Going to play a bit of RimWorld and possibly some other stuff later. twitch.tv/sirsamsai

Adventures in gamedev: I decided to write a pathfinding function for my little game but no matter what I did my enemies kept moving in one direction. After adding numerous debug lines I realized I never hooked up the AI code into my game. *facedesk*

Streaming *native* Linux games again at twitch.tv/sirsamsai in 15 minutes. Tonight's showing: Distance 1.0 and Wizard of Legend. Also continuing our playthrough of Arx Fatalis with the Arx Libertatis engine on the latter half of the stream!

Don't think I've ever done a before. Here's my basic Antergos + i3wm setup with a bit of Conky and rotating, gaming-related wallpapers in case I'm not looking at an application. Also, a bit of Vim.

I was testing a little thing I wrote in SDL2 and just couldn't figure out why my collision detection code was all wonky. After a good bit of debugging I noticed that I passed the X and Y coordinate values in wrong order...

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Hey, it's Friday! Going to stream some Linux games at twitch.tv/sirsamsai in 15 minutes. Today's showing: Return to Planet X and The Red Strings Club. We'll also continue crawling through the caves of Arx Fatalis towards the end of the stream. See you there!

Since the and vote passed in the EU, I decided to help online platforms out by implementing a content filtering algorithm they can use to eliminate unlawful sharing of copyrighted works. Based on my experiences with systems such as ContentID, I am quite sure that my algorithm is more reliable and has less false-flags. gitlab.com/Samsai/article13-co

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10 (unstable) running on an Falcon 030 with X11 GUI, Fluxbox and modern Linux Kernel

Going to be streaming some RimWorld at twitch.tv/sirsamsai in 10 minutes. Going to start a new colony to check out the new update. See you there!

Mechanical keyboard pros and cons: It's quite a bit easier to clean up my keyboard than the previous membrane one I had. However, I am also constantly cleaning this damn thing because I can easily see the build-up of gamer gunk.

Streaming Linux games again in 15 minutes at twitch.tv/sirsamsai Tonight we'll have another look at Hand of Fate 2 and try some DOOM 3 BFG Edition. Afterwards we'll continue with our Arx Fatalis playthrough. See you there!

I've been playing DOOM 2 in co-op the last few days with the Brutal DOOM mod. Haven't had so much fun with an FPS in ages. Brutal DOOM also adds some relevant 3D models to some of the more empty DOOM 2 levels to make them less boring to look at, not to mention the gameplay is top notch.

So, I was part of that .Xpenguin thing by @HexDSL last week. Got called "RMS of Linux gaming", so it was a quite fun! You might want to listen and/or watch our discussion on games and Linux stuff at xpenguin.club/Samsimilated/

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Had a nice time talking with @Samsai on today's xpenguin stream. It was a food show, with lots of conversation!

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twitch.tv/hexdsl/ <- Its time for .XPenguin :) (thats a Linux talk show thingy! Samsai is here!)

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