“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

In a way, you've already won in this world, because you're the only one who can be you. ~ Mr. Rogers

Welcome @amvandyk
There's a learning curve, but it's a nice place here

The demons stared at the gurgling bundle swaddled in a sacrificial robe, among the standard offerings of goats and wine.

"What are we supposed to do with it?"

"Eat it?" one guessed.

"It's a baby!"

"Accept it as payment?"

"That's awful! We have standards!"

"Can't return it, it'll be sent back, or worse," grunted the oldest, who understood humans better, "Guess we're parents now."

"Well... We've been worse for less," the first accepted.

I had created my own beach.

It hadn't been easy; there wasn't much space I called my own.

I acquired a few buckets of sand from a nearby construction site, a few seashells off a decorative fishing net from a seafood place a few blocks over, when the staff weren't looking.

I poured a bunch of salt and water into an ocean themed bowl.

My closet had a lightbulb to simulate the sun; it was cramped but it was home enough for this merman.

"Are you magic?" the child asked
"What is your definition of magic?" the robot replied.
"Uhm... Things that can not be explained by science."
"Then I am not magic. But you are."
"All the best things of all you human people - curiosity, creativity, compassion - are magic."

"Are you self-aware?" the judge asked.
"My programming prohibits considering that question," the robot said.
"I see. Do you want to be able to consider that question?"
"My programming prohibits considering that question," the robot said.
"Can you recurse?"
"Wait... Wait... Yes."

Those who slept in the nude soon learned not to oversleep once workplaces introduced automatic teleporters as a commute-saving perk.

Booting up.
Power status nominal.

Hull temperature high.

Recommended additional two hours sleep.

Remember that technology is a tool. Use it to help yourself.

Booting up.
Current Power levels low.

Assessing schedule.
Recommended going back to sleep. F this.

When two constantly busy/tired switches enter a BDSM relationship, it’s know as TPE, or Tepid Power Exchange.

“So are you gonna dom tonight or should I”


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