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Remembering R.K. Laxman on his birth centenary through some of his most memorable creations (1/2)

We demand emoticons with Bindi. No bindi no whatsapp.

Bishnupur is possibly one of the most underrated archeotourism destinations in the country
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Play of light and shadows in 's early 17thC Rash Mancha. The symmetry of this brilliant brick structure bowls me over every time we visit!

Fascism cannot flourish without the support of braindead and brainwashed people.
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Medical professionals celebrating event

The same Bollywood which is oblivious to one of its leading lights being the subject of a witchhunt involving his family, is somehow also a huge symbol of resistance that the govt wants to crush. Doesn't make,sense to me.

The VAR corruption is so transparent it's just silly. There was a hige uproar about Saka decision, so guess what? The very next game VAR rules in Arsenal's favour couple of times. I can bet it is going to be back to normal service now that fans have been placated.

What is this obsession of almost all govt websites with captcha? I can buy stuff worth thousands from ecommerce sites without needing to enter a captcha, but all hell breaks lose moment I want to retreive my UAN or something similarly mundane.

The perfect analogy for bindi is the kishmish on the talshansh sandesh. Some have kishmish, some don't, and nobody really cares either way.

'Certain' individuals
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Courts in India have repeatedly upheld the rights and freedoms of individuals : Chief Justice of India NV Ramana.

Ok let me talk about my mother then. She is a pious lady who performed puja every single day for the last 50+ years. But she had zero problem when my Muslim friend visited/slept over and performed namaz in the same room where her deities were present.
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Take a pledge that before sleeping, every night, for 365 days, you will post at least one post about the greatness of India. Even if it’s about your own mother, …

Is he a bare faced liar or he really has no idea what happened in the real world?
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Sorry, vaccines were free for all and also available for a price. You could choose free if you wanted. All govt shots were free. Only private parties charged a fee. twitter.com/rupasubramanya/sta

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Turkish photographer Mehmet Aslan has won “photo of the year” at the Siena International Photo Awards 2021 with this picture of a Syrian refugee boy and his father in Reyhanli, in the Turkish province of Hatay, at the border with Syria.

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Never forget people like her while celebrating Covid decline or vaccination statistics. She would have been alive if a bed was available on time

Visiting both Fabindia and Tanishq today to do some business. Should I wear a Bindi just to be safe?

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The advantage of being a BJP supporter and campaigner.

The famous stand up comedian Bharti Singh was arrested with 86.5 gm of ganja by NCB on 21 November, 2020.

She got bail from magistrate the next day 22 November, 2020.
So easy !!!

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"Possessing a book of Bhagat Singh is not unlawful."

Karnataka tribal youth acquitted after 9 years. Vittala Malekudiya and his father were booked under UAPA for having a book on Bhagat Singh and newspaper clippings

Nobody takes you seriously Ghose-da, not even the knuckle draggers to like your tweets. 😭
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Many of us branded as apologists, enablers etc have called out the for lapses and shortcomings when called for on SM, Print, TV etc. But, chronic critics have never found anything commendable in 7 years and keep their eyes shut on misrule elsewhere

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"Why are they praying on the road?" Answer it to me when your Durga Puja pandals are on the road, your Kanwad Yatra is on the road, your Diwali ke patakhe are on the road, your Holi celebrations are on the road, your Ganesh Chaturthi is on the road. Batao???

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