A day with . 2500 connections until 5pm. That’s a connection every 25 seconds. We need more @e_mydata and devices

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Das geniale Peng!-Kollektiv hat sich die #luca-App vorgenommen - und einfach mal alle Ministerpräsident*innen in verschiedensten Restaurants eingecheckt. luci-app.de/

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Liebe Leute auf Mastodon,

Bitte postet keine Bilder von Menschen, die davon nix wissen. Ich sehe das inzwischen jede Woche.

1) Verpixeln ist nicht effektiv. Google kann zurückrechnen.

2) Facebook kann euch sogar am Hinterkopf/Körperhaltung erkennen.

3) Mit dem Wissen von 1+2 verletzt ihr Persönlichkeitsrechte. Mastodon pusht das über sämtliche Instanzen,
das bekommt man nicht wieder raus, weil auch nicht alle löschen.

Also tut allen doch den Gefallen und lasst den Mist! Danke.

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RT @univention@twitter.com

golem berichtet über Pläne des Bundes, mit Azure eine Bundescloud aufzubauen. Dabei stehen mit und von @Nextclouders@twitter.com @openxchange@twitter.com und Alternativen für bereit


🐦🔗: twitter.com/univention/status/

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Adobe Creative Cloud feels like ransomware

Cant uninstall because I am not logged in
Cant login because I have not update it
Cant update it because I am not logged it

Fúck you Adobe

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Something has been bothering me for a while (years, actually), and it's privacy related in the sense that someone can use a privacy concious search utility like Duck Duck Go or Startpage, and yet still only be handed the sanitized results that meet the objectives of the companies stealing the privacy of individuals in the first place.

It is a zero sum game - you're still packaged and quantified. You're still getting the results that you were bought and paid for in the first place.


* You affect a search for a hotel room in some town you plan to visit in a few days. Travelocity and like sites come up, but the bed and breakfast you probably would have chosen is buried on page four of the SERPS. They're also listed in one of the directory services on page one that, if they didn't already pay for, would leave their website buried in oblivion - even though booking directly would cost less than the megaopolis sites that extort them at the peril of being driven into bankruptcy, and never mind the money that they spent on SEO for their own website.

* You do a search for a plumber. That's local to you, right? And even though the plumber had a website, that too is buried under several pages of directory indexers like Yelp - even below their own GMB (Google My Business) page, which of course, is down in page two or three of the #SERPS. Big wealthy plumbing companies with marketing departments dominate Yelp anyway, add have dedicated staff to solicit ratings and okay the rank game with Yelp and other directories, so you never actually reach the vendors that you actually would have chosen.

They get fucked in the ass and so do you.

What if...

There was a #search_service that utilizes something like startpage or DDG , yet filtered out all of those big monolithic motherfuckers that are running the equivalent of modern day #protection_rackets, threatening to crush the Ma & Pa plumbers and motels and other small businesses that no matter what, never will appear on page one of a Google or Bing search?

What technology exists to build this, and how stable and effective might it be?

Your thoughts? Suggestions? Expertise in implementing such a fair and equitable service?

I'd really like to open a dialog about this. We have Nitter, and Yotter, and Invidious, and Bibliogram. These seem to address one aspect of how we are tossed into the chipper and then reconstituted as Soylent Green. It's freaking cannibalism, if you think about it.

So what initiatives, dialogs, discussions, or projects might we be able to deploy with the long range goal being the, #disruption_of_the_corruption as a viable solution?

#Please_boost, and I'm so very interested in hearing your input.

Thanks, and I guess that helps! :)


#tallship #Vger #FOSS #LibreSearch
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Tomorrow is ! 🚮 Despite WhatsApp’s delay of its privacy policy update, many users have decided to take a stand for and leave the controversial chat service on the original deadline of February 8. ✊

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White House Youtube Dislike Manipulation

I’ve seen screenshots of YouTube modifying dislikes of White House videos. I decided I would do a thorough analysis myself. I wrote a script to check video stats every 80 seconds for 24 hours…

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Linke und Grüne verurteilen, dass die Konzerne Organisatoren der Demo vor dem Sturm auf das US-Kapitol finanziert haben. CDU und SPD schweigen.
Deutsche Telekom und Bayer AG in den USA: Kritik an Spenden für Trump-Fans

Hallo zusammen. Auch wenn ich ungern mein privates zeige, so denke ich, dass ich dies mit euch teilen sollte um die Illusion von der etwas zu entkräften. Kurz und bündig: Meine Tochter entsperrt das 12 meiner Frau per FaceID. (Mit ihrem eigenem Gesicht🤫) - kurzes Video, bei Bedarf mehr Material. @kuketzblog @digitalcourage @privacytools @prh

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I was recently recommended tryhackme.com and I can confirm it's a brilliant site. I've been going down the #Kali rabbit hole recently and it's great to have a site like this with lots of interactive #elearning, a lot of which is free. I may even submit my own learning content someday.

#networking #tech #hacking #linux #security #pentesting

“What is ? The advantage of being known by people of whom you yourself know nothing, and for whom you care as little.”

Lord Byron
* January 22, 1788

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@demut Vielen Dank für den Link (zu "Die Datenschutz-Grundverordnung: Update für deine Freiheit! (DSGVO-Serie 1/10) ").


(Ich habe es noch mal verlinkt, in der Hoffnung, dass bei diesem Toot eine Vorschau gezeigt wird)


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