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Gonna stream some Linux games in 15 minutes at Today we will hop onto The Station and then proceed to Grow Home. We will also continue with Soul Axiom. See you there!

I will be streaming some Caves of Qud and possibly some other games for the next 2 hours. Do stop by if you're interested!

Going to be streaming some Linux games again in 15 minutes. Today's showing is going to be W40k: Gladius - Relics of War and The Freee Ones. Today we also pick a new game to play through!

Playing some co-op Return to Castle Wolfenstein over at

Going to be streaming some Linux games again in 10 minutes at Today's menu consists of some older games with newer ports: Desperados and Turok. I will also continue our Shadowrun Returns campaign. See you stream-side!

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I'm going to play some RimWorld and possibly some other Linux games over at

A week's break is done and I'll be streaming some Linux games over at in 15 minutes. Going to play the Shockolate System Shock source port, Castle Battles and RUINER, along with another dose of Shadowrun Returns!

Wine is a piece of duct tape, it's there to hold things in place while the system is being built up. But if you start relying on it as a permanent solution you risk stagnation and degradation of the platform.

I've recently seen plenty of Linux gamers get excited about DXVK and it is an interesting technology. However, you should remember that buying Windows games to play with it doesn't really help Linux gaming. "No Tux No Bux" is still the most reliable way to support the platform and make sure it develops on all levels.

Decided to go out for a walk and enjoy some nature today. Pictures taken at Vallisaari, Helsinki.

I'm going to stream a bit of RimWorld and maybe some Tannenberg over at

So, in the typical Friday style I'll be streaming some Linux games over at in about 15 minutes (5 PM UTC). Going to play some Winter Storm DLC for Sudden Strike 4 and maybe some The Long Dark (because it's thematic) along with Shadowrun Returns.

Apparently becoming a Twitch affiliate is pretty easy. I guess it's finally time I setup Streamlabs notifications for my channel.

Going to start cutting down innocent peasants in Thrones of Britannia over at

Apparently the Mix_Chunk object I received had a convenient Mix_Chunk.contents field that allows me to do null-checking. Still atrocious but at least I can check for errors now.

The PySDL2 bindings are starting to piss me off. A big part of the library is not wrapped in their "extensions" (which are just weird versions of SDL2 functionality) and the thinly wrapped functions don't even bother raising exceptions. I can't even tell if a file load failed. SDL2 itself reports errors with NULL (which everyone greatly loves) but when doing things through PySDL2 I get Python objects which are not NULL. And because I don't get exceptions I cannot catch them. So yeah, fun times.

I present to you the story of the glorious staring contest atop Silly Hill. Where the AI forces stared at me a while and gave up. Thrones of Britannia seems a bit strange at times.

Yo, going to be streaming some Thrones of Britannia and Overload on the Friday Livestream at in about 15 minutes. See you there!