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@Gargron cheap? Does it have to be local storage, or can you attach backblaze?

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🎶 He was a boy
She was a girl
Could they make it any more hetero 🎶

🎶 He was a punk
She took ballet
Thank goodness I'm gay 🎶

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Wow Apple reinvents PayPal, I'm sooo fucking impressed. And I see they have a computer that is literally unaffordable for the vast majority of the western world.

Like seriously, my trip to Brazil is cheaper than the iMac pro, and I get more bang for my buck (literally 😏).


@Elizafox I'll tell you why it's great.

I got gifted an iPad and a MacBook pro for exactly this reason by a family friend. I would never have been able to afford either at the time

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I love how people are excited about person-to-person Apple Pay payments when literally 70% of America and 85% of the world run Android and therefore it is totally useless unless all your friends are hipsters like you are 👌

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Even then, about 1/3 of the population STILL can't do it.

So FORGIVE ME if I am a bit cynical about the iMac pro or don't give a shit.

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A great deal of America can't even come up with $100 in an emergency, except by resorting to credit.

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Who remembers when there wasn't apple live blogging on here for basic features that will make you buy another 800 bucks phone?
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When most of America can't even come up with $1000 in an emergency but Apple is selling a $4000 computer and tech geeks are drooling over it, you know you have an inequality problem.

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Ok, since I am going to be sending out official discordian correspondence anyway, is there anyone else who would like some official correspondence from here in gay Paris?

The official correspondence will probably be a postcard written in crayon, as is appropriate.

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Currently, 1 BTC cost:
USD: $2548
CAD: $3435.88
EUR: €2258.29
GBP: £1976.85
CHF: CHF2451.79

@Elizafox because everyone is so judgey about them

@applecandy deciding if I'm going to have a good day or not. It's hard to tell. How's by you?