Hey *whispers* can someone gimme an invite to awoo.space

This has been sitting in my pictures folder for years and now is the time

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RT @DangerFox@twitter.com: Hello! I'm going to open for some chibi style commissions. $40 +$10 for a detailed background

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RT @olivebrinker@twitter.com: the whole "did you just assume my gender" joke is so strange to me because the meat of the joke is that trans people are overly eager to get angry over being misgendered, when in reality a lot of us live in constant fear of the repercussions of even politely correcting cis people

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RT @drewtoothpaste@twitter.com: when your CEO is magic, you can do anything

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This was drawn by toonplague on twitter

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I don’t have a lot of spoons left to talk about this because I was a therapist for ten people today, but I always have enough room to get mad when alt right shitheads brigade someone out of a job and people go “oh they deserved it”

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RT @JUNIUS_64@twitter.com: heads up to everyone spreading this steaming horseshit:

Homer Hickam had nothing to do with her losing the internship. People hashtagging NASA in the replies did. Hickam’s own words. homerhickamblog.blogspot.com/2

STOP SENDING MOBS AFTER TRANS PEOPLE ONLINE. twitter.com/catlinnyaa/status/

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Someone texted this to me and I thought it was an incredibly apt description of bitcoin

I'm sure some of you have seen this but, this thing is really nice queeringthemap.com

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waddle dee tearing up thinking about his friends

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RT @bully_thelsb@twitter.com: Olivia Jaimes has got YOUR number, inteenet

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I did this for tweetplace but it looks nice so I'm posting it here too

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