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Can't stop thinking about this gorilla running from the rain...

Lot of artists working in this anthroposurreal visual space, but Boris seems to have something fun going on.

resignation is fishy as fuck.. More of that democracy being exported from the global north.

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"Impressions of Lodhi" by the Singaporean street artist Yip Yew Chong. This mural at Delhi's Lodhi Colony shows a somewhat accurate pan-India representation - sparrow and 'barber shop'. Rest of the symbols could be regional. "...I had noticed the locals were able to immediately connect with them. Though there were many beautiful murals in Lodhi, they told me this is a rare one that focused all about them," says Yip Yew Chong.

Something i made a decade ago during the Iraq days, before moving more actively into 3d. Oddly feels relevant today.

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What is your age?

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Bushfires in New South Wales. These photos taken near my cousin's home, north of Newcastle.

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I feel like my Celtic ancestors, who lived in northern France, would be very proud of all my warm clothes and heating pads. It’s okay guys, we don’t have to freeze in the alsacien snow anymore, we’re good.

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@Ryche Q: What is the best incident / episode from Mughal India on which to base a film?

A: Depends on genre. And, really, why choose among the stars in the sky? For tragic love, Aurangzeb and Hirabai. For power couple love, Nur Jahan and Jahangir. For dark drama, the Sayyid brothers rise and fall. For daring drama, Shivaji's escape from Aurangzeb's court. For horror, the sieges of Chittor (Akbar) or Bijapur (Aurangzeb). For family drama, Jahangir's rebellion. I could go on at some length...

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Aaron Swartz. Born on this day! November 8, 1986. He would have been 33 today.

November 9 will be observed all over the world as Aaron Swartz Day — an annual event to celebrate Aaron Swartz’s legacy as an activist, programmer, entrepreneur & political organizer.

Hackathons would be organised, where diverse & passionate folks would gather & exchange ideas with each other, who believe in Freedom of #Information & #Education and Securing Digital Space for all.

Remember 9th November! 💜

Wondering how Mastodon treats video links from youtube...

Also, not enough beats on this platform as of now... Stephan Bodzin for Cercle in Bond villian mode to make up for that:


Working mostly out of NY right now I think, the fact that she's still young and establishing herself excites me quite a bit since that means there's hopefully a lot to look forward to, over the next few years.

Next up - The stunning and oddly engaging work of Arghavan Khosravi.

Iranian-American, mad interplay of dimension, texture, realism and colour with just a hint of the digital doom that pervades everything around us today

Cool, looks like bringing in the audience from the birdsite to Mastodon is working. Next two things on the agenda:
- organic content unavailable outside mastodon
- drama

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