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Sant Mat's Message To Humanity: Every Human Being Has A Secret Chamber Within - The Coming Spiritual Revolution -- Satsang Podcast:

This 'proverbs' or 'sayings' type format of "The Instructions of John the Baptist" reminds me very much of another book from antiquity, and it also happens to be attributed to John's most famous disciple Yeshua: The Gospel of Thomas, "hidden words that the living Jesus spoke."

The Vegetarian John the Baptist podcast is now added to the podcast sites. Tomorrow there will be a new podcast on the "Hidden Sayings of John the Baptist", a Gospel of Thomas-like collection of wisdom sayings. Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcasts:

Who Was Kabir? A Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcast About Kabir Now Available at Wherever You Follow Podcasts:

"Meditate on the True Name, and rise within just like ascending a staircase. Listen to the Music of the Heavens... Ascend on the lifeline of the Sound Current as a spider climbs up the thread." (Baba Somanath) -- Sant Mat Satsang Podcast:

Living A Life Powered By Spirituality - "Live From the Living One" - There is a Divine Voice Calling Out, Summoning Souls to Awakening - A Sant Mat Satsang Podcast @ YouTube:

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