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Going to be playing some RimWorld and then possibly some Slay the Spire over at

Gonna be starting my Friday Livestream in a couple of minutes over at

Going to be doing my usual Friday Livestream at 5 PM UTC today but on a different channel this time! Games are still a bit up in the air but we'll no doubt figure out something to play!

They sure don't make upgrading your laptop too easy. Nasty screws hiding under rubber feet... For a simple thing like a hard drive upgrade every laptop should just have a simple, one-screw hatch. And if that same hatch allowed RAM upgrades that would be nice too.

The Linux Game Jam 2018 judge panel evaluated our little text adventure and apparently overall they liked it! I'm also positively surprised how many good uses they found for the razor blade. :P

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Only 6.5 hours left for the game jam! It's great to see submissions rolling in already. I'm looking forward to seeing what the community has come up with :D

WTF? How did an automatic suspend on idle get enabled on my DESKTOP? I haven't touched that, some upgrade must have done now.

If you use Xorg the problem is mitigated by the fact that Xorg does some lifting in a separate process. But if you are on Wayland Mutter handles everything and gets utterly bogged down by this insane pipeline.

So, after some messing around I figured out why my GNOME was being super laggy every second. Turns out, a system monitor plugin I had enabled ate so much CPU time that on each refresh the entirety of GNOME ground to a halt.

GNOME devs really should do something about the whole "every plugin to Mutter, including GNOME itself, runs in one thread" issues. Make GNOME a child process of Mutter or multithread the GNOME extensions. Because this is really stupid.

Just as the game jam gets started GitLab goes down. Nice.

So, apparently The Linux Gamer has decided to do another Linux Game Jam. I participated in last year's jam and it was fun, so I'll probably participate in this as well.

Bam, I've done made a roguelike. The only thing I now need is basically the gameplay. All of the gameplay.

I've been programming with Haskell for a couple of weeks now (doing an "introduction to functional programming" course). I'm actually starting to quite like it. It's quite mind-bending with the immutability and extensive amounts of recursion but that just makes it more exciting.

Rule #1 of Linux DEs: you always go back to Xfce.

Liam will be doing some Surviving Mars on the @gamingonlinux stream tomorrow so my Friday show is going to be a Saturday show this week. Also, the inane clock torturing is happening on the 25th for me, so stream will start at 6 PM UTC for the last time before autumn. Next week's streams will start at 5 PM UTC.

So, GNOME is cool and all, but I think if a wonky extension update boots you back into the login screen then something went kinda wrong in the planning process.

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So, uh, if you have #bitcoin you might want to get rid of it unless you want to be raided for possession of child porn:

That's not an exaggeration, apparently there's literally CP /in the #blockchain/.

They told me I could have some items to help me on my adventure. I decided to have them all. Had basically no idea what was going on each round since the bonuses kept on stacking all the time.

First experiences with Haskell: reliance on recursion to do your bidding allows coming up with nice ways to fill up your RAM and swap real quick. Took about 20 seconds for the call stack to eat 16GB of RAM and about a minute or so for it to get OOM'd.