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neat! using the #keybase tag i find a lot of people on Mastodon whom i can verify on keybase!

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i deleted the last version of this toot bc of an error. if you boosted it before, please do so again:

i need a job. is anyone remote looking for a good python programmer? i've worked in a bunch of other languages too, and i'm a quick learner. for what it's worth i have other talents, including writing, sound stuff, and game design. boosts are appreciated

@spiderrobotpig could be both. I see you

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To give an example (in the US). Tor exit nodes act as an intermediary for anonymous Tor users. So if you don't know what Tor is, it can look like the hacker/CP distributor is coming from the Tor node operator's computer. That looks much worse (and is far more visible) than passively hosting content, as with Mastodon.

Noisebridge, an anarchistic hackerspace I help with, runs one of the bigger nodes. The FBI sometimes comes by, but as soon as they learn it's just Tor, they leave. They know Tor.

@proto nope, it's like moving from Yahoo to Gmail

@zaogon yeah. not sure how to fix this client side

@proto it's exactly like email. you can't "move" followers

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Just attempted to explain to my dad what a decentralised open-source social network is and what the advantages and disadvantages of using one are.. it basically ended with me showing him the federated and public timelines and him responding "oh right, so it's a Japan thing.." yes dad. It's a Japan thing. #sowise

@instajelly I'll be happy to help you figure things out if you need/want it

@instajelly @phessler it's not even just sexual. people dream of doing all kinds of stuff, but settle because socal expectations

@phessler @instajelly because they are too shy to admit what they really do (or want to)

the most boring people are pretty fun once you crack them open, but repression is a harsh mistress, and she never lets you cum ;)

@instajelly in my experience, the D/s relationship is more equal than people realize.

topping means I need to know that persons emotional and physical state better than they do.

while it's nice to get the rush of feeling in control during play, it's a lot of work including emotional.

@phessler @instajelly beats me. especially since almost no one is"normal". so why bother?

@instajelly I think in general women are biologically inclined to have more interesting internal lives.

I don't always understand my SO's complex relationships with things and people, but I love her lots.

but yeah, indecisiveness is global