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Please note that none of this is based on real-world data and I am not a scientist. It's just a toy-system with simple rules and I might have made some wrong assumptions.

Slightly less compressed version:

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Let's try this again. The rules are simple:

grey = healthy but not immune
orange = infected, no symptoms, contagious
red = infected, symptoms, contagious
green = healthy, immune
blue = dead

A non-immune pixel has a 5% chance to get infected if it is next to a contagious one.

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My first attempt at lip transfer with - needs more work but some of them are okay.

'Ascetics under a Tree' by Inayat / / 1600s.

Interesting mix. The chief seems to be a senior aghori sadhu. On either side are monks who look tibetan and dravidian. The orange robed gent seems to be punjabi while the bottom right looks central asian. A naga sadhu and an old sanyasi on the left complete the setting.

Mastodonians! Lend me your ears.

Current reigning bosses of the scene - Farid Ayaz + Abu Mohd. & co - performing a few 13th century verses talking about the infusion of the into 'Aadam / Adam'


Damn images out of are horrible after that earthquake!

Watching news websites that are part of the American govt propaganda machine, reporting on the evilness and fakeness of the news websites, that are part of the recently busted Indian govt propaganda machine.

Screenshot from Indian chai brand Chaayos' privacy policy over cameras in their kiosks. Thanks to @nixxin who is on the case

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