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Immer wenn ich kritisch über Tracker schreibe, bekomme ich Screenshots von Trackern auf der Nachrichtenseite, auf der mein Artikel erschien.

Dann heißt's: Die predigen Wasser und trinken Wein!

Dabei ist das nicht paradox, sondern Folge einer sehr großartigen Sache:

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Die Folge ist sooo gut...

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🇩🇪 For my German followers:

@workingdraft@twitter.com Episode mit 🍿 Firefox Updates für Entwickler, mit @derSchepp@twitter.com, @rodneyrehm@twitter.com & mir:

Von @FirefoxPreview@twitter.com, WebRender Performance, cross-browser Testen mit Puppeteer, zu Performance als Teamsport mit profiler.firefox.com & mehr.

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TIL that

el.querySelectorAll('> .child')

is not a valid syntax to select the direct children of el.


on the other hand is valid but would select all children at whatever depth.

The solution: use

el.querySelectorAll(':scope > .child') ✨🎉

On another note: CSS content-visibility seems to be available for u to use from Chrome 85 on: drafts.csswg.org/css-contain-2
Formerly known as Display Locking or rendersubtree, it is great for speeding up the initial rendering of very long pages by turning it into on-demand rendering 😍

If there a way in CSS Typed OM to access the computed styles of a pseudo element? Basically a modern version of this: window.getComputedStyle(el, ':before')
.getPropertyValue('content'); ?

Also: Why is it el.attributeStyleMap but el.computedStyleMap()?

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As Open UI makes progress on base anatomy/behaviors/ states, would designers find value (and possibly willing to contribute) to design templates for those components/controls in Figma/Sketch etc? I filed an issue here, interested in your thoughts: github.com/WICG/open-ui/issues

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✨New Blog Post ✨

CSS Houdini Paint API is a cool new feature, that already shipped in a few browsers. I've taken a look at the performance of the Paint API vs. traditional CSS painting.

📝 “Performance - CSS Painting vs. CSS Houdini Paint API” 🔗 lisilinhart.info/posts/css-hou

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Trying responsively.app ~ test responsive designs on target screens side-by-side. Includes DevTools, click/scroll mirroring & batch screenshot export.

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As of today I am starting a new position with @fyeo_de@twitter.com 🎉

We are currently looking for devs joining our team (remotely and permanent) developing iOS & Android apps as well as backend devs using Node.js w/ TypeScript.

If you are up for a new gig, let me know. DMs are open 😊

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.@FirefoxDevTools@twitter.com new profiler is so much better for finding JS bottlenecks than the one in @ChromeDevTools@twitter.com as it is able to attribute every entry in the call tree to an origin file + line. Sadly, Firefox has no bottlenecks where Chrome has them, so problem not reproducible 🙈

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Talk.CSS #52 is this upcoming Wednesday. We are excites cos @wgao19@twitter.com is due for her once-a-year talk with us ♾💙 (I anyhowly say wan, she can speak whenver she feels like it) and it's abt Bézier curves. Prepare to be mind-blown.


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my wife got a job as an art studio manager in Den Haag, Netherlands, we need to find a second apartment for her most of the time with enough space for us to visit from time to time, so if any of my contacts knows Dutch websites to look for furnished places for rent, please Lmk.

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Hey Twitter fam, my team is looking for two developers (, , ). If you are interested working on a @trivago_tech@twitter.com product that is used by millions of people everyday, hit me up!

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(1) Hallo @hendrikstreeck@twitter.com,

würde gerne einmal mit Ihnen reden:

Ich bin gestern von Ihnen geblockt worden. Das finde ich sehr schade. Dem vorweg gegangen war ein Kommentar, in dem ich Sie auf einen Fehler hinwies

Aber es gibt eine Vorgeschichte, die ich in diesem Thread darlege

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Whaaat! Today I learned that the <form> method attribute can take a "dialog" value which closes a <dialog> when the submit button is clicked:

<dialog open>
<form method="dialog">


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Join us on Zoom in exactly one hour (5 PM CEST) and enjoy a free CSS brain massage in the form of @anatudor@twitter.com's talk "Gradient Blobs & Halftone Effects" meetup.com/CSS-Cafe/events/271

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