friend! I wish we could meet soon, but alas.... Have a great day!

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro - whyred - 15.1 Changelog -

Nooo! I can understand Nexus 7 2013 stops being maintained but not Xiaomi Redmi Note 5! Nooo! :(

It's a new device, I wonder what happened to the maintainer?

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"[…] If you have a fingerprint reader that's unsupported, contact your laptop manufacturer about them providing a Linux driver for it and point them at this documentation.[…] A number of laptop vendors are already asking their OEM manufacturers to provide drivers to be […]"

♲ @Bastien Nocera ( New blog post: The tools of libfprint…
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♲ @Wurzelmann ( Signal to Australia: "We can’t include a backdoor in Signal"……

Hoje, a está no Eka Palace para este celebrando os 70 anos de , muitos deles postos em risco pela ganância do software proprietário ou por extremismos maximalistas de várias vertentes de monopólio (patentes, copyright, trademark, etc).

Mofo-ing I hurt all over my glutes, hams, and quads...

Apelo a manifestação contra a atual proposta de directiva de direito de autor na sociedade da informação...

12/12/2018 16:30
* Lisboa: Praça da Figueira
* Porto: Avenida dos Aliados

Let's go

I'm officially not overweight, although still with a wee bit of fat to lose in the belly. < 80 for the first time in possibly 20 years or more. Healthy Many thanks to @drericberg for his much appreciated videos exposição a lot about nutrition.

Há mesas para os portáteis, ou não portáteis, que tragam, para instalar GNU/Linux, programar, etc! do

Some colleagues told me off, go make blood tests because I can't be healthy, with a ketogenic regime and intermittent fasting / one sumptuous meal a day.

They're right.

I'm not healthy, I'm awesomely healthy! :)

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