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] v 3.2.4 loading
] Connecting to drones[3CF]... connected
] self object pointer set to drone[3CF]
] Running CA.startup script
> EXEC camera(self, 1)
< Enabled
> EXEC light(self, 100)
< self.flashlight set to 100 lumens (default)
] Interactive mode enabled
] available command functions: camera(target,enabled) light(target,value) microphone(target,volume) speak(string)
] Enter Command

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I'm a demi dude that made Cardmaster Conflict, ADVENTURERS!, technically still makes Antihero for Hire even though I haven't updated in a while.

My website is

Kicked out of the gap for refusing to not call the mannequins toons

Making an album but the track list is just
Baby Park
Nuremburg Ring
Mute City 2

When Steven King drinks the concoction his cooler personality, Stephan Kieng, takes over

Is "wint" pronounced

websites be like
i'm a robot, but i wont talk to you unless you are not also a robot

Tragic that vampires could survive on mt dew baha blast all this time and it was only this week someone thought to try

ancient romans didnt actually think U's and V's were the same thing they were just doing a typing quirk is updated. The profile directory is now part of the web UI. It looks a bit better from the single-column layout.

still angry that araki gave Emperor an E in precision what was he thinking

What if Yoda species starts as a big buff dude and then shrinks. Like a whole fuckin Benjamin button planet

The funniest thing about Mass Effect 2 are the three merc groups you fight in the game.. almost always they are doing super shady shit but a lot of the time they are just doing it for themselves! Nobody is paying them! They are mercenary groups! They even double cross the people who ARE paying them sometimes! That's not good business my dudes!

Taco bell wedding guy, formerly blinking white guy, the guy who made that nick cage clip viral, the guy who gave twilight princess 8.8 and abby from brooklyn, the guy playing dark souls and got kicked off the ledge by a skeleton, an ex mythtern

Hi i'm a school kid who has incredibly improbable hair and is the best at tabletop games ever, except when I play magic the gathering an ancient ruler (who had the same hair even though it it's historically even more improbable) takes over which I guess is technically cheating and also he can draw whatever card he wants which is also technically cheating but

The average person shoots 30 to 50 hogs per day is just statistical error. Average person kills 0 hogs per day, Assaultrifles Georg is an outlier and should not be counted

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