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It’s worth remembering that the people who tell you we must learn to live with COVID-19 won’t be the ones exposed to it.

The CEOs will be tucked away in their cushy mansions, not on packed peak hour public transport every day.

They’ll be relatively safe. You won’t be.

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📢 Introducing domevents.dev 👩‍🔬

A visualiser to help people learn about the DOM Event system through exploration

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The German prefix "zer-" is a tiny Terminator.

stören: to disturb
zerstören: to destroy

schlagen: to beat, to hit
zerschlagen: to destroy

legen: to lay
zerlegen: to destroy

setzen: to sit
zersetzen: to destroy*

drücken: to press
zerdrücken: to destroy*

Zerjoy our language!

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If you're using rel=preload to boost the download priority of resources then you should read the guidance in Shubhie's doc

Preload boosts download priority but if you boost the priority of a resource, you reduce the priority of other resources that would have come before it twitter.com/shubhie/status/139

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@Stefanie_Sullivan@twitter.com @gregwhitworth@twitter.com Hey Stefanie, hey Greg! Would it be thinkable for you to be our guests at the monthly @CSS__Cafe@twitter.com sometime this year and to introduce our crowd into your work around stylable browser controls?

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Hab ich richtig verstanden, statt den Abstand zwischen Erst- und Zweitimpfung zu strecken, damit möglichst viele einen Erstschutz erhalten, ziehen wir die Zweitimpfung vor, damit die, die schon geimpft sind, schnell in den Urlaub können? @Karl_Lauterbach@twitter.com

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We are pleased to annouced the new German language version of hosted by @jkphl@twitter.com! The first edition will be on Monday, May 17 at 11am EDT and the first guest will be @yatil@twitter.com! Register at us02web.zoom.us/meeting/regist

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Signal made Instagram ads that shows users how much Facebook knew about them.

Facebook banned them.

“Being transparent about how ads use data is enough to get banned; in Facebook’s world, the only acceptable usage is to hide what you’re doing.”


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Testing websites with Safari on ? It's as easy as `npx playwright wk https://yoururl.test`

Via @derSchepp@twitter.com schepp.dev/posts/running-webki

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In April we added SVG masks, the XPathEvaluator interface, WebP image decode, Document.scrollingElement, and lots of work on HTMLMediaElement. Fixes include correctly rendering position:fixed items on large pages, correctly mapping hsl colours to rgb, and video.

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Statt Lockerungen zu fordern, sollte man die Forderungen lockern.

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1/ Vor einem Jahr war Solidarität das Gebot der Stunde. Wir haben den Kindern erklärt, dass sie pandemiebedingt auf Vieles verzichten müssen, um die ältere Generation zu schützen und ihnen Bücher wie dieses (von Susanne Bohne @halloliebewolke@twitter.com) vorgelesen.

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🐦 Ist es ein Vogel?
✈️ Ist es ein Flugzeug?
📨 Es sind die neuen Release Notes!

Themen diesmal: CSS-Fonts, Node-ORMs, Lit 2.0, Hacks, Clouds und Gifs

Ab jetzt in eurem Postfach oder online unter getrevue.co/profile/workingdra

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For anyone interested in CSS Scroll-linked Animations: you should join @CSS__Cafe@twitter.com in less than 30 minutes: meetup.com/CSS-Cafe/events/277

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🤩 1.5 hours from now I'll be giving a talk at @CSS__Cafe@twitter.com, covering Scroll-Linked Animations with CSS Scroll-Timeline.


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Schau mal rein, denn überall im Land übernehmen *innen, , *innen und selbst Verantwortung für den und verweigern die .
Eine für ist ein NoGo!

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See down there what happens when you get popular using traditional CMS + hosting. 👇🏻

In contrast, see here what happens when you get popular using @eleven_ty@twitter.com static site generator + @Netlify@twitter.com 👉🏻 wir-zaehlen.com/ 👉🏻 🚀🚀🚀✨🔥

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alles dicht gemacht bei allesdichtmachen.de

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TIL about the word and I know immediately, without any doubt, what it meant and I think that shows a lot.

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