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Central 's Henan Province is experiencing floods after being hit by record heavy rains since last Saturday. 5 national meteorological stations broke the historical precipitation record for 3 consecutive days.

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📝 New post with @felixarntz@twitter.com: The performance effects of too much lazy-loading

The bottom line is that lazy-loading LCP images can make them slower. Don't do it!

Learn more about our analysis 👇

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Der Serverraum und die Druckerei der Union Betriebs-GmbH in Rheinbach sind ausgefallen, da sie vom Wasser überflutet wurden. Webseiten wie cdu.de daher derzeit offline.

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We are hiring a software engineer to work on Chrome DevTools in London, UK!

If you have experience with full stack, the web platform, and are not afraid to get familiar with Chromium's C++ codebase, please reach out to @hashseed@twitter.com for more details.

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Crying at the fact that @MozDevNet@twitter.com have set x-frame-options: DENY so I can't embed their page in an iframe in a web quiz 😭

I also just learned about the mozmm length unit: "An experimental unit that attempts to render at exactly one millimeter regardless of the size or resolution of the display." Dropped in FF 59

If you set the container to display: flex, ::first-line doesn't work anymore. Tested for you :)

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The magic of Twitter, help me out! 🦄 I’m planning to move and looking for a job in EU. Keywords: DevRel, conferences, community, browsers and web platform, a11y, design and interfaces, podcasting and video production.

LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/pepelsbey
CV docs.google.com/document/d/1MV

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Die Gutenberg Covid-19 Studie enthält weder KINDER, JUGENDLICHE noch JUNGE ERWACHSENE als Teilnehmer! Sie ist eine prospektive repräsentative Kohortenstudie basierend auf einer Bevölkerungsstichprobe stratifiziert nach Alter (25-88, 79,2% zwischen 44-88), Geschlecht und Wohnort.

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I'm hearing, @Accenture@twitter.com Düsseldorf has plenty of unused vaccine shots left which will go bad if they aren't used today. Anyone is invited to grab one.

📍Kaistraße 20 in the Media Harbor Düsseldorf.

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Using a for loop to go over all ancestors in an Event handler is slow and you overwrite vars. 👎

Use the event.composedPath() api instead, it returns an array of all parentNodes. 👍

Works in all evergreen browsers!
Caniuse: caniuse.com/?search=composedpa
MDN: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do

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Who would you nominate to speak at THE @EleventyMeetup@twitter.com?

I'd love to see talks not only about @eleven_ty@twitter.com but also supporting tech and other skills the community might want to build.

E.g., I want to get better at blog strategy, SEO, and monetization. What do you want to learn?

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If you missed @TerribleMia@twitter.com's talk about the future of CSS, or want to listen again, you can find the recording now on YouTube.


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