Esta formadora de contabilidade pode ser muito simpática, mas acho que aprendo melhor a sua matéria lendoálise_ do que estas horas todas de formação certificada...

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So the #Dutch government just published a #DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) under #GDPR on #Microsoft #Office365. TL;DR by deciding MSFT is a controller under GDPR, it just made life for a lot of #SaaS quite miserable, if this holds. Via

He lasted a lot longer than I'd ever think he would, to me he was always an old man.

Even if with a couple of skeletons in his closet (*cough* Kirby *cough* Ditko *cough*)...

Excelsior bucket of win, Stan the Man!

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♲ @Lennart Poettering ( Here's a little toy I hacked on the past week: "systemd-analyze security". If you pass it a systemd service name it will check which sandboxing options are used for it and which ones are not, and calculates an "exposure level" from it.…
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Hoy estamos en el primer taller de @inkscape en y "está petao petao"! Si no has podido venir, lo sentimos, no sabes lo que te estás perdiendo! Hay quien ha venido desde Murcia... No hay video, pero se compartirán los ejercicios en el foro:

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When #Amazon runs their internal IT on #AWS - is it on premise or a cloud solution? ;)

Caro Manuel Alegre,

Como bem deveria saber pelo seu passado contra a ditadura, o politicamente "correto" atenta contra a liberdade de *expressão*.

A liberdade pessoal é outra coisa e deve ser (e bem) limitada pois a sua liberdade de esticar o braço termina no meu direito de não levar pancada dele, por leve que seja.

I already had the gut feeling that accounting consisted mostly of the art of lying with numbers. The more I know about it, the more entrenched this gut feeling gets.

At the bank. They need a document that I have in digital form. But printed so they can digitise it. No, I can't send it by email or give them a link to download. The dark ages want their shirts back, it seems...

Obfuscated encryption fails again… No Shit, Sherlock!

This is obfuscation, rather than encryption, for all purposes. Major hardware vendors are involved, and «the issue is worse on Windows». No surprises, then Glad I don't use that poor excuse for an operating system :) It seems a few popular devices with hardware controlled self encryption aren't really doing it good by having master…[...]

IIª Festa do Software – Moita 2018

E já está aí, finalmente público, um excelente projeto co-organizado pela ANSOL, HumanEasy e outros. A IIª Festa do Software Livre - Moita 2018 decorre de 23 a 25 de Novembro, façam o favor de aparecer por lá, deverei estar lá nos 3 dias, e tenho uma pequena apresentação de keynote sobre o estado atual…[...]

I love learning new stuff

Really! Learning new stuff is always good to improve yourself, even when it's something so boring as accounting (well, this one I need to help myself believe it). This is definitely not news for many people, but I always wondered how failban was blocking an when I couldn't find any of the banned IPs…[...]

Today at the gym, a common house fly bothers me while doing chest flies...

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I can't understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I'm frightened of old ones.
-- John Cage

#anarchism #quote #bot

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The only positive aspect I would see about the adoption of #article13 is the obvious boost it would give to the development and advance of decentralized technologies -where upload filter won't exist-. go #Peertube, #Fediverse, #Mastodon, etc.!

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