Super tired today. I'm gonna take a nap.

I'll be working on my little game dev thingy over at Last time I got some rockets flying, so I think today we ought to make them also do a bit of damage. Then we'll see what else we can cook up.

I'm going to be playing more Sunless Skies over at in about 15 minutes. We've got a whole bunch of things both shady and ordinary to accomplish today. See you in the chat!

Hello! I'm playing more Linux games over at in about 15 minutes. For tonight's game we have Old World and then we'll continue our State of Mind playthrough. See you in the chat!

Last week was spent moving stuff from one framework to another, so hopefully today I can actually make some progress on some new functionality in my little game dev project. We'll see how it goes!

I'll be playing more Sunless Skies over at in about 10 minutes. We've got a lot of trouble to make in the heart of the empire, so it should be fun! See you in the chat!

Hello! I am going to play some Stellaris and State of Mind over at in about 15 minutes. See you in the chat!

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Worked on my thesis from about 9.30 to 14.30 today and afterwards I was so tired that I decided to bail from the office and immediately when I got home I took a one hour nap. I guess I really managed to bore myself to sleep today.

I'm going take a bit of time and continue moving one of my game dev projects from, but I think I'll move it to Macroquad instead of SDL2. Should be fun.

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vib's cozy corner has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Deltarune part 2 - #1

#streaming #owncast #gamering

I'll be playing more Sunless Skies over at See you in the chat!

Hello! I am going to be streaming some Linux games over at in about 15 minutes. Tonight's menu: "Trigon: Space Story" and "Tavern Master". Then we're starting a new playthrough of State of Mind. See you in the chat!

Time to bring this thing out and enjoy a book in the sun.

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For the next figurative billion hours, I'll be checking out submissions on stream. Come see a bunch of games made in 10 days on/for

I said I would stream this evening, but I think I'll skip this time. This weekend feels like it has been full of activity already and I am almost feeling like going to bed already. So, the streamings will continue next week with a new playthrough, some more Sunless Skies and work on moving another game dev project from to SDL2.

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It is really difficult to state how much power rust gives you to refactor a codebase without worry becuase it *helps* you so much. And when it's done, it works.

I would have lost days to this in C or C++ (and I have, if not weeks), and still probably would have had UB somewhere.

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We haven't yet gone a Linux Game Jam without releasing a game and LGJ 2022 is no exception. Our game BEAT NOID, a musical arkanoid-like, is now released and ready for public consumption, exclusively on Linux (we ran out of time on setting up WASM and other builds).

I'm going to play more Sunless Skies at in about 15 minutes. The Song of the Sky requires us to go on more adventures for inspiration!

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