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It's just writing a bunch of data into a memory area that a "VGA device" DMAs into the video buffer. There's nothing fancy going on and the visual effect was a side effect of the emulator clock rate and the data I was putting in the buffer.

Been writing a little emulator for a fantasy CPU inspired by a uni course into the workings of a computer. After numerous branch and math test programs, I finally got it to do a bit of graphics!

Had some fun sabering people to death last night on @gamingonlinux Friday Livestream. This is pure skill and no luck whatsoever.

Well, damn, I guess it's time to bring out the abacus with all these CPU security failures. Although my desktop has a Ryzen even it is affected to an extent, not to mention even my phone is vulnerable to . What a way to start 2018.

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Regarding Pyre, Sir Gilman remains the best.

Rukey Greentail is also the best.

They are the co-best.

Had a creepy moment in The Long Dark. Was inside a house when lights started flickering and there was a green glow in the windows. Walked out the house to find this waiting for me.

Goodbye 2017, hello 2018. Please be better than your predecessor!

Twice I've had Audacity eat all my RAM during a recording session (took about 40-50 minutes for my system to start swapping) so I feel I need to re-examine my recording process a bit. Maybe record everything purely with OBS and do audio editing separately?

BTW, I participated in a thing. You might want to check out the thing. If you haven't passed out from all the eating and gift opening already.

Whew, only took me a couple of forevers but I finally managed to move my subscriptions and also trim the list slightly. Was a bit of a trip down the memory lane going through all the channels I had subscribed to at some point which had become inactive over time.

Bleh, moving YouTube subscriptions from one channel to another is a nice pain. Apparently they had a feature to automate it but naturally that got cut out along the way. And clicking "Subscribe" a good couple dozen times tripped the bot detector. Sigh.

Pyre on True Nightwing difficulty is a very intense experience indeed. It really feels bad when you fail and feels absolutely amazing when you pull off a last-minute miracle and manage to turn the tables. I can highly recommend it.

Did my Assembly programming exam and now I am stuck at the campus for the next 3-ish hours. Should I attempt being productive or just browse the nets and play video games?

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Gaming on Linux can now be supported on Liberapay !

Liberapay is a donations platform to help you fund the creators and projects you appreciate.

In comparison to more well known Patreon, The FEES ARE LOWER, you can also put a lump sum into your "wallet" to then dish it out to anyone on the service.

Liberapay is run transparently by a non-profit organization, its source code is open, public.

#Liberapay #Patreon #donation #Linux #gaming #OpenSource

Bah, phone derped from 100% battery to 0% again. Having to constantly keep it plugged into a battery bank really emphasizes how much this thing is on life support. I guess I know what to ask for from Santa.

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Happy 100th birthday, Finland! While sometimes a cold and a dark place, there's nowhere else I'd rather be!

Phew, almost done with university studies for today. Soon I can go back home and actually celebrate my birthday. Woo!