First day at the job done. Boss and colleagues seem nice. Lots of systems to learn but I don't feel totally in over my head. My trainee peers also seem like peers with similar levels of experience and skill, which helps me avoid impostor syndrome.

First day at the job. Totally not nervous. But I'll survive.

I'm going to continue working on a little CHIP-8 emulator in Rust over at Will probably spend a bit of time writing some tests to see if my instructions work correctly and then see if I can get a program loaded into it.

I'm trying really hard to convince myself that I don't need a new, fancy mechanical keyboard.

I'm going to be playing some Stellaris over at in about 15 minutes. We'll continue exploring the mysterious Shroud and probably bullying some neighbouring empires. See you in the chat!

Hello! I'm going to be playing some Linux games over at in about 15 minutes. Going to have a look at "Fate of Dynasty", then try out Blood through Raze engine and then we'll be starting a playthrough of Wolfendoom: Blade of Agony. See you in the chat!

Both this and my new shelves we just hauled home from my dad's workplace. Pandemic has shown that people can work remote, so they are basically ditching half of their office space, desks, shelves and chairs included, which means free office furniture to those that want it.

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New desk got. Now I can code, game and stream standing up. Will probably end up sitting most of the time, but at least I have the option.

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We're going to be live on Twitch once again tonight! Diving into the deep end of on once again!

Follow us:

Probably live about 8PM UTC / 9PM BST.

Did a heist and acquired some office furniture from dad's workplace. Sadly got locked out, so the electric office desk will need to wait for another day.

Going to continue writing a CHIP-8 emulator that I began in Rust ages ago but left incomplete. We'll see if I can get back up to speed and hack together some of the more complex instructions.

Hi! Going to be playing more Stellaris over at in about 15 minutes. See you in the chat!

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Clean Up The Web!


- Italian translation by Alain Mauri (

- VSCod(ium) code tour for translators by Tomas Ekeli ( who also wrote the Norwegian translation

- French translation improvement by goofy-mdn (

Thank you all :) 💕


Hello! I'm going to be streaming some Linux games over at in about 15 minutes. For tonight's stream I picked up a couple of games that were on sale and on my wishlist. We'll be looking at "We. The Revolution" and "Moonlighter". Then we'll dive back into Metro: Last Light. See you in the chat!

Yay! The new PipeWire version properly separated the hardware and monitor outputs, so now I don't need to up my OBS capture volume by like 25 dB.

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This little buddy spooked me by hanging next to the toilet light switch. It got peacefully evicted.

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I'm feeling a little bit lazy and out of ideas, so for today's stream I'll first do a bit of a showcase/mini post-mortem of the game I've spent the past weeks coding for my uni course and then do a bit of recreational coding puzzles in Comet 64. I'll try to come up with something more productive for next week.

I'm going to stream a bit of Stellaris over at in about 15 minutes. We've got a galaxy ripe for the taking, many friends to make and many more enemies to destroy. See you in the chat!

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