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That’s right, it’s #SpaceTalkTuesday time! This week it’s all about ~exoplanetary habitability~

What does habitability really mean? Do we know of any habitable #exoplanets? How will we be able to study them now and in the future?

Follow along for answers to these #science questions and more!

#SciComm #astrophysics

(fair warning, this will be a long thread. the threaded posts are unlisted as a best practice, but you can still boost them)

Wait, there's a Kids in the Hall reunion?!?!
I don't know why they ever stopped making that show. 🍿🕰️

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Cool job opportunity! @torproject is looking for a software engineer to join the applications team. You would be hacking away on the Tor Browser!

I'm still not done planting things, but I'm enjoying what I have managed to get going so far

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Assembling Adirondack chairs made from recycled plastic. I will finally have a good place to sit in my garden soon!

I hope whoever found it just continues to listen to my circa 2007 playlist forever.

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The iPod shuffle was always the best iPod. I lost mine at some point, but used to take it with me when working out. I miss having something so small and unobtrusive to play music from.

I am still awake at this hour because there is a fly in my room that I cannot kill

Is there a name for the phenomenon in movies and tv shows where you have to have seen several hundred hours of backstory just to understand what is going on in every new thing in that universe? This is how I felt while watching the first episode of Strange New Worlds. I've literally seen every movie and every episode of every series of Star Trek and I still had to look things up. It was a lot of "ohhhh" moments. My husband was really confused about it and said it felt like a fanfic.

Self heating hot pot wins the fun lunches award this week. I was not expecting the mini steam explosion that came out of the blow hole in the plastic container.

I get such trash ads over on the bird site. Reported one after it promoted starving yourself, only to have it show up in my feed again a few hours later.

Twitter can go bankrupt, be turned into something unusable, or just get shut down. Mastodon is open source and will exist for as long as people are willing to run it and maintain it.

Salt and pepper trout on a bed of spinach and fennel cooked in a herbed butter sauce, topped with thinly sliced radishes and finished with a squeeze of lemon.

I asked the tacos vs burritos question both here and on Twitter. Here burritos won and on Twitter tacos won 🤔

I wonder how this poll would be doing if I hadn't stated my opinion

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Tacos>Burritos imo, like just overall

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