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Let me get this right.

Freenode have repeatedly hostilely taken over channels. Including nuking ours at @gamingonlinux. Completely destroying trust.

Now they've setup a split network, and want everyone to have to re-register.

WHY would anyone bother at this point.

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Freenode: "The new freenode is launched. You will slowly be disconnected and when you reconnect, you will be on the new freenode. It's a new genesis for a new era. Thank you for using freenode, and Hello World, from the future. freenode is IRC. freenode is FOSS. freenode is freedom. We're so happy to welcome you and the millions of others."

How delusional can this still get? What a megalomaniac.

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Will also need to create a good pipeline to compress the video files so they don't waste too much space. If I can combine that with semi-automatically updating the page then that's pretty much most of the way there.

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The switch to Owncast means that VODs aren't automatically kept for the two weeks unlike on Twitch. So, I've set up a rudimentary page for it on my site:

Since nothing is automated, I need to try to remember to update that around once a week, but it works for now. I'll come up with better systems in the future.

Going to continue working on the CHIP-8 emulator over at Today's goal is to implement sound support and try and tackle a few remaining bugs. See you in the chat!

It's not every election that you end up taking your own pencil with you to vote. But honestly, the pencil I brought worked so much better than the ones they've had there in the past, so I might continue to do it in the future.

Now I just need to set up a system that allows me to quickly process VODs from streams and upload them to the website and rotate them so that they don't take too much space.

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After some initial difficulties (reverse proxy was misconfigured), I'd say my first Owncast stream was a success. Viewers found the experience nice too, so I think I'll stick with this for now.

Today's stream is going to work a bit differently than usual. I'm going to be playing Nowhere Prophet on a Owncast server I set up at in about 15 minutes. This will be a bit of a test run so we'll see how it goes, but I've been curious to try Owncast for a while and this server migration gave me a good excuse to try.

Migrated my VPS from DigitalOcean to Hetzner today. Drops my monthly bill from 6.20€ to 4.33€ and I get an extra vCPU, an extra gigabyte of RAM and 15GB more storage for it. DO has better integration between various services, but I wasn't using them anyway, so this works out better for me.

Hello! Today I'm going to play a few Linux games from the Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid over at in about 15 minutes. Going to start with "Super Win the Game" and then do some "Silicon Zeroes". Then we'll get back to some more Blade of Agony. See you in the chat!

I guess it's one of those days when the Internet demonstrates its decentralization by having most big websites fall over due to a single service going down.

Well, fun is over with Freenode it seems. A channel op of # apparently got the staff to finally empty the remnants of including the access lists and redirect it to their channel. Bit dubious if you ask me, but I guess this means I can stop playing cat and mouse with the channel modes.

I'm going to continue working on my CHIP-8 emulator project over at After the bug hunt that was last stream, we might finally be able to work towards I/O today.

I'm going to be playing some Nowhere Prophet over at in about 15 minutes. See you in the chat!

Hello! I'm going to be playing some Linux games over at in about 15 minutes. Tonight's menu: "Lazy Chess" and "Resolutiion". Then we'll head back into Blade of Agony for more shooting and running. See you in the chat!

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Work was nice today. I spent a couple hours getting a 3D model of a duck to render on a web app. When I showed that to my boss he was excited about the progress I was making and then he took us outside to play some games.

I'm in some kind of a coder kindergarten, and honestly it's kinda great.

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